Why do the CH-47 Chinook helicopters have counter rotating rotor blades?

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Most helicopters have a tail boom and tail rotor. This tail rotor is present to counteract the torque produced by a helicopters main rotor. If there was no tail rotor, the helicopter would tend to rotate in a direction opposite to that which the main rotor blade spins which would make flying difficult or even impossible.

The Chinook doesn't have a tail rotor, instead it has twin main rotors. If they both span in the same direction then this would act to cause the helicopter to twist. However as they rotate in opposite directions the two twisting forces cancel each other out. This has other advantages as it means that the full power of the engines goes towards generating lift and thrust as opposed to driving the vertical stabilising rotor on other helicopters.
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What shape are rotor blades for a helicopter and why?

ANSWER: . They are eliptical in shape with the leading edge having an airfoil shape, meaning curved across the top to create lift. The rear side of the blade is longer and narrower allowing the air to pass over it easier. It looks like a cross section of a airplane's wing for the full length of t (MORE)

When was the single rotor helicopter invented?

Answer . 1957 by Boelkow called the Bo-102. It had a single bladed main rotor and a single bladed tail rotor. For more go to http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/bo-102.php. Answer . in 1957 by Boelkow called the Bo-102 it had a single main and tail rotor. For more go here http://www.avias (MORE)

What happens to the advancing blade of a helicopter?

The "advancing blade" of a helicopter refers to the side of the rotor which moves forward in relation to the fuselage. As each rotor blade makes a full circle around the center, on one side of the swing, it moves forward, and on the opposite side it is moving towards the rear of the helicopter. W (MORE)

Can a helicopter be transported on a trailer with the main rotor blades still attached?

Yes, smaller helicopters such as an R-22 or B206 can be placed on a truck and moved with out removing the rotor blades. Generally speaking the blades are removed to protect them and to make lifting the helicopter by crane a much eaiser task.. I have personally witnessed a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter (MORE)

Why there are 2 sets of blades in helicopter?

I will assume by "sets" you mean "pairs". The truth is, some helicopters only have one set. Some have two. Put very simply, the more blades you have, the more lift you can generate, and so the more hauling capacity you have. Eg the Chinook has TWO rotors, each with four blades. It's used to lift som (MORE)

Rotor blades balancing theory?

If you really want to see how this is done, try Googling "Chadwick Helmuth Strobex". They make machines to balance rotors and propellers.

Why do helicopters need tail rotors?

When helicopters main rotors are turning, it is the natural reaction of the fuselage of the helicopter to spin the other way, this is known as torque, a tail rotor spinning counteracts this force by pushing the other way, The rotor pedals change the pitch of the blades on the tail rotor, if the pilo (MORE)

What powers a helicopters rotor?

An engine usually more than one which is connected to a main driveshaft then that is connected to a C-box or Combining gear box which connects to a transmission which turns the rotors.

What is helicopter rotor droop?

Helicopters fly by means of an angle of attack increase in the main - rotor disc. However - when this angle of attack increases, the drag experienced on the blades also increases which tends to want to slow the blades down. To avoid that, a gas turbine helicopter engine will have what is called a Po (MORE)

What is another name for helicopter blades?

Rotors, they are generally so-called (Props) applies to conventional propellers on conventonal aircraft, of course an autogyro or a Rotordyne has both propellers and Rotors but that is a special case.

What is a helicopter blade called?

Rotor blade . The ones up top are "Main Rotor Blades" and the ones on the tail are "Tail Rotor Blades". Generally they are Rotor Blades.

How many rotors does a helicopter need?

If you mean rotor blades, theoretically, only one (provided it is counterbalanced and moves fast enough). But you'll typically see two or more. Helicopters use more than one because it requires less rotor speed to get the same lift, and it also runs a lower risk of failure in the mechanical systems. (MORE)

How long does a helicopter rotor blade last before it needs replacing?

If well maintained and undamaged it can last for quite a few years. Limiting factors will be... Component life: All major components on any aircraft have a life limitation based on how many hours used, and some have a calender time for the life as well. Condition: Rotors are prone to erosio (MORE)

Why does the rotors spin on an helicopter?

The rotor blades on a helicopter work the same way as wings on a fixed wing aircraft. The air passing faster over the top of the airfoil generates lift. Helicopter rotors spin so that the lift is generated without having to have forward airspeed like a fixed wing aircraft.

How much does a Chinook helicopter cost?

As of Summer 2010, there are two current versions of the CH-47 Chinook helicopter undergoing manufacture. One version is the F model (CH-47F). The other is the special operations version - the G model (MH-47G). This answer is for the F model. There are two manufactured versions of the F model. One i (MORE)

The rotor blade on the side of the helicopter that moving in the opposite direction?

The tail rotor is moving "perpendicular" to the main rotor, not "opposite". The tail rotor creates thrust opposite to the thrust of the main rotor, to keep the fuselage from spinning. Most helicopters spin the main rotor counter-clockwise looking from above, which puts a clockwise rotation on th (MORE)

How many people can a Chinook helicopter carry?

Up to 46, depending on the configuration and whatever it is carrying for cargo. The standard configuration, in a combat situation, is jump seats for 33 passengers. The crew consists of a Door Gunner on the port fwd window, the Crew Chief on the starboard side entry hatch, and the Flight Engineer who (MORE)

How many rotor blades does a Chinook helicopter have?

Six - The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is a versatile, twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Its top speed of 170 knots (196 mph, 315 km/h) was faster than utility and attack helicopters of the 1960s and even many of today. Its primary roles include troop movement, artillery emplacement and batt (MORE)

Which is faster Chinook helicopter or a black hawk helicopter?

The Black Hawk is faster. Black Hawk is about 220 mph, while the Chinook is about 190. But, I have ridden in Ch47 Chinooks with a full complement of Marines, that had to slow down for the Black Hawk and Cobras to keep up. They are different aircraft for different jobs. All great aircraft.

What is the record for the maximum number of main rotor blades in a helicopter?

I can't answer what the record number of main rotor blades is but these three helicopters are the some of the largest helo's in the world and the last has 10 main rotor blades although it has no tail rotor so it depends on your definition of main rotor I guess. Sikorsky S-64 Sky crane - Has 7 mai (MORE)

Why does the rotor rotate?

A motor rotor rotates due to an interaction between magnetic fields of the rotor and stator, where either may use permanent magnets, electromagnets, or a combination of both to effect the interaction. This interaction is based on the principle of opposite attraction and like repulsion related to ma (MORE)

When was the helicopter rotor invented and by who?

That's a very difficult question as rotors were developed by many people from as far back as the 1800's. - Possibly the first successful rotor as we know it today was developed by Juan de la Cierva in 1923. His rotor was widely used in 'gyroplanes' which were aircraft with minimal wings, and in (MORE)

What is a rotor blade?

Rotor blades are on a helicopter. Brake rotors or discs are on the brakes of a vehicle.

How many blades does fastest helicopter have?

Helicopters created nowadays generally have 2 or 3 blades. The fastest recorded helicopter has 3 blades. as it revolves more pressure is put forth and therefore the helicopter travels faster

How do counter rotating propellers on a helicopter increase the lift?

Counter rotating blades on a helicopter are used to replace the traditional tail rotor found on most aircraft. Because the blades oppose each other (and therefore cancel out the torque created by the other blade) a tail rotor is not necessary. This allows all of the engine's power to be used for lif (MORE)

What is the angle of attack of a helicopter blade?

It varies for all blades collectively as you pull up or push down on the collective . and alternates from side-to-side and front-to back as you move the cyclic. If you move the cyclic to the right it decreases the angle of attack on the right side and increases the angle of attack on the left sid (MORE)

Has any body noticed CH 47 Chinook helicopter in la ca what is the story?

Does it appear to be a military or a civilian helicopter? If it's military, there could be a number of reasons. It may belong to the California National Guard. It may be a military aircraft which developed mechanical problems, and was forced to land for repairs on a non-military airfield. It may hav (MORE)

What is the helicopter with two rotors called?

One of them is called Boeing CH-47 Chinook, alarge transport helicopter in service with many airforces .TheChinook is a tandem, meaning the rotors are in front of oneanother. There are also others - a Kamov- Ka 50 , a Kaman Kamax (or a Husky) and even the V-22 Osprey . There are tandem and inte (MORE)

What does rotor blades mean?

Rotor blades are on helicopters. They are the long narrow parts above the fuselage (cabin) .When these rotate they impart 'lift' to the helicopter.

What is a back rotor of a helicopter used for?

it depends. sometimes they make the helicopter turn. On models when they are facing up like the main rotor, they propell it forward so the gyro can fall to one side and lean the chopper forward. . The major purpose of the back rotor is to counteract the torque of the main rotor. On helicopters with (MORE)

How many rotors does the helicopter have?

Helicopter can have 2 blade, 4 Blade, 6 Blade, 8 Blades. Selection of this Blades depends up on the Power Rating. For a small 2 Ton H/C, it can have 2 Blades. 5 Ton H/C can have 4 Blades etc..

How does a helicopters rotor blades make the helicopter turn left and right?

By adjusting the speed of tail rotor, which points to the side, the pilot can turn the helicopter in flight. The main upper rotor actually plays only a minor part in making helicopter turn. The part supplying most of the control is the tail rotor. Because the main rotor is spinning in one direct (MORE)

Why does a helicopter has a second rotor on its tail?

To change its direction buddy. It moves its tail left and right and therefore change the face of front panel upto 360 degrees which make it to rotate in nay direct, and top rotate is use to only lift to to rotate.

What is a Chinook helicopter used for?

The Chinook helicopter is an American twin-engine helicopter. The helicopter is used by military forces. The Chinook helicopter is mainly used for troop transportation, artillery movement, and resupply on the battlefield.