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The military, private owners, and that's about it
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When were helicopters first used by the military?

See the link to a similar Q as it relates to helicopter gunships. The first use of helicopters were for medical evacuation. The Bell 47 fulfilled this role in the Korean War. I'll see if I can find the first use of an Army helicopter. Answer Answer See the link to a similar Q as it relates t (MORE)

What is the helicopter used for?

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the concept of flight which includes helicopters. He should be known as an inventor, not an artist. Art does nothing to help people! Life would be nowhere without his inventions. Helicopters can be used in many different ways. Today, helicopters are used for transportati (MORE)

Do helicopters use jet fuel?

The type of fuel is specific to the type of engine, not the aircraft. Helicopters that have jet engines use jet fuel, and helicopters that have internal combustion engines use gasoline.. However the General Electric T-58 had a device in the fuel control that allowed you to burn just about anything (MORE)

What were helicopters used for in the Vietnam War?

The use of helicopters during the Vietnam War vary, The UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) being the most popular example was used for transport, medevac, recon and some were fabricated with extra guns and rocket pods and became gunships, other examples are heavy lifters like the CH-54 Tarhe Skycrane, the CH-47 C (MORE)

Why were helicopters used in Vietnam?

Tanks were a NEW weapon during WWI. Aircraft Carriers were a NEW weapon in WWII. Helicopters were a NEW weapon in Vietnam. Helicopters allowed the US Army to create a brand new Infantry Branch, "Airmobile" Divisions. Prior to these new airmobile divisions, the army only had AIRBORNE (paratroopers) D (MORE)

What materials are used to make a helicopter?

hi every1 I'm not sure what the name is but helicopters are made out of heavy metal, helicopters are engine powered due to them being made out of metal, helicopters could not be wind powered because of the wind not being able to lift the helicopter off the ground. sorry y about any spelling mistakes (MORE)

How do helicopter pilots use math?

Helicopter pilots use maths in the following ways:- 1 To note the altitude of the chopper. 2 To note the speed of the chopper. 3 To calculate the speed of the upcoming storm. 4 During Landing

What kind of engine do helicopters use?

Helicopters can be equipped with either reciprocating (piston) engines or turbine (jet) engines. There is no reason to suspect that advances in electric batteries or hybrid engines will not permit electic motors from powering helicopters in the future as is already done with some small (model) helic (MORE)

What type of engine used in helicopter?

Early helicopters all used piston engines up to the 1960's . Now most helicopters use jets, except for a few small civilian helicopters. The jets are connected to a very strong and complex transmission which turns the main and tail rotors.

What types of helicopters are used at rdu?

By whom? I couldn't tell you what helicopters the airlines and private organizations would base out of RDU, but it's a bit unlikely they would. The police force at RDU isn't going to be particularly keen on letting people onto the tarmac who don't work there so they can board a helicopter, helicopte (MORE)

What can a helicopter used for?

A helicopter can be used for transportation, recreation/ tours, cargo transportation, rescue, & as a "crane" as in sky crane.

What is the salary of a helicopter pilot in US?

This really depends on the type of job that the pilot is doing. Helicopter pilots are used for such a wide variety of jobs but the average salary ranges from $45,000 to $90,000. Some jobs may even pay less while others have the potential to pay higher. There are so many different jobs out there for (MORE)

What are the principle used in helicopter?

Helicopters are sometimes referred to as 'rotary wing' machines, and that gives the clue to how they operate. The rotating blade is of aerofoil section; as aircraft wings are; and the rotary wing develops lift due to its speed through the air. Helicopter blades also have a greater 'attack angle' tha (MORE)

How a helicopter used of thrust for flying?

The main rotor of a helicopter is actually a set of wings that turn. They produce lift, just like the wings of an airplane. To change direction, the rotor is tilted, and the helicopter is PULLED in that direction.

How do you use the helicopter on Cryptids lsland?

When you are rescued by Mews from the ocean, you recuperate at his mansion. After you talk to him, drink some water and head downstairs. Before you can use the helicopter, you will need to know more about the cryptids. Watch the five videos in the Museum (first floor right), then Mews will reappear. (MORE)

How do you use the helicopter on Cryptids Island?

Go back inside the mansion and review the five videos while you wait for Mews to show up. When you are rescued by Mews from the ocean, you recuperate at his mansion. After you talk to him, drink some water and head downstairs. Before you can use the helicopter, you will need to know more about th (MORE)

What type of motors are used in helicopters?

Hemi If you mean model helicopters, in most cases, they use small permanent magnet DC motors for both the tail rotor and the main rotor. Some more sophisticated models use a 'brushless DC motor' which is actually a three phase permanent magnet motor, and a compact electronic variable frequency AC (MORE)

How was the cobra attack helicopter used?

Born on the battlefield(s) of South Vietnam, the US Army used the gunship (AH-1 Cobra) as aerial artillery firing mini-guns (7.62mm), 40mm grenade, and 2.75 inch rockets.

What is a back rotor of a helicopter used for?

it depends. sometimes they make the helicopter turn. On models when they are facing up like the main rotor, they propell it forward so the gyro can fall to one side and lean the chopper forward. . The major purpose of the back rotor is to counteract the torque of the main rotor. On helicopters with (MORE)

When did people start using helicopters?

Soon after WW2 helicopters became very popular, reaching a peak ofuse in the Vietnam war, when the US Army and Marines had morehelicopters than all the services regular airplanes

What are the uses of helicopter?

Most helicopters use as transportation, some are use for combat. ANS 2 - Many helicopters are used for rescue andmedivac. Many others are used in fire-fighting.

Did they use helicopters in gallipoli?

If you're referring to Gallipoli in the context of the (in)famous battle then the answer is no. That fight occurred during WWI and the helicopter was not a practical machine at the time.

What helicopter does the US army use?

Several. . OH-6 Cayuse, MH-6 "Little Bird", and other variants of the H-6 series . OH-58 Kiowa . AH-1 Cobra (still in service with some second line units) . AH-64 Apache . UH-60 Blackhawk, MH-60, and other variants of the H-60 series . CH-47 Chinook, MH-47, and other variants of the H (MORE)

How do you use the helicopter mod?

there is a few different types of telecommuter mods. i will talk about the thx. craft it like your crafting a boat then 1 wooden plank on the top middle square. right click to place it down. right click again to get in. fly it like your flying in creative i.e. wasd space and shift. shoot with r, m (MORE)

Was helicopters used in the malayan conflict?

Yes, helicopters were used in the Malayan conflict. The RAF used largetwin rotor helicopters called Belvederes and smaller ones calledWhirlwind and Wessex. The British Army had other even smaller ones there. Yes, helicopters were used in the Malayan conflict. The RAF used large twin rotor helicopt (MORE)

What materials are used in helicopters?

Helicopters are made with sophisticated specialized engines and heavy materials which is fueled with special gas. They are also made of steel which makes it really heay.

What is a Chinook helicopter used for?

The Chinook helicopter is an American twin-engine helicopter. The helicopter is used by military forces. The Chinook helicopter is mainly used for troop transportation, artillery movement, and resupply on the battlefield.

What are Huey Helicopters used for?

The military helicopter, also known as the Huey, are used for command and control, transportation, and also assault gunships. These helicopters are the most famous military helicopters.