Why would a Geo Tracker stall then start back up?

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I have a 1997 Geo prizm. It stalled on me going to work the other day and would start back up. It sat
for about 2.5 hours before my boyfriend got there to look at it and it started right up for him. After it
got warm again it wouldn't turn on for him. What could be wrong with my car? If it's being started from
parked for a little bit then it starts right up.
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1996 Geo Tracker stalling when coming to a stop.?

CARBON . I have four of these vehicles. The one with the 5 speed is the one that was doing this. It would sometimes stall at stop lights, restart and it was normal. I had

What would cause a Geo Tracker to run great and then stall unexpectedly?

My Geo does the same thing..... . \nMy 2003 Geo Tracker also starts and runs great but shuts the fuel off when it gets hot while idling for about 10 minutes, for instance i

Why would a convertor not lock up on 1994 Geo Tracker?

Torque Converter Clutch Circut Malfunct . \nOn my 1996 tracker the check engine light is on for EGR and TORQUE CONVERTER CLUTCH CIRCUT MALFUNCTION.I talked to a local tran

Why would a 15 amp fuse blow when you try to start a 1994 Geo Tracker?

15 Amp blows on start. HI, As I read the schematic, I see a couple of options. One Could be the Ignition Coil, another is you could have a bad main relay, another option is

What causes a 1990 Geo tracker to isle up and down at start up?

If the car goes to a high idle and then slowly drops then remains low this is normal operation as response to changes in temperature of the engine. If it is a fast repeating c

Geo Tracker will not start when hot?

1: loss of spark test spark. 2; flooding hot , cause by to rich. (huge list) 3: loss of fuel. 4: loss of electric power hot. see my profile see link.

Why would a Geo Tracker not accelerate?

lots of reason. brakes are on, or dragging. gas tank empty gas cap is not legal missing vacuum breaker, (bad news) 1: loss of spark ever tune car up. 2: loss of fuel

Back up lights for a 1996 GEO Tracker stay on all the time what now?

Hi,\nThe first thing to check is the reverse switch at the shift stalk. The switch might have broken or the plunger on the switch might be so dirty that it won't return to the

Where is Back up light switch Geo Tracker?

Hi, The back up switch for the auto trans is under the shift console cover although the book says it is mounted on the transmission, mine is under the console, I have a '97 4W