Which bike is quicker kawasaki zx -14 or suzuki hayabusa?

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ninja it has more horsepower to kick it off the block
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Location of battery on a kawasaki zx-14?

The battery for the 2006 ZX-14 (I assume the same for all years) is not under the seat as it is on most bikes. It is actually on the right side of the bike just under the gas tank. You'll see a small 'hatch' where the tank meets the seat, remove that to access the battery. You do not have to remo (MORE)

How fast is a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R?

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R/ZX636R range from the mid 90's to now and traditionally every 2 years a minor/medium model update was done and every 4 years a completely new design. As such, the HP and performance has increased over the years. I can give my own experience as an example, Kawasaki claims the (MORE)

How do i charge the battery on my kawasaki zx 14?

It is underneath the gas tank, inside the frame on the side of the rear brakes, there IS a side door to access the battery, so do not take the tank off. Look at the fin fairing and follow it to the rear and you will find it.

How fast is a Suzuki Hayabusa?

Road tests on the infamous Hayabusa suggest top speeds ranging from 170 MPH to "in excess of 195 MPH". That's about 1 mile per hour per horsepower, claimed at 194. Great by any standard! That is where the bike halts due to the rev limiter that assigns the bike to the informal European speed agreeme (MORE)

What is the oil capacity for a 2007 Kawasaki ZX-6R?

look on the outside of the oil casing right under where u put the oil in... there should be a plate that tells how much dry, with and without an oil filter and all the specs u need def. not over 4 quarts

Kawasaki zx-14 oil?

If your asking for what kind of oil it should be then its 20-50W, which you can find at any local motorcycle dealer.

Tell me the details about Suzuki Hayabusa 1340?

hmm..Its the fastest production motorcycle and it goes 220 with the limiter taken off. It is 1300cc with is the largest cc in a sport bike. Its the best choice for a drag motorcycle since it is so long. Overall its a beast.

Do mufflers make bikes quicker?

it depends on what kind of bike...if your talking about a dirt bike you can get a silencer pipe from fmf that is much cheaper than a whole exhaust that will make it much quieter.

Which is faster the dodge tomahawk or the Suzuki Hayabusa?

The Dodge Tomahawk, ofcourse. Sources say it can hit a staggering400 mph, which is twice more than the Hayabusa that can hit a 200mph on road. But the Hayabusa is more practical. The Tomahawk isjust probably Hulk on wheels. The Tomahawk weighs 1500 LBS, theHayabusa weighs 500 LBS. The Tomahawk makes (MORE)

How can you swap a suzuki hayabusa engine into a classic mini cooper?

it can be done, but is very expensive, i.e= custom motor mounts, ecu, tranny, drive axle, you could transfer all your gauges from a busa bike. i would contact someone via internet that has done a kit car. it would be cheaper to go to your local junk yard with busa size specs and find a body you like (MORE)

How do you change the battery on a suzuki hayabusa?

First, remove the seat by taking out the two Allen head bolts on both sides at the back of the seat holding the seat on. Set the seat to the side and you will see the battery. Take off the positive (red) terminal first and put it where it wont touch any metal, then take off the negative (black). Mak (MORE)

Does Suzuki make kawasaki engines?

NO. In 2001 Suzuki and Kawasaki entered into an alliance that allowed the two companies to share models and resources. If I understood it correctly, the 250f's were the same, some mini's, the dual sport bikes and the quads.\n. \nHowever, that has changed with the 2006 model year. Both companies a (MORE)

What is faster a kawasaki zx1400r or hayabusa 1300r?

I have both. Stock for stock zx14 has the edge at the top end. Whats faster and whats quicker are to different things. MOD for MOD zx14. However the Busa is no punk. Busa is better from 2-4 gear. after that the ZX14 just keeps pulling a head by a little bit, not much though. I have run this test (MORE)

How fast is a kawasaki ninja zx 6r?

I have not took my zx6 to extreme yet but i took it up to 160 and lost my helmet LOL but it was still willing to have more throttle power and also felt like it was capable of getting to the 220 mark.

Where was Suzuki Hayabusa made?

well i built two in my backyard shed. from a frame up.so i know where mine was built.who built yours ? build your own Busa .

Is a thinner bike quicker then a wider bike?

Maybe a thinner bike is quicker , as the biker who ride it can reudce the air force and they can rise it with a very fast speed on the road . I am pretty sure , it is a very good idea for the inverntor to inven the thinner bike for us .

What is the best bike out of Honda ktm kawasaki suzuki Yamaha?

Depends what size and year you are looking at. I'm a huge KTM fan as they have incredible bikes in my opinion. Kawasaki's are great too, but if you're looking for a 250-450 for a decent price while still good quality go Suzuki RMZ250/450. They have been rated best stock bike in shootouts for a few y (MORE)

Where can a Suzuki Hayabusa be purchased?

A Suzuki Hayabusa, depending on the generation that you would like to obtain can be purchased from either a Suzuki retailer or it must be purchased second hand.The first generation bikes were made up until 2007, therefore these bikes must be purchased from another owner, so an online site or bike sa (MORE)

Where can one find images of a Kawasaki ZX?

Images of a Kawasaki ZX can be found on sites such as Topspeed or Motorcycle-us. Google images can also be used when searching the term, a popular motorcycle magazine may also contain the images.

Where can a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle be purchased?

There are many different places where you can buy a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. You can buy one straight from a Suzuki motorcycle dealership or you can attempt to find one online. You can go to Suzuki's website and buy one from there or you could look on a local used vehicle website to try to find o (MORE)