What to put on a car sales receipt?

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Vital details are:
  • full name and address of seller
  • car make, model and trim
  • registration number plate and chassis number (VIN)
  • date of sale
  • condition of sale i.e. sold as seen, valid warranty, no outstanding finance etc
  • details of money exchanged
  • finally signatures of parties concerned

Both seller and buyer should keep a copy of the receipt for their records.
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How would you word a receipt form for selling a used car As Is?

Vehicle is sold as is, as shown, with all defects. No warranty is expressed or implied. Then no warranty will be declared, and in the condition box(if there is but there should be), there should be written "with defects" or "used car", normally it doesn't matter or not important to place it in the (MORE)

You buy a car from a private person in New Jersey and he puts a reduced sales price on the title does the motor vehicle office honor that price for sales tax purposes?

Answer . If the declared sales price differs significantly from the blue book value then you might receive a letter from the NJMVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, formerly DMV) asking you to pay sales tax on the the difference. . You can easily dispute this by responding with supporting d (MORE)

What should you do before putting up your car for sale eg fix dents scratches etc to get more value for the car?

Answer . \nClean the car inside and out until it is spotless. Also clean the engine compartment, under the hood, door jams, upholstery, carpet, etc. Don't forget the trunk area. Use touch-up paint to fix minor chips and scratches. Throughly polish & wax the entire car. Make sure the windows are s (MORE)

Can you now put a lien on the title for nonpayment and repossess the car if you have the bill of sale and promissory note signed by the buyer?

I can answer the question I asked. The answer is NO. For the State of Arkansas I was told by the Dept of Finance that I should have done it when I sold the car. My tough luck, my being nice to the buyer. The buyer is a leach on society. Answer Even though you didn't place a lien on the title when (MORE)

How do you write the receipt when you sell your own car?

Answer . \nAll that is required in most states is all pertinent information be contained in the bill of sale. Which basically would be, the name of the seller, the name of the buyer, the date the sale was made, the amount the vehicle was sold for. A few states require that a vehicle bill of sale (MORE)

Where can i sale my car?

Autotrader.com Local newspaper Maltors.com New Maltese Used Vehicle Classified Ads. Used cars for sale in Malta.

What is receipt?

The Receipt Means The person or person's Who received Some thing from Giver The person who received or what is received is called receipt

What where Missouri sales tax receipt coins used for?

the coins called mills originally made of zink during the second warld war this metal became scarce so the last ones minted were plastic, they came in denominations of 1 5 10 , if the sales tax was 1 % then you needed 10 mills for a dollar. and one mill for each 10 cents over that, when they were ab (MORE)

What is the difference between gross sales and gross receipts as far as an audit is concerned?

\nGROSS RECEIPTS is the total amount received prior to the deduction of any allowances, discounts, credits, etc.\n. \nGROSS REVENUE is income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time. \n. \nGROSS SALES is the total revenue at invoice value prior to any dis (MORE)

Cars sold as is in Mass I want to know if I put as is on the bill of sale that I wont have to refund if something goes wrong?

Maybe, maybe not. The car must be serviceable. You must tell the buyer of anything you know to be wrong with the car. Do that, and have the buyer sign an agreement that they are buying the car "As Is with no Warranty either written or Verbal" and you should be OK. Of course they could still sue you (MORE)

How do you write an acknowledgement receipt of a money from the sales of a land?

An acknowledgement receipt of money for the sale of land should bemore formal than a hand written letter. To word it correctly startout by saying, 'Sold to (the person's name)'. Then describe whatwas sold and put the amount of money received and the date. Alsolist any other terms of the contract inc (MORE)

Sample of down payment receipt for car purchase?

"Received $------- as deposit toward purchase of (vehicle description) balance due upon delivery of said vehicle. (For your protection) Above described vehicle sold "AS IS AS Shown" with no warranty expressed or implied except that of clear title.

How do you write a receipt for the sale of a motorcycle as part exchange for another plus some cash?

Write the receipt just the way you made the deal. State the value of the motorcycle, establish the value of the exchange, state the balance paid in cash so that together the exchange and cash add up to the price of the motorcycle. Be sure to include vin numbers of other documentation identifying the (MORE)

What cars are on sale?

It's hard to be specific, because Companies have branches. and each branches have their own plans to of choosing cars to be on sale. A good way to find which one are on sales is visit the used and new car sales websites and magazines in your country. In Australia a good one is the Auto Buyer's Gui (MORE)

How do you put a foopet on sale?

First you go to your profile, then click on your pet's name. It will bring up its desrciption and there are three options written in blue. They are, Edit Pet Description, Transfer or Sell Pet, and Board Pet. Click on Transfer or Sell pet and your all set! Hope this helps!

How do you sale a car?

There are many resources out there for getting the word out that you have a vehicle for sale. There are many websites out there (craigslist, kijiji etc.) that give you the ability to post your vehicle online for free, but be aware of the amounts of spam email you will receive. I posted a vehicle (MORE)

What do you put in a garage sale?

Well I had a garage sale not that long ago and I put some house hold objects like fornture but make sure you say you are having that in there or thaey might not come for that alsoyou mainly put stuff laying aroung the house that you no longer want .. !!!!!

When the seller knowingly lies about the condition of a car are they protected by putting -- As Is -- on the bill of sale?

Generally they don't even have to do that much. While they are not supposed to intentionally mislead, they are all as-is unless there is a mutually agreed warranty on certain components. They can't misdescribe-for example year, engine type as that is actionable, but as far as condition, it's up to t (MORE)

Is a bill of sale the same as a receipt?

A bill of sale provides evidence of the legal transfer of ownership of goods, while a receipt may be issued for the transfer of money for purchased, leased or rented goods.

What does CAR CLS CH stand for on a rental car receipt?

It may stand for "Car Class Change", which could refer to a downgrade or upgrade in the car class type. There can be a number of reasons for this. If your reservation originally stated a particular car class (such as "standard") and at the time of rental, you choose a car in a different class (su (MORE)

Can one get a tax receipt for used car donations?

Yes, you can get a tax receipt for used car donations. You will need to request and receive a tax receipt with the charity's name and federal tax number, date of donation and model of car and details.

How do you find out amount car was auctioned for on title loan vehicle that was repod and auctioned Title company never sent receipts for sale of vehicle or title loan How do i go about getting this?

You failed to payback the loan thus the title company became theowner of the car. You have no rights to information regarding a carthat's not yours. I can guess that you believe any addition amountthe title company got for the car over what you owed them should beyours. This is not true either becau (MORE)

What is a Sales Receipt?

You use a sales receipt when: You receive full payment at the timeof sale (or by the time you enter the transaction into Quickbooks)The customer paid using only one payment method (ex: only used adebit card or only used a credit card).