What should be installed in a 1996 neon to increase performance and speed?

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Try buying a new car
You can add a high performance air intake to give it more horsepower
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How do you increase speed and performance of a 49cc motor scooter other than removing the restrictor?

google (performance parts for 49cc engine) Answer turning in the mixture screw will cause a lean burning condition that can severely damage your engine! if your scooter has a restrictor washer on the variator you can remove it to gain a higher gear and gain some speed, some scooters have a restrictor on the exhaust which can be replaced with a new gasket. also the CDI has a rev limiter, you can get a performance CDI that will not have the limiter which will give you more power. you can install a performance variator and get lighter roller weights but going too light will cause major loss of top end speed and too heavy will give you poor acceleration. a light weight rider can go with 7 or 7.5, a heavy rider would do better with 6 gram roller weights. installing a big bore kit will require changing the carb jets and using a performance air filter and exhaust otherwise you will not see much of a difference, check your local laws, some states make you get a motorcycle license and register anything over 49CC.

Where is back-up switch on 5-speed 1996 Dodge Neon?

Answer . \npart of the shift control-either at the switch or on the trans....read up\n. \neveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a SHOP manual available in the reference section--make copies of the right info and read up..you'll be a pro in no time ...good luck:)

How can you increase the speed and performance of a car?

there are many diffrent ways to help improve your cars performance, from getting a computer tune or just improving the airflow to the cars engine. Now knowing what you drive or what your budget is makes it a little difficult to answere, I would check out www.mpcustoms.com i have done business with them for awhile now, but I would definitly look in to an air intake first.. A couple things to consider typically:. Cleaning fuel system and injectors; replacing air filter with a performance air filter; replacing spark plugs with recommended performance brands; using fully synthetic motor oil; using higher octane-rate gas... As it was already said, specific problems might need specific answers and every model and make may need various solutions. If there is a specific problem needed answer, you may need to clarify your question.

Does installing a 4GB 400Mhz RAM increase the performance of PC?

only increasing the RAM will not improve the Performance of the PC.. Increasing the Ram will help the system with little more space for opening the temporary files in the Memory. This improves the Stability & not the Speed .. Performance is something based on the BUS speed of Processor, Ram, Motherboard & Hard Disk. (Performance is a combination of all the above.)

How do Install Speed sensor install on 1996 through wheel well?

speed sensors are on the transmissions or transfur case if it is a 4x4, You must be asking about a ABS. wheel sensor ( anti-locking brakes ) Just follow the wire down to the back of the wheel and remove the small bolt that holds the sensor in place and remove sensor. The other end of the wire up in the fender well just unplugs.

If altitude increases the required orbital speed of a satellite should?

For any body in a closed orbit around another body, the farther apart the two bodies are, the slower the satellite moves in its orbit... When the Space Shuttle is in "low earth orbit", it moves faster than the Moon is moving in its orbit.. A satellite in an elongated orbit, that spends some of the time close to the earth and some of the time farther away, moves fastest at its lowest altitude, and slowest when it is furthest away.

How should you increase your speed on a treadmill?

The best way to is add some more speed to your workouts every other week. Don't add too much speed - a quarter mile per hour more will get you a long way. When you add the speed every other week, your body will not get too strained and you will be able to get in a better condition slowly but steadily without over training.

My processing speed is 2.2 Hz If I increase the ram or install a graphic card will it increase?

Your CPU speed is fixed. If you have a 2.2 ghz processor, you can not make it a higher ghz. However, if you install RAM it could cause the computer to run faster. RAM enables many applications to run faster. Adding a Video card can also run faster, if the programs you run are graphic intensive. If you just use the computer for word processing or web browsing, then it wouldn't help much. If you add RAM, be sure to increase the page file. The page file should be twice the size of the amount of installed RAM. In other words if you put 1 gb RAM in, you should set the page file to 2048 bytes. Set both the minimum and maximum to 2048. Setting them to the same amount prevents page file fragmentation.

What should be done to increase speed of bicycle?

You can pedal faster. You can shift up, if your bike has multiple speeds and you're not already in top gear You can, paradoxically, also shift down and go faster - if you are in too high a gear, it will be too hard to pedal and you'll go slower You can choose the right kind of bike for the surface you're riding on; a mountain bike will always be slower on pavement than a road bike because the wheels and drivetrain are made for off-road, and a road bike will be slower off-road than a mountain bike because it's not made for off-road use. You should train harder on your bike; the better shape you're in the faster you will go. But unless you are a very fit cyclist that worries about tenths of a second, featherweight frames, ultra low rolling resistance tires and very low friction bearings will do far less for you than just increasing your pedaling cadence a few revolutions per minute.

How do you increase performance on a 1996 VT 1100 Shadow Ace?

If the bike is in good condition and nothing wrong with tuning or maintenance, then there are still some things you can do to increase its performance. You can change the standard exhaust system for a customized one that fits with the current exhaust fasteners. This will increase power somewhat but also the engine noise. The second thing you can do is to install a customized air cleaner that eases the air flow into the carburetors. You can get both things at various bike shops that cater to customized motorcycles.