Why does your Ford F-150 trans occasionaly slip in drive range?

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It depends if you have ecoboost on because ecoboost sometimes slips your gears.
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What could be the cause of 1997 Ford Crown Victoria trans slipping but vary rarely?

well there coould be a few different things the bands might need adjusting or just the fluid be changed. i would start with the fluid if it hasn't been changed. i work on tran

Why does trans slip out of overdrive when its cold?

i think its to let the engine warm up. because all the cars i have driven seem to avoid overdrive gear until the engine warms up. Witch makes sense because higher rpms keep th

Where is trans dipstick located for a 1992 ford f 150?

On a 1992 Ford F-150 the AUTOMATIC transmission fluid dipstick is near the firewall on the right side ( passenger side ) of the engine in the engine compartment The manual tr