Why would the car shut off every time you brake?

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Check for vac. leaks, possibly the vac hose on the cruise switch at the brake pedal.
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What would cause the headlights to flash on and off while the car is shut off and parked?

Answer . It is possible that the headlights are activated by the alarm. If that is not the case, if it has auto turn on headlights the module can be going bad. Other than that I don't know..

Why would 1990 Geo Prizm brake lights not shut off?

I have a 90 Prism that had the same problem. There is a platic spacer on the brake arm the crumbled with age. it is very hard to see where it is located. I glued a penny and a dime ( the thickness of the space ) to the brake arm....problem solved. I don't know for sure about the Geo although we do have one but I just went though a similar situation with my Toronado. When I replaced the brake power booster my lights wouldn't shut off. I got under the drivers column and realized that the switch had been moved while moving things around to get the booster out. On most cars there is a switch (with a little button that moves in and out) that must be up against the brake arm. If it is not up against it, the brakes are reading it as on. When the brakes are depressed up towards you, it depresses the button and registers as being free. Hope that helped.

Why would the brake lights stay on after the car is off or if is running?

Up above the brake pedal is a switch that activates the lights. The switch is either broken or it may have moved because most are adjustable. Hold the brake pedal from moving down and push the switch until the lights go out. Also check for a little rubber pad that makes contact with switch it could have dry rotted and fell off. therefore no contact is being made from switch to pedal.

Why would a car shut off within a block and not start back up for a while but will lose power every time?

Answer . \nHowdy, one of the first things I would check is the fuel filter. How old is vehicle? pabblo@rockrounds.com

Why would a car make a screeching noise when it shuts off?

Answer . \nTwo thoughts come to mind; 1- it could be the serpetine belt (not common but possible)\n. \n2- You could have bad bearings in the motor. I would see an expert asap! on this one.

Why would the interior lights of a car not shut off?

Answer . \nMy guess is you have a ford product. It would be nice to know that info. If you do, spray the latch on the doors with a light lubricant such as WD-40. Open and close it and spray again.

What would make your 2003 Silverado 1500 53L shut off a second or two after it starts every time?

Answer . Is the security light flashing? Sounds like you have the wrong key or there is a problem with the theft-loc ignition key system

What would cause the clock to reset every time you turn on and off the car?

Answer . \nthe Clock is probably wired to the ignition and power is turned off every time you turn off the Car there fore you have to reset the clock.

What can cause a car to shut off?

it can be different things but u can start checking with IAC or the fuel

Why does your Car stutters when shutting off?

It sounds like there may be some carbon in the combustion chambers causing pre-ignition and run on after shutdown. Purchase a container of engine combustion chamber cleaner with Techron in it. Follow the directions. You add it to your fuel tank. It cleans the fuel system and combustion chambers of deposits. By reducing deposits you reduce the chance of engine run on after ignition shutdown. Also you can try a tank of premium fuel. If the engine stops properly that's another indication of deposits. ANSWER--- Check the timing

What would cause the fuse for the brake lights to blow every time you put the car in drive?

Answer . \nCheck the circuitry to the backup lights. The same fused circuit is probably used for both brake lights and backup lights. As you go past Reverse, the backup light probably is turned on briefly, causing the fuse to blow. It's just a thought, but I'd think it worth checking.

What would cause the fuse for the brake lights to blow every time you put the car in drive in a 94 Grand Prix?

Answer . \nThere is usually a short somewhere when you press the pedal. check all the wires under the car for a bare wire touching the body or frame.

Your car dies every time you let off the gas?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThis depends upon the car; but, generally, any out-of-tune condition or vacuum leak can cause it. jb\n. \n. \nThe very most likely cause is a clogged throttle body. A Chevy dealer will fix it for under $200. This is a very typical symptom of this problem.\nVBdenny\n. \n. \nA common cause is a corroded EGR valve. Often you can spray some lubricant on the rod the EGR valve rides on and that will correct the problem, if not permanently at least it could tell you if that's it.

How do you redo the memory for power seats in the 1998 Grand Jeep Cherokee Every time you get back into the car after shutting it off you have to refix the drivers seat to where you want it Thank you?

Answer . \nOn the drivers door, is a panel that holds buttons, on there is a 1 and 2,and a set button , which for all purpose is for 2 drivers to set their individual settings for seat, side mirrors and radio station. To program you push either the 1 or 2, than you adjust your seat and side mirrors and (radio station if you choose to what you want) to where you want them, than you push the set button. Now when you use the automatically door opener for driver 1 , the settings are supposed to go to that drivers preference, you may also do this when you get into vehicle by pressing the 1 or 2 button on the door.\nIdeally this is how it is to work, unfortunately for me, my jeep likes to remember the seat and radio station but doesn't seem to like to hold the memory for the side mirros, will move them but not where they should go...I hope this sheds a little light on your situation. And in case you were not aware, your 2 key fobs you have, one is a master and that one is designated to the driver 1 position.

You have 1991 buick park avenue and when you drive it the oil pressure light comes on when you brake and some times shuts the car off do you know what the problem could be?

Answer . Probably worn main and/or rod bearings allowing too much of the oil past the bearings and the oil pump cannot keep up. You'll probably need to rebuild the engine to replace the crankshaft and main/rod bearings, but a heavier weight oil (higher viscosity numbers) can give you some extra time on the engine.

How do cars shut off?

Answer . For those who don't know anything about ignition systems, heres a little insight on the subject: A basic ignition system consists of an ignition switch, ignition coil & distributor assembly or computer & coil packs, spark plug wires, and spark plugs. When the ignition switch is on, a 12 volt power supply runs to an ignition coil which amplifies the voltage to as high as 30,000 volts. The current then runs through a distributor assembly which directs and delivers the power supply in segments to the spark plugs through wires. The spark plugs "fire" which ignites the air/fuel mixture in the engines corresponding combustion chamber causing the reaction that produces the engines power. Vehicles with coil packs have the 12 volt power supply run through a computer which does the same thing as a distributor before sending the current through the coil packs and then to the spark plugs. When you turn off the vehicle, mechanical linkage running from the ignition key cylinder assembly separates two sections of the ignition switch that severs the 12 volt supply current to the rest of the vehicles ignition system, thereby disabling the ignition spark, stopping the combustion reactions, and stopping the engine.

What causes brakes to squeal sometimes on Nissan Pathfinder and also the brake light on dashboard comes on and off every now and then but not all the time what would cause that?

Answer . The squeal is a warning device installed on your vehicle telling you that your brake pads are worn out. The light is coming on because you have a problem. Have your braking system inspected ASAP. Do not ignore this or you will end up replacing the rotors and spending more money. You may also end up having an accident due to defective brakes.

My 1991 Ford Taurus shuts off every time I come to a stop. I need to put the car in neutral and rev it to keep it running. What could be wrong?

Answer try oxygen sensor-looks like big spark plug in the exhaust usually. Good Luck. Not sure if O2 sensors would have that significant enough of an impact on driveability... So many things can contribute to this - but start with running down the list of items for an engine tuneup: Sparkplugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve for starters. While you're in there, look/listen for vacuum leaks - listen for a hissing sound which will lead you to a disconnected hose, and/or rotted vacuum hoses. See "Related Questions" below for more Answer Possibly clogged fuel filter or failing fuel pump.

Why does your car spudder after you shut it off?

Timing is too far advanced or the idle is set too high. A2: "spudder"? You mean run on a while? If it does, could be above mentioned or the anti-diesel solenoid. Or engine overheating. Could also be carbon build up in the heads or you need a valve job. Possibly wrong termperature spark plugs or bad plugs. Or, all of the above.

Why would a car start but shuts off after it is put in gear?

There can be several things to happen this on A/T engines. . Engine Idle Speed is low, below 750 Rpm +-50. . Engine air lines leaking. . ignition system problem, misfire on some of the cylinders, because of this engine does not run smoothly at idle. ( so engine rough idle) . Engine mechanical condition. . ECM is not increasing the engine speed. Basically the engine need to tune up if mechanical condition is ok. if mechanical condition is not within limit then the engine need to do a top overhaul or a major. It could also be the ignition switch...the car will start up fine..the key is turned to the start position but as soon as it pops back into the run position it turns off. It's an electrical problem and is very common. Stay away from puddles and auto-car washes. Shouldn't cost more than $250 for parts and labor.

Why does car shut off when you stop?

So it doesn't roll away.. check the battery first to make sure its good and clean on top..... then the alternator.

Why would a car continue to sputter after being shut off?

Several things can cause this phenomenon, called dieseling. Builtup carbon in the cylinders, incorrect timing, an overheated engine,a lean carburetor setting, or a fast idle can all be contributorsto dieseling.?æ

Why would Brake lights stay on even when the lights are shut off and engine is not running?

the brake light switch on the brake pedal is bad and needs to be replaced. A $10.50 part at parts store.

Why do cars shut off?

It can shut off because of lack of two things- gas and power. Power being electrical power and gas being gasoline. An engine needs both of these to stay running.

Why would the Starter keep running after car is shut off?

Overheating. Answer- The starter either has a bad solenoid or the ignition switch is not opening the connection when turned off. The only way to check that would be to disconnect the starter, and check for voltage when the key is turn to start and then turned off. If voltage is present all of the time, then check the same thing at the solenoid.

What if my Car shuts off by itself?

I had a 1994 mercury villager I was having the same problem it shutting down when the engine got warm. The distributor was the problem . After I changed it I never had another problem with it shutting down anymore. Good luck

Why would brake lights stay on when the car is off?

the brake switch is broken. The switch is located above the brake pedal. It costs about $9 to $15 at local auto part store but the quality is not as good as the OEM. I recommend an OEM switch from the dealer. It costs double but it is better made.

Why does your 1998 Mazda 626 drain antifreeze every time you shut it off?

Chances are you have a leak somewhere in your radiator or a connecting hose. While your engine is on, it sucks coolant in and once turned off, pressure pushes the coolant back to the radiator.

What to do when the car shuts off when driving?

my truck did that and i ( THANK GOD) was able to shift to neutral and then actually turn the car off ( it had seemed to go dead, the radio went of and i could not really steer ) and then I turned the car on again. hope this helps.

Car shuts off after starting?

There are a couple of reasons why a car would shut off afterstarting. The spark plug or plug wires may need changed. Also, thegas may have water in it.

You got your plugs changed but your car is missfiring now you need a jump every time you try to start your car plus its driving sluggish and shutting off?

\nI would suspect the plug wires have been installed incorrectly. I will list a link. Go there and check to see if you have the plug wires correctly installed according to the firing order.

What cause a car to turn off every time you stop?

That would be the servo. Get it fixed immediately. Not expensive, Less than 100 pounds.

Why won't my car shut off?


What cause a car to shut off when braking?

Perhaps the collision sensor that shuts the fuel off on impact is set too sensitive

What would cause your car to shut itself off?

when the battery dies. Though, that is a valid answer, there are many reasons for you car to shut down on you, by it self. There is ignition coil, fuel filter, catalytic converter, ignition switch, just to name a few. Give a little more information like, year make and model with engine size to start.

What would cause the brake lights to stay on after the car is off?

There is a switch down at the brake pedal, It's most likely bad. This is true. There is a switch under the brake pedal that probably needs to be adjusted or replaced. I have this same problem in my 1998 mercury villager. I have not replaced or adjusted the switch...not sure the cost or how hard it is to do. However, I have found that once you are in park, if the brake lights do not go off, I press down hard on the brake pedal and the lights go off.

What would cause the fuse for the brake lights to blow every time you hit the brakes?

Fuses That "Blow" Repeatedly . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuits and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating that can result in damage to the insulation and the conductors, and worse, the possibility of a FIRE which could destroy the vehicle, house, or other structure. . When a fuse and replacement fuses blow, especially if it happens repeatedly, is an indication of an UNSAFE CONDITION in that circuit, usually a short. . The proper "fix" is for a qualified technician, who knows what he/she is doing, to troubleshoot the circuit, find and identify the defect, and make proper repair [s], BEFORE replacing the fuse again [with the properly sized fuse or circuit breaker]. Some ignorant few will suggest installing a larger fuse or breaker to solve the problem, BUT that will only amplify the problem, not solve it. . Do not follow "bad" advice and install a larger fuse in a misguided attempt to correct the problem. To install a larger fuse would almost guarantee damage to the wiring and an electrical system fire.

Why would your car start to run but not shut off?

I have had this occur with several vehicles lately Most common factor----water in the gas

Why does the car smoke after shut off?

if it is under the hood, it could be a small antifreeze or oil leak that when the engine is running the smoke is blown away, but when shut off it continues to burn off but is not blown away.

Does ocarina of time start at the beginn ing every time you shut it off?

No as long as you save your game you will appear at the beginning if your a child but with your current progress if you are an adult when you save your game you will appear in the temple of time.

How to shut off a car alarm?

It varies from c (ar to car...some cars will silence the auto alarm when a key is used to open the door, or to start the engine. But as far as I can remember with my 95 SAAB 900SE Convertible...the alarm would be turned on when you used the remote fob to auto-lock the doors, and would disarm itself when you used the remote fob to auto-unlock the doors. If you locked the car with the fob, and then unlocked it with the key instead of the remote, the alarm would NOT be disarmed, and would go off! (That is, would literally "sound the alarm".) The only way I ever found to turn it off was to use the key fob again. I do NOT know what you would do if you locked it with the fob and then the fob was lost or broke or had its battery die. I had purchased the car used...the previous owner had told me there was no other way to turn off the alarm other than using the fob...but I never investigated it any deeper.

Why does my car shuts off randomly when i turn the steering wheel and apply the brakes the same time?

The idle is not being increased high enough. There is a bad sensor if it is a ecu driven vehicle or if its a carb motor idle needs increased.

Should you turn your mondom off every time you shut your computer down?

Depends on the make and model. It is generally a good idea to turn off anything that you are not using because it extends service life. If your modem is a wireless router, than if you turn it off, no one in the neighborhood can use it(provided they had your security info ) but neither can anyone else in your house. Also, some modems sap power and stay warm when the computer is on. If you want to leave it on, nothing will break. However if you want your modem to last as long as possible, save power, and prevent it from being used by someone other than yourself than you should turn it off.

What would cause a car to shut off while you are driving?

i had a problem like that, Dodge van1500, and they told me a lot of solutions, i did tuneup and the only thing that works, i replace the computer, used 90.00 and problem solved.

Would a timing belt make your car shut off and won't start again?

the question is faulty. if a timing belt what is broken??? is jumped ??? is missing ??? is misaligned???? If it breaks yes it will not start. it usually will turn over a lot faster as well. if misaligned or jumped making it out of time. no start to back fires when accelerating or just no power at low end speeds.

What would make a car shut off when you make a turn?

The following reasons will be applicable as per the severity: 1.Power steering pressure switch / sensor failure. 2.Low fuel level which results in air-lock in case of diesel or engine shut-off in case of petrol. 3.The coupler of electronic control module which controls the engine management system will tends to make and break activity while turning or cornering, due to the angle of inclination of the vehicle's body.

What could it be if your battery in your car dies every time you shut it off?

More than likely the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing. It can also be something is on pulling power from the battery.

Why would a car start then shuts off right after it starts?

Could be the immobiliser, try disconnecting the battery for 30minutes a then connect it back up and try starting it again!!

Why would rear parking and brake lights stay on when the car is shut off?

There are two or more faults at work here depending on the car. If your car has a relay that runs brake lights or Tail lights one or both could be bad. OR If your car has these items controlled by a body control module it could be bad or with this system the computer grounds the bulbs to make them work and damage to the wires anywhere in the car can cause this. OR You have a brake light switch that keeps the brake lights on all the time AND a bad ground in the system so the Brake lights ground through the tail lights. This kind of thing is more common on per 2000 model year vehicles.

Why does your car run after it is shut off?

This is called "dieseling" and is a bad thing. There are severalreasons it might happen, but the short answer is "take it to amechanic, tell him it's dieseling, and let him figure it out."