Stereo fuse on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

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Engine bay fuse box (10A Radio Clock)
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Where is the starter relay on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

Answer . Hi, I just saw this and thought I could offer some help as I had removed my starter relay and made some repairs to it. It is fairly difficult to find: Push your driver side seat back and position yourself so your head is looking up underneath the stearing column (the top of your head should be pointing at the brake pedal). Look just to your right of the stearing column, its up a far way. For me it was a small grey box. If you've found it, now you need to remove it, which is just as difficult as finding it. I believe there is some sort of clip mechanism that holds it there, you need something to push that clip in and the cartridge should slide off (mine was stuck on there pretty good). Now that you have it off you probably want to fix it, I just cleaned it up and scratched off some of the corrosion on it and it worked fine from then on. Note: these directions took place on a 92 Honda Prelude SR so no guarantee they are the same for all models. Good luck.\n~Morgan

How do you set the timing on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

Engine Timing and Timing Light . \n. \nI can offer the timing procedure for my '87.\nTiming is done with the engine running (non-static method). Hook things up, check to make sure no wiring will get caught while you're using the light and adjusting the distributor. DON'T DO YOUR FIRST TIMING UNTIL ALL ITEMS ARE SET UP AND YOU'VE CHECKED TO MAKE SURE YOU WONT GET SOMETHING CAUGHT IN THE MOVING PARTS OF THE ENGINE. BE SURE ITEMS SUCH AS NECKLACES, BRACELETS, HAIR, CLOTHING, OR WIRES ARE REMOVED OR TIED AWAY FROM THE MOVING PARTS OF THE ENGINE. WARM UP ENGINE AND OBSERVE MOVING PARTS. WHEN ENGINE IS WARMED UP (RADIATOR FAN COMES ON), TURN OFF ENGINE. DO HOOKUPS AND VERIFICATION FOR SAFETY. START ENGINE AND BEGIN WORK SLOWLY, CAREFULLY. A timed engine will "hum" and make your car fuel-efficient. Don't rush. It's not complicated but this needs precision on a running engine. BE CAREFUL. SAFETY FIRST! \nTiming is done with a timing light shined on the timing mark on the flywheel while the engine is running.\nThe timing mark is located on the flywheel. To see it, there is a small "porthole" about 1" square covered by a square rubber plug. The hole/plug is located on the FRONT of the engine, about 4" from the centerline on the passenger's side. It's down about 5" from the #3 or #4 spark plug.\nWhen you pull off the hole's black, square plug:\nThere are three colored marks on the flywheel. You may not see them until the flywheel is rotated or the car is running with the timing light shining on the "pointer" in the hole.\nTHE GREEN MARK IS FOR TIMING.\nThe Red is top-dead center.\nThe White is ????\nThere is a pointer visible thru the hole which is the alignment item used to align the green mark.\nThe adjustment for the timing is done by rotating the distributor (you must loosen the distributor screws a little).\nTiming should be done with the engine at the right idle speed, so be sure the tachometer is checked after the car is warmed up (my idle speed is around 750-800 rpm). Your idle speed will be specified on the underside of engine hood, on a sticker showing emissions information.\nThe distributor is to be moved with a little friction from the holding screws so that it doesn't change after you set it and before you tighten one of the screws. Check the timing again afterwards to be sure the distributor wasn't moved during the tightening procedure. So CHECK THE DISTRIBUTOR FOR MOVEMENT BEFORE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING. Tighten/loosen at least one of the screws so you can move the distributor but not allow the distributor to change position after you get the timing right.\nFOR OTHER SETUPS: The timing mark is often located on the end of the engine(near distributor)on the passenger's side, near the main belt pulley. This 5" round pulley probably has all the accessory belts on it (usually three belts) and is located about 12" down from the top of the engine. There is a notch on the pulley that is used as a match-up mark to the mark on the engine block ABOVE the pulley. The mark on the engine is likely about 3" by 1" square with lines on it--perhaps even the numbers indicating the degrees before (or after) top-dead center. Either way, if the specified timing is 15 degrees BEFORE top-dead center, then look for the line with a "15". In this example there might be a "20" on one side of the fifteen, and a "10" on the otherside. MARK THE PULLEY WITH WHITE-OUT, WHITE PAINT, OR CHALK so you can see it when the engine is running.\nFOR ALL SETUPS:\nTIMING LIGHT: The timing light is hooked up to the battery (red/black clamps) and the #1 SPARK PLUG WIRE. Be careful before starting engine that the slack in the wires doesn't get caught on moving parts. Once the car is running, point the timing light at the white mark on the pulley. The timing light strobes on/off with each electrical pulse given to the #1 spark plug wire. While pointing the light, you move the distributor, slightly at first, left-right to watch how the white mark moves back and forth in front of the engine mark-lines. If the distributor is too loose, turn the vehicle off and tighten one of the screws a little and see if the distributor has some friction when moving it. Once the distributor has the timing mark aligned with the pointer or engine mark, then tighten one of the distributor nuts (not too tight) and use timing light to recheck. If the marks don't align, then loosen the distributor and realign; tighten, then check. Turn off engine. Tighten distributor. Start engine, recheck marks and if OK, TURN OFF ENGINE. Loosen all the timing light wires and remove from engine compartment. If you do this while the engine is running, you'll have a good possibility of catching one of the wires in the engine (bad scene).\nCONSIDER a valve adjustment after the timing if you want.\nSome vehicles have one or two vacuum hoses or electrical devices disconnected while doing the timing.

How do you install a clutch on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

First off check to see if you need A complete Kit or just Certain Parts.. Honestly i would just buy the OEM Kit and Wait For Something better But This is On how To Install a OEM Clutch. First off Get the car Either on A Lift or Jack stands.. Raise the Front so you have Room to unmount the transmission from the Motor. then after you unbolt the transmission from The motor the best Thing is to have the Flywheel resurfaced*. This is important because a heat checked flywheel will cause chatter and ultimately a shorter service life... Next step is to Remove the Old Clutch, pressure plate ,Pilot, and throwout berrings. Then (If you bought A complete kit) use The Allignment tool To Line up the Kit. MAKE SHURE YOU DO THIS EXACTLY OR YOU WILL DAMAGE THE NEW KIT When You Have The pressure plate Lined up make SHURE THE NEW DISK You put with the SPRINGS FACING THE PRESSURE PLATE. After that install your berrings Exactly how it was in your car then Put some screws in To hold it And Line it up after that Tighten everyhig up and Your Done. go for A test drive And See how it feels iam not A master mechanic but ive done it To my 93 si prelude and it Seems to be fine.

How do you align a 1992 Honda Prelude?

For the front wheels, adjust the tie rods. For the rear wheels, there is a bolt on a control arm with a weird / off-centered looking washer on it, loosen the nut, and turn the bolt, this will adjust the toe. The camber is not adjustable if you dont have a camber kit. The best way is always to take it to a shop that has guaranteed work.

Wipers intermittent fuse 92 Honda Prelude?

The 1992 Honda Prelude intermittent wiper fuse is located in thefuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment,behind the battery box. The location of the fuse is listed on theinside cover of the fuse box.

Where are the fuses on a 85 Honda prelude?

The fuses on an 85 Honda Prelude are located in the panel near thehood release and under the hood. The main fuse box is locatedagainst the firewall in the engine compartment.

How do you replace a thermostat on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

On the passenger side of the engine near the back corner of the cylinder head you will see the thermostat housing just loosen the bolts and remove top half and remove the old one and make sure it is all clean inside and install. BE SURE THE ENGINE IS COOLED BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!