Why is kerosene used as fuel for aeroplanes?

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jet engines only, piston engines still use petrol. jet engines can burn a range of fuel from LPG. to alcohols and diesel. Good quality petrol is valuable to motorists and possibly runs too hot in a jet engine, kerosene has the most suitable properties
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Why is kerosene used for jet fuel?

Kerosene isn't. However, jet fuel, kerosene, and diesel fuel allare very similar. They're less refined than unleaded fuel, and thatreduces the risk of on-board fires, for one. Additionally, theyburn at a higher BTU rate than unleaded/petrol fuels.

What is kerosene used for?

1 Well there is two uses for it one is to propel a rocket. 2 The other is a flame propellent for a fire. 1 Well there is two uses for it one is to propel a rocket. 2 The other is a flame propellent for a fire. Kerosine has many other uses: 1. Additive with gasoline to make some aviation fuels 2. A (MORE)

What uses of kerosene?

One disadvantage is that it isn't rennewable. it isn't viable which means that it doesn't have enough to supply for ever and ever One disadvantage is that it isn't rennewable. it isn't viable which means that it doesn't have enough to supply for ever and ever

Why is kerosene used as jet fuels instead of petrol?

It is not kerosene but a kerosene type fuel used in jets or aircraft. Jet fuel is a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Jet fuel must be free from water contamination. Synthetic Jet fuel and Jet biofuels are used in different airways. Chemically they are not exactly same as kerosene or petrol.

Can kerosene be used in a diesel truck for fuel?

Long-winded answer.... There are two kinds of fuel oils: No. 1 and No. 2. No. 1 fuel oil is thinner so it flows easier in cold weather, but it doesn't lubricate as well. We used to call this "winter diesel." Kerosene is No. 1 fuel oil that's gone through an extra refining step because a lot of t (MORE)

What is the fuel used in aeroplanes?

Piston powered aircraft (small helicopters included) run off a high grade petrolium called AvGas.... however all jet turbines (engines) ,run off very high grade Jet A1 fuel......which essentially is just treated kerosene fuel.

What fuel do aeroplanes use?

Piston engines = high octane high quality fuel called avgas (aviation gas), similar to auto gas which is often refered to as mogas (motor gas). Avgas is also used in high performance auto racing. Jets and turbo props = naphtha kerosene simialr to diesel fuel, and called jet fuel

Name the fuels used in aeroplanes and ships?

Aircraft use either Jet A civil jet fuel, the JP series of military jet fuels, or 100LL aviation gasoline. \n. \nShips use "bunker fuel," crude oil, Navy distillate, nuclear power or, in some cases, jet fuel.

What is the fuel used in aeroplane?

usually kerosen e a type of oil that's very easy to ignite but fuel mixes may vary, but most civilian airlines use kerosene for gas turbine engines 177 But it is ATF-Aviation Turbine Fuel

Are there alternative forms of fuel for kerosene?

There are some initiatives to find alternatives to fossil fuels for kerosene and jet fuel. From the wikipedia entry on jet fuel.... ________________________________________________ . Green Flight International flew the World's first jet aircraft on 100% biofuel. The flight from Nevada's Reno (MORE)

Name of the fuel used in aeroplanes?

The general term used for fuel aeroplanes use is Avgas (aviation gasoline). Other types include Mogas (automobile gasonlie) and Avtur (aviation kerosene).. There are two common types of Avgas, these are 100/130 (coloured green) and 100Low Lead (LL - coloured blue). Avtur only comes in one state and (MORE)

Where can you buy kerosene fuel locally?

Many gas stations in the United States have pumps where you can pump kerosene into your own containers. Kerosene cans are usually a special color. The pumps are usually on the edge of the lot away from the gas pumps.

An aeroplane is used for what?

To transport people from one country to antoher, for example, travelling from Ireland to Spain.. The most common reason to use an aeroplane to travel is: foreign holidays.

Is kerosene a Renewable fuel?

Kerosene is made out of a type of fossil fuel, which isnon-renewable. Experts are currently trying to figure out a way toproduce synthetic kerosene.

Does kerosene get too old to use in kerosene heaters?

it depends Kerosene does 'spoil' because bacteria will begin to break it down. Water speeds up the digestion. The process produces a plaque that will clog jets in an injector system and will produce acids that will corrode metal components in the heater. If you have large quantities of old kerosen (MORE)

Why is kerosene used as a jet fuel?

For one, they have a higher BTU output and higher constant flametemperature than unleaded fuels. In liquid form, they're lessvolatile and less flammable than unleaded fuels, but ignite easilywhen vaporized.

Is kerosene used to treat arthritis?

There are home remedies involving Kerosene for treating arthritis . To find out more just type the words Kerosene and arthritis into your browser and you will get a selection of websites to look through for more info.

What are good effect using of kerosene?

Kerosene are good for cooking and heating up food. In the past, they are used for oil lamps because they are flammable. But, nowadays, they are used as jet engines and factories.

Which fuel is use in aeroplane?

Small, general aviation type airplanes use avgas (aviation gasoline) which is very similar to automobile fuel. Large jet engines mostly use Jet-A fuel, which is a real nasty substance with a very high octane rating. Military fighter jets mostly use JP4 fuel which is similar to Jet-A but even more c (MORE)

Why kerosene is used for killing mosquitoes?

By coating the water with a film of oily kerosene you prevent the mosquito larvae from being able to breath at the surface of the water. Thus, they die off. This will work temporarily until the kerosene evaporates.

How would you identify that a can fuel contains kerosene?

It depends. Kerosene, Heating oil, Diesel and Jet-A are very similar. They all kind of smell like furniture polish. K-1: Clear or slight yellow. K-1 Commerical grade: Red. BioD: Green Citronella oil: 50/50 mix is yellow. Motor K: Clear. Old Kerosene: If it was clear, turns yellow with age.

Why kerosene based fuel is used as aircraft fuel?

I cannot give you a precise answer, but I have read repeatedly that "jet fuel" differs very little from what is called "#1 Kerosene". -------------------------------------------------------- Fuel chemistry is a blend of compromises. Kerosene offers a lot of BTUs and is still relatively volatil (MORE)

Can you use kerosene in a Coleman lantern?

Only if it's a coleman lantern designed to run on kerosene (many Canadian models were designed for kerosene). Most Coleman lanterns are designed to run on Coleman fuel or white gasoline, or both. If you try to run kerosene it won't work properly. It will just flame up and not glow brightly like it s (MORE)

Can kerosene be used as home heating fuel?

Kerosene should not be used as a home heating oil unless the unit is designed to do just that, kerosene may be used in a small amount to inhibit gelling of fuel oil during extremely cold weather.

Can kerosene be use to thin paint?

You should not use kerosene to thin any paint. It will not mix with water based paints, and it is too dirty for use in oil based paint as an effective thinner. When using oil-based paints, Mineral Spirits is the preferred thinner for brushing and cleanup, while VM&P Naphtha is used for spray applic (MORE)

Which fuel using aeroplane?

There are many types of fuels used for aircraft. there are aircraft that run on normal unleaded and diesel fuels but the typical aviation only fuels are avgas (usually leaded 100 octane or 130/110), Avtur (aviation turbine), Jet-A and Jet A-1. these are the typical fuels you will find. Avgas is main (MORE)

What fuels aeroplanes use?

The majority of modern aircraft all use petroleum based fuels, essentially varieties of gasoline or kerosene.

Can you use petrol instead of kerosene in a kerosene run generator?

No, the petrol has a higher ignition flash point than that of kerosene. It would be like using petrol in a diesel engine. The engine would run extremely hot and the engine could be destroyed. As diesel uses compression to burn the fuel petrol needs a spark. The petrol under higher compression will p (MORE)

Can you use kerosene in a fuel oil furnace?

Yes and no. An unmodified oil burner will burn far more kerosene than fuel oil for which it is designed. If you replace the nozzle with a smaller nozzle and adjust the air, using an orsatz [orsat gas analyzer], a device for determining the combustion efficiency of the flame, you will be able to use (MORE)

Why can kerosene and ethanol be used as fuels?

This can be answered on many different levels. They both burn andgive out a good amount of heat is probably the simplest. In morescientific terms, they both contain chemical energy which isreleased when they burn. More practically, they both ignite easilyand burn quite cleanly.