What was the last year Chevy Cavaliers were made?

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Chevrolet Cavaliers were last made in 2005 where the new Chevrolet Cobalt took its place
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In what year was the last Chevy El Camino made?

Answer . \nAfter 1984, GM shifted El Camino production to Mexico for three more years. Production ceased after the 1987 model year, as sales of the Chevrolet S-10 true pic

Last year Chevy made a 350 in the gmc sierra?

Chevrolet still makes the 350 small block and will for the forceable future. Production ceased in 2002 for USA production only; still manufactured in Mexico for GM's Goodwrenc
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What years are Chevy Cavalier transmissions compatible?

That would require an estimated 30,000 word answer. I recommend you call your local pick and pull wrecker and ask them what will fit your car, they are friendly and have a gre