1997 Ford Explorer jack handle does not match the jack receptacle Is there an adapter?

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The '97 Explorer has a four piece jack set. There is the jack, the tire iron/jack handle, and the spare tire tool/jack adapter. The scissor jack is located on the driver side in the compartment in the rear of the vehicle. The jack adapter and jack handle are located behind and under the rear seat.

The jack adapter is a two piece rod, that when assembled is about four to five feet long. One end is meant for the jack handle/tire iron, the other is meant to fit in the socket of the jack. This rod turns, both to lower the spare tire from beneath the vehicle and to actuate the jack. It isn't difficult to put the rod together wrong, or to mix up the ends, but looking at the tips should clear up what end goes where, and you only need one section of the rod to actuate the jack.

If these pieces do not fit together, somewhere along the line, someone substituted jack parts that are not meant for your Explorer.
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Where to place the jack on a 96 Ford Explorer?

http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WOTEXP/~MUS~LEN/41/96expog1e.pdf. The jack is stowed behind the driver's side, rear quarter trim panel. Remove the quarter trim panel cover to get to it. The lug nut wrench is attached to the inside of the quarter trim panel cover. Stowed along with the jack is a jacking/tire changing instruction sheet and a pair of tire changing gloves.. The jack handle is stowed behind the second row passenger seats under the carpet (fold the seats down to get under the carpeted flap). Assemble handle sections and lug wrench together.

How do you you remove a Jack from a Ford Explorer?

Open the compartment on the left side of the luggage area. Take the jack ludge from the inside of the compartment cover and use it to lower the jack about one inch. Remove the jack when there is enough space between the top bracket and the jack to remove it. To put it back simply lower it, put it back and extend it to make sure it does not move during driving.

Where to place jack 1997 Ford Explorer?

Open rear door. Open the panel on the left side of the luggage space. Lower the jack enough so it fits under the metal bracket on the lower left side. Screw the jack up until it can't move anymore. The jack ludge goes on the inside of the panel. The two extention rods under the capeted flaps behind the back seats (fold the back seats down, then lift up the carpeted panel to expose them).

Where is the jack in a 1997 Ford Ranger?

I believe the jack and lug nut wrench are stowed behind the passenger seat. If you have the extended cab with jump seats, they are behind the passanger side jump seat (fold down the jump seat back).

1995 Ford Explorer jack?

The jack is located behind the removable plastic panel in the drivers side rear of. the cargo area (Note: if this is a Limited model with air suspension , there is also a. rocker switch located in the compartment to shut off the air compressor before. jacking the vehicle )

Where do i find the jack in a 1996 ford explorer?

The wheel jack is behind the removable plastic panel in the drivers side rear by the. liftgate ( also , if your Explorer has air suspension there is a rocker switch in the. compartment to shut off the air compressor before any wheels are lifted off the. ground )

Where is the handle for lowering the spare tire on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

On my 1995 Ford Explorer , I fold the right rear passenger seatback forward and lift. a panel that is located just behind the backrest . The rod ( 2 sections ) for the jack. and lowering the spare tire is held in place by clips , the lug nut wrench / jack handle. is behind the plastic access panel in the drivers rear of the cargo area

Location of jack extension 2001 Ford Explorer?

On my 1995 Ford Explorer I go around to the passenger side and tip the rear seatback forward and lift the panel that is directly behind the seat . The ( 2 ) extension rods are held in place by clips underneath the panel

Where is the tire jack located on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

The jack is behind the removable plastic panel in the cargo area on the drivers side along with the lug wrench and the ( 2 ) extension rods for the jack are located just behind the rear seat under the lift up floor panel ( what I do on my 1995 Ford Explorer is go around to the passenger side and flip the back of the rear seat down to gain easy access to the flip up panel and rods for the tire jack )

Where is the jack located on a 1997 Ford Aerostar?

According to the 1997 Ford Aerostar Owner Guide : For the standard length version : The jack is on the drivers side , rear wheelhouse ------------------------------------------------------ For the extended length version : The jack is in the passenger side storage compartment ( in thecargo area )