Why do school buses have chains on the undercarriage?

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These chains can be swung out by the driver (inside the vehicle) to drop just in front of the drive wheels to improve traction when weather conditions require their use If some of you don't know what these are, here are a few pictures. Back then we had to twist a lever, kind of like a garden hose faucet. Now I'd immagine they have an easy to use switch. You just turn on the chains and they drop from the bottom of the bus. They get spit out and land under the tires for traction and spin as the wheels move. They don't actually wrap around the tires, they just catch under them where it's needed most. No need to have to manually wrap all the tires of a 100 bus fleet. Totally automatic. It's really a neat thing to see them in action!

http://www.vonslatt.com/bus-body.shtml Yes on the newer buses there's a toggle switch for them, there known as on demand chains
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When did school buses originate?

An Englishman, George Shillibeer, was credited for introducing the first "School Bus", albeit it was horse-drawn, used to transport up to 25 children to a Quaker school.

How come school buses bounce?

I think it is because of the weight and the suspension bounces all that weight up and inertia takes it from there until gravity pulls the bus back down.

Do school buses have seat belts?

Some school buses do have seat belts throughout the entire bus. For the most part, buses do not have seat belts. They tend to have seat belts in the rows closest to the front
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What is undercarriage?

a wheeled structure beneath an aircraft, typically retractedwhen not in use, that receives the impact on landing and supportsthe aircraft on the ground.. the supporting frame

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