Why does my heater fan only work on a high speed and how do I fix it?

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try replacing the blower motor resistor

How can you fix a heater and AC fan that only work on high?

Resistors control the speed of the AC/Heater fan. These resistors are switched on and off in various combinations to create the different fan speeds. When the resistors burn o

How do you fix your heater-AC fan if it only works on high 4?

Answer . \nThe heater resistor pack is bad. Replace it.. Answer . \nA Blower Motor Resistor burned down and needs to be replaced. It costs about $37 from the dealer an

Why does heater fan only work on high speed?

Defective ballast resistor pack. OTHER : It sounds like it could be the blower motor relay / resistor. I replaced mine today in my 2001 Chevy Impala. It was next to

Why does your heater fan only run on high speed?

Answer . \n99% of the time it is the heater resistor block, it is a bunch of resistors which gives you the different speeds.\nthis is mounted close to the heater motor, pa

1996 Mercury Sable. Heater Fan froze. thawed now only have high speed. Can I fix this. I am not sure where to look. Thanks?

Answer . \nYou probably have water tht has entered the heater case through the cowl air inlet, which has damaged the heater blower resister assembly. It is held into the c

Your 2002 Dodge Stratus ACHeater blower only works when the fan speed selector is on 4 or High Speed What might be the problem and how do you fix?

All or Nothing Blower . The Climate switch on this model is a "Resitor Switch" which means the full voltage is setting 4 ... 1-3 reduces the voltage making the blower motor

Heater fan not working on low speed works on med and high speed?

the mortor is getting worn out some times i have took it out and cleand it out with air and elct-cleaner if that doesnt do the trick i replace it.. The blower resistor may ne