Where do you add power steering fluid on a 1991 VW Jetta?

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In the power steering pump
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How do you add transmission fluid in a 2000 VW Jetta and where is it located?

For an AT, here are most of the main steps: You can do it yourself but will need to have a few tools, and will need to raise the car "evenly", so both front and back are raise

Where do you add power steering fluid on 99 jetta?

While parked on a level surface, and th engine is cold , locate thepower-steering reservoir. The reservoir is connected to the powersteering pump and is clearly labeled. Add a

Where do I add power steering fluid 2004 Jetta 1.8T?

in the reservoir on the left side of the engine bay between the coolant tank and the washer fluid tank - it is a black tank with an yellow or orange top - use a large flat hea