Your car wont start when turning the ignition you hear a clicking sound The radio and lights come on The starter and battery are about 2 months old what do you think?

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Did you buy the battery from new or was it a spare? Clicking sound when trying to turn key in ignition is usually low battery. The radio and lights may still work for a few minutes if there is enough charge left but the engine wont turn over. Turn off all lights, alarm and radio - wait 20minutes and try to turn engine over. Or failing that do what I've said below: Get someone to jump start your car with jumper leads. Once its running, drive your car around for half hour to one hour to re-charge battery. If fault isn't with battery then it could be alternator or spark plugs. Dodgy spark plugs can cause the car not to start. You probably have a loose connection or corrosion. Clean battery terminals and ends of wires. try the starter solenoid Make sure your battery posts are clean and the cable connectors are clean & tight. If this is not problem don't have another answer.

You might have to replace the ignition swith.
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You hear a clicking sound coming from dash were fuses are windows will not roll up or down power steering hard to turn seat belt light on all only when clicking starts radio will only work in park?

Answer . My best guess is that you have some major electrical problems with your car that could cause a fire even when you are not using the vehicle. Best to get it to a ce

2002 Chrysler TC van won't start All lights are on so battery is fine. Turn the key and all you hear it the clicking of the ignition. I think it may be the starter but it gave no sign it was failing?

if the starter is like the starter on the 1997 then it has an internal solenoid that has connections that goes bad. very simple to fix, only cost about 3 dollars for the repla

When your battery is charged there is a clicking sound but the car wont start why is this?

with today cars there are several relays which are used to send electricity to certain parts of your electrical system, such as a fuel pump relay, or a starter relay. one thin

My 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo lights and radio will come on in the car and all of the lights on the dash light up but it will click but wont crank up is it the starter or start switch relay.?

Assuming that you have checked the battery and that's not the problem (many times you will have enough juice to light the dash and headlights but not enough to make the starte

Why would a car not turn over even if the battery and starter have been replaced When you try to start it it only clicks when you turn the ignition switch?

If all you get is a single click when you try to start the engine, check the starter solenoid/relay. If you get a series of rapid clicks, look for a loose battery/starter cabl

My 1999 Subaru Legacy wont start thought the battery was shot so i relplaced it but it still just makes a click sound when i turn the key the radio still works but car wont start can you help?

The biggest nistake a would-be mechanic can do is to start buying and replacing parts hoping to eventually solve whatever is wrong with the vehicle. It is much wiser to invest
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After replacing the battery after a week my car doesn't start anymore when i put the key in the ignition and go to start the car all the lights turn off in the car and all i hear is a click?

New Battery Doesn't Help It probably is a defective alternator or generator which is not charging the new battery, and thus the new battery is now almost fully discharged.