What the price of replacing a Power Antenna on a 1998 Maxima?

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dealer ship price is expensive, you can consider an aftermarket that is considerably less expensive, install yourself or have local auto shop install for you.
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How do you replace a power antenna on a 2000 Pathfinder?

I replaced my 95. I pulled the front right wheel and inner wheel well (plastic). It is above that on a small bracket. You'll need to remove the special nut on top to lower the ant down. I used (carefully) a pair of vice grips....No problem job.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1998 Nissan Maxima V6 3000?

I have had to do this twice, and the easiest way is to go from underneath. Start by removing the Air conditioning unit. Don't unscrew the Top hose on the A/C compressor unit unless you drained the fluid out (I did this and had quite a show). You can usually push the A/C Unit to the side after you remove the four long bolts and work on the Alternator, that way it is much much easier. The mounting bolt is the trickiest part, especially the flat one that goes on the top. (Once I sat out in the yard pushing the alternator upward thinking it needed to mount on the upper portion of the engine, then I noticed the grooves in the mounting bolt hard a sharp edge etched into it.) That's when I discovered a kind of indented part of the engine block next to the alternator (it had the sharp edge (a sharp corner) ). After that it was a lot easier to figure out that annoying Bracket or whatever you want to call it. The Last mounting bolt for the alternator is behind the AC Unit you have to move it out of the way, or you will never be able to remove the alternator. After all the bolts have been removed, it is easier to remove the alternator from the top. Someone needs to push the AC Unit up and towards the engine. ANSWER Get the car up on jack stands supported on the control arm pivots. Remove the front air intake. Remove the cooling fan. Remove the horn. Remove the splash guard in the right side wheel well. Remove the right side front splash guard. Take off the serpentine belt. Remove the tensioner pulley. Dismount the A/C compressor but do not open the hose connections on it. Hang the A/C compressor by a Coat hangar wire so it's away from the alternator. Take out the two bolts on the top of the alternator top bracket. Remove the alternator pivot bolt. Take the alternator out from the top. Put in the new alternator and get it all back in place and TIGHT.

How do you replace the power antenna motor on a 1998 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

'98 Taurus Power Antenna Motor On my '98 Taurus SE, the antenna motor is near the rear fender on the driver's side. Remove the trunk liner and you find all sorts of things. I think the motor is or is inside the black box between a brace and the quarter panel. It is also possible to find a replacement mast . I found a source on eBay and paid about $15 for just the mast / nylon drive part. In my case, the repair did require the antenna be opened up (2 mounting bolts, and 4 small cover screws), but many times the mast can be repaired just from the outside. Try a search on "Taurus antenna mast repair" - that should get you started. take it to the ford dealership u can disconeect power from antenna at the back of the radio. the electric motor has a stripped gear on it. a replacement is not expensive, but you can remove antenna assembly and replace with a normal antenna in the same place

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Open the hood and find the electrical lead into the headlamp: that plugs directly into the bulb, which is screwed into the headlamp. You just need to remove the plastic shield over the back of the headlamp to gain access, unplug the electrical lead, and unscrew the bulb. Replace the bulb, reattach the lead, and reinstall the shield. A 10-minute job!

How do you fix or replace a power antenna for a 2002 Toyota 4Runner?

You might want to look at a splash guard removal first and then go from there. I know that on a 1997 4Runner you have to remove splash guard and other items just to get to the motor. I know that on the 1997 it does not go straight down. It goes down then makes a hard bend to the middle of the vehicle in the firewall. There is no access from the inside of the vehicle. Here is a link with a step by step how to http://www.carstereohelp.com/stereoremovalToy4Runr2PwrAnt.htm

How do you remove a power antenna from a 1998 Buick Riviera?

If the antenna is stuck up, push it down as far as you can. Then pull back the carpet panel inside the trunk. Take off the wiring plug. You will need a flat screwdriver to push the tabs in on the connector to unplug it. Unbolt and unscrew the unit off of the bracket. Once it is loose, you can pull it through the rubber grommet on the car. If the antenna is too long to be able to pull the unit through into the trunk, just cut the antenna off. Your replacing it anyway. Good luck!

How do you remove the power antenna on a Hyundai accent 1998?

Answer . 1998 MY (model year) Accent vehicle do not have a power antenna. Antenna mast should simply unscrew from mount. . Step 1 . Activate the antenna switch to the up position.(turn on radio) Step 2. Using the wrench or needle-nose pliers, loosen and remove the original retaining nut on the base of the antenna mast. Step 3. Gain access to the underside of the area where the antenna is located. Step 4. Remove the bracket or brace that is below the hole and holding the antenna in place. Step 5. Remove the mast. Step 6. Find the motor that controls the antenna mast. Generally, power antennas will have a constant 12-volt lead and a ground lead. The ground lead will be grounded to the panel next to the motor. Step 7. Remove the ground lead from the panel. Step 8. Pull out the antenna coaxial cable. Step 9. Unplug the coaxial from the extension coaxial cable. Step 10. Remove the original antenna coaxial cable. Note the route the cable follows. . Hope it helps

How do you repair or replace the power antenna on a 1998 Toyota 4Runner?

If the antenna does not motor in and out, it can be the antenna mast OR the motor assembly. Usually you can hear the motor moving and if so, it may be ok. It is probably a broken or worn out or badly installed antenna cable. The antenna mast has a nylon sprocket cable that winds in the motor assembly and that sometimes break or wears out so you need to replace the integrated antenna mast-nylon cable assembly. To replace the antenna mast or to reinstall the mast, you must first remove the nut on top of the antenna by using needle nose pliers. Turn the radio on while pulling on the antenna, it should come off easily and the nylon cable protrudes at the bottom, pull on it and you should see about 1-2 feet of cable. If the cable is ok and not broken or worn out, perhaps it was badly installed (or it is actually broken and a piece of it is in the motor spool). The sprockets need to point in a particular direction (try front or side) to work properly. Reinstall and check for proper operation. To reinstall, turn the radio off and feed into the hole while the motor is winding, it should be caught and reeled right in. If problems continue, you need to replace the mast or perhaps the nylon cable is broken inside the spool in the motor assembly The mast is relatively cheap online and can be installed as described above. To get to the motor assembly you need to access it from the fender. Remove the cover of the wheel well (that prevents mud/water from entering the engine compartment) and the motor assembly will be accessible. Remove one screw to drop the assembly. If you need to change the assembly, this is it. If you are to change the antenna mast and there is some broken cable inside, continue by removing the plastic cover to uncover the assembly. There is a black plastic cover on top that you must then remove to access the wheel that winds the antenna nylon cable. Now you can remove the broken cable. http://www.antennamastsrus.com/Instructions%20Mast.htm

How do you replace the power antenna on a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Ltd?

Answer . I am also trying to change my antenna on a Montero Limited 02 and found a antenna on EBAY but you have to replace everything. \n. \nBUT a Better Idea is the one I found on WWW.CARSTEREOHELP.COM On this site, they say it is possible to change out the antenna whip only. This is the weekend, but I plan to pursue this option on Monday. I'll use my $30.00 antenna on some other car!\n. \nGeo. Answer . \nHere is the link: http://www.carstereohelp.org/stereoremoval/MitsubishiMontero1PwrAnt.htm

How do you place the power antenna mast on a 1995 Nissan Maxima?

well the slotted retainer nut needs to be removed.Then have someone turn the radio on in the car, when the motor start to eject the antenna upward gentlly pull on it helping it gentlly pull til it comes all the way out. with the new antenna take the plastic slotted part and face it the way the old one came out, (facing forward of the car) push it in gentlly til it stops.Then have that same person turn the radio off. the motor will now pull the cord and antenna inwhen its all the way in screw back the slotted retainer nut. Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon

How do you replace antenna on 1998 Montero Sport?

If you just want to replace a broken mast, you just need to get a new antenna mast core from the dealership. The replacement is easily done by unscrewing the lock ring around the antenna on the top of the fender and pulling out the core. You may have to turn on the radio to extend the plastic feeder tread out from the antenna. Then put the new antenna core back in, turn off the radio to wind-up the geared tread, and attach the lock ring. If you want to replace the whole antenna assembly, then it gets complicated. The antenna assembly can be accessed easily enough by going up through the right front wheel well. You have to remove the wheel and the skirt under the wheel well to get to it. The antenna is removed by detaching a bracket that is secured to the inside body (one or two bolts are easy to remove) and the lock ring on top of the antenna. The problem is that the antenna cable is part of the antenna and you have to remove the radio and parts of the dash around the glove box in order to install a new one. Also be careful with third-party antennas because they may not fit the bracket. There must be an easier solution, but I haven't found one yet.

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1993 Honda Accord?

\n. \n Power Antenna \n. \nThere are two panels in the trunk that must be removed to gain access to the power antenna. The first is on the driver's side. It covers the rear taillight electrical plugs. After this one is removed, the large panel on the driver's side of the trunk needs to be removed. This is a bit of a wrestling match, and you will have to bend/manipulate the shape of this panel a bit when removing it, but it does come out.\n. \nWith these removed, you can see where the antenna and motor is mounted to a small bracket, including the two connections to it- 1) Antenna cable, 2) Power lead for antenna motor.\n. \nOnce this bracket is removed, there is an additional nut which secures the antenna to the actual body of the car. Remove this nut, and you should now be able to slide the antenna out. When I replace them, I generally push the antenna assembly up, and lift it out of the rear fender while standing outside, instead of trying to remove it from within the trunk.\n. \nYou can save a considerable amount of money by replacing this antenna with a manually adjustable antenna from a place like NAPA, PEP Boys, etc. The motorized antennas on these Accords were notorious for giving trouble. If you decide to go with a manual antenna, remember to put it down when you go through an automatic car wash!!

How do you replace the power antenna mast on a 95 Avalon XLS?

Find one over internet years ago and did the replacement with success, that means not a hard job. Mast base on trunk is easy to remove. Be sure to open the box, in the trunk, where plastic strip is stored, to dump broken strip and place the replacement. Trim the replacement strip gradually to the proper length by turn radio on and off and measure how it works.

How do you replace the power antenna assembly on a 1993 Seville?

pull trim back on right side of trunk unplg two connectors from ant assy 1 coax and 1 three wire connecter from relay unbolt ground cable get 94!! ant kit from dealer with adaptor connector un bolt two bolts holding ant to bracket pull ant down hars leave your old grommet in fender top and shove new ant into it grab bracket stock from kit align with bottom of ant assy and flange of wheel well just forwad of ant assy drill hole in flange and bolt bracket stock to flange. take two pair of pliers and twist bracket stock toalign a hole two one of the outer hole on bottum of ant assy. install 8mm head bolt through bracket into ant. mount hole and tighten connect three wire connector in to relay use the adapter cable to ant coax and plug into ant assy.

How do you replace a starter on 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Disconnect the negative battery cable . Remove the air intake duct and the air cleaner housing assembly from the engine compartment . Disconnect the battery cable and the solenoid terminal connection from the starter solenoid . Remove the starter motor mounting bolts and detach the starter from the engine

How do you replace a broken power antenna on a 1999 Infiniti I30?

Answer . \n1. Remove the cover that holds the antenna.This is located outside the antenna.No need to go inside your trunk. There will be two little holes on top of the cover plate.(I am sure there is an special tool that Infintany would like you to buy). I used Spark plug pliers.Because they are rubber coated.You really want a tool that protects you paint.\n. \n2. Remove the antenna.\n. \nInstallation.\n. \n3. slide the base and the cover over the antenna.\n. \n4.Have someone in the car.Turn the radio on.So the the motor full extends the anteena.\nDo not screw the base down at this time.\n. \n5.Put the gear into the motor.Have the person in the car turn off the radio.This will bring the gear into the motor.NOTE. You may have to do this a couple of times so that the gears catch.\n. \n6. Once the antenna is fully stowed..Srew the base down.\n. \n7.Turn the radio back on.If you see that the antenna does not fully extend. Just pull it up by hand.\n. \nI recomend that you buy the 4 inch antenna.It just looks better.It cost a little more.

How do you replace the power antenna on Mercury Villager?

Answer . I have replaced a non-powered antenna on a 1997 Mercury Villager - I assume they are the same. 1) Jack up the front passenger size of the car. 2) Remove the tire. 3) You can now remove the wheel-well. There are a set or screws around the wheel, and there are blind expansion pins on the inside. To remove the blind expansion pins push the inner pin through then pry the outer hold-down head off. 4) After removing the wheel-well you will see (or feel) the antenna assembly. There is one bolt that you can now reach that holds the unit in at the bottom. At the top the unit is held to the fender with a large ring that can be unscrewed. I never figured out how to remove the antenna wire that ran to the antenna, so I stripped the wire and spliced in the wire to the new antenna. Reverse procedure to re-assemble.

Can a mast power antenna be replaced with a regular antenna on a 2004 Toyota Celica?

Answer . \nWhy yes!\n. \nYou can reach into the trunk (if it's in the trunk as usual) and unplug the antenna cable (pull it off) it may take a little tugging. It is the cable that plugs onto the side of the motor pack. \nThen unbolt the hanger strap nut (a 10 mm nut). Push the threaded part back out of the hole to release the assembly from the frame. \n. \nNext take a pair of needle nose pliers and wrap your hand around the pointed ends of the pliers to hold them in the notches of the antenna hold down ring on outside of car. There is a special tool (SST) for this, but I have never seen one. You must do this VERY CAREFULLY or risk slipping out of the notches and scratching the crap out of your paint! I have found using one hand to squeeze the plier ends allows control of where it goes. \n. \nOnce the ring is loosened, remove it by unscrewing it from the assembly by hand. You should be able to pull the plastic part off and the rubber body seal gasket. Unplug the electronics by pushing in the white plastic tab on connector and pull it apart. Push hard on tab and once again, wiggle/pull to separate connector. You will likely have drain hoses to remove from the unit and push onto new unit.\n. \nYou should be able to buy a fixed antenna mast with a plug in for the antenna lead from Toyota or an aftermarket store. and simple attach it like the old one minus electronics connector. On the older ST models, there was no motorized antenna.\n. \nQUESTION: Why not replace antenna as is? Cost? -If mast is damaged, (bent over) you can (VERY CAREFULLY)cut the mast off around the lowest point with a small hacksaw or Dremel tool with a reinforced carbide disk, BEING CAREFUL to cut only through the surface of metal, as the antenna extend/retract cable is on the inside of the tube. \n. \n(There is a retainer that is pushed down in the assembly to keep the antenna from pushing out of the hole. Remove this with your pliers by using just enough pressure to grab it and pull it out.) \n. \nOnce the mast is cut off, you can get to the end nuts of the mast and lead and using two needle nose pliers (they are tiny nuts) unscrew them. Then all you need is a new mast to screw on to the lead end, and you have someone turn on and back off on the radio to make the motor pull the lead in while you help guide it by hand. I do this by myself, but you must be quick. Then, just push the retaining piece back into the hole and screw in the retainer ring and tighten with pliers carefully.\n. \nThe last time I priced the mast it came separate for about $27. Yours may come with the lead attached and the winding "bell" and be higher. \n. \nIf the lead is broken, you will hear the motor trying do it's job...with no joy.\nYou have to replace the lead. But that is good. At least it is fixable. \n. \nThat requires opening up the antenna unit cover to install the new lead which is attached to the "bell (which is attached with four screws to the inner gear hub). \n. \nYOU MUST KNOW that the antenna is "EXTENDED" if you do this!!!! Turn radio on before beginning work, listen for motor to cycle, then PULL APART ELECTRONICS CONNECTOR! That way, when the car is turned off, the radio doesn't tell the motor to retract the antenna again.\nIF YOU FAIL TO DO THIS, OR TRY TO WIND THE LEAD INTO THE BELL WHEN REPLACING IT, YOU WILL SHEAR THE GEARS (plastic parts) AND WILL HAVE TO BUY A NEW UNIT! No parts available.\nThe reason? The lead will either be fully extended and the motor will try to keep extending it, jamming the gears....or if you wind the lead up when assembled, the motor will try to retract...and jam the gears because you already rewound the lead. \nThe motor is powerful enough to rip the gears apart and will!\n. \nI know this sounds complicated, but go slow and have a well-lit table indoors to take apart the assembly. Carefully note what position every part and nut is in when you open up the unit. ALL PARTS MUST REMAIN IN EXACT position! \nWhen you undo the four screws to remove the "bell" hold down the plastic center part while removing the "bell" so it stays engaged with the other gears. Also look to see the marks on the hub and where the "bell" fits on it. You will notice there are crimped spots where the lead attaches. Where are they when the original bell is attached to the hub?\nRemember this!\n. \nIf you look hard at everything, you can do this, but take it slow and study it!\nI broke a few until I learned how to do this. The Toyota dealer could repair it too. But check the cost, because a new unit may not be much higher and you can bolt it in yourself. -Or go to a junkyard and get a good unit for 1/3 the price and do the same.\nHope this helps!

How do you replace antenna on 1998 Honda Civic?

Honda Civic Car Stereo Antenna Removal and Installation . Car Stereo Repair Home | Car Stereo Removal | BOSE repair | FAQ | Shipping | Top 10 | About Us . Broken antenna mast !. 1) Remove two screws securing antenna mast base to roof.. 1) See car stereo removal instructions for removal of left dash panel. 2) Disconnect antenna lead, located at edge of side panel by fuse block. This saves removing the entire stereo. 3) Pull antenna cable free back to opening behind fuse block and trace up to opening. (Remember this spot!) 1) Pull old antenna and cable from top of car roof. Cut antenna lead and tape new lead to end. 2) Feed new antenna mast into opening while pulling old antenna cable from inside car, (reach back behind fuse block for antenna cable and pull through opening and back to connector.) 3) Push antenna mast completely to car body and tighten two screws. 4) Be sure to lower antenna next time through car wash.

How do you replace the power steering hose in a 2002 maxima?

Just unscrew both sides of the hose you are replacing. Compare it to your new hose, check if the new hose came with the proper O-rings if not reuse the old ones. Once you have tightened up both ends of the hose if is a good idea to use a floor jack to lift the front of the car just enough to raise the tires off the ground. Take the cap off of the power steering pump. Turn the steering wheel to the left and right until you do not see any more bubbles come up (add more fluid as needed). Once you confirm you dont see anymore bubbles put the cap back on, lower the car and start the vehicle, turn the wheel a few more times, it may or may not be making the squeeling noise this is normal once you drive it around for a day or so the noise should stop. If you are talking about the high pressure power steering hose on the maxima 2002 some of the above will not be helpful. I suggest going to. http://forums.maxima.org/showthread.php?p=7590103#post7590103 or you might find the following helpful, too. . Today, 11:09 PM . 65 . rchap417. Newbie - Just Registered. Join Date: Jun 2010 iTrader: ( 0 ) Posts: 1 . Replace high pressure power steering hose 2002 Maxima SE . My SE has 98k. Suggest reading most posts, esp. ones with pictures, esp. latest 2010 ones. Taking off about an hour once you locate hose and bolts (see pictures in forum) and putting on about 1.5. because of difficulty getting banjo lined up and reconnecting center bracket plate and screw.(I used tie wraps- works perfectly). Attached upper bracket loosely then, let hose drop down, attached banjo then center, then tightened top. I used 10mm open ended wrench for flange nut, 10mm socket wrench for 2 bolts on upper connection, 1 bolt screw on middle connection, 24mm socket with long handle for banjo, bottom connection. Used turkey baster to which I attached long straw with clear box tape to drain reservoir and quart plastic milk container for old fluid. Also used alum baking pan for oil drain pan below banjo nut. Of course plenty of paper towels for excess oil on hose. Emptied reservoir first using improvised turkey baster. Disconnected top flange first, other 2 holding bolts at top, pulled out sensor plug, pulled back and after cleaning upper hose under insulation( leaking fluid) ,disconnected center screw(center bracket) and then went for the banjo nut after jacking car up with Nissan jack and using standard jack stand on right side. Once removed tire able to reach banjo behind wheel well with 24mm socket and long handle. Be sure to place oil pan under the banjo nut. Your hands will get dirty and fluid will leak after you place hose on ground.(use paper or something else under hose). Once disconnected took my hose to Pirtek , a national firm that repairs hydraulic hoses. They can do if metal ends are not damaged. Their website is http://www.pirtekusa.com/. If in Southern Cali and near Commerce can talk to Mgr. Ramiro Galvez. Cost about 48 bucks and repaired in about 30 minutes in-house. Cannot do from mobile truck. Very clean shop with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Say they do all the time because of cost or replacement hoses(see forum). Hose is better than original because braided on outside and steel braided on inside. I suspect other nationwide shops are the same. Very pleased with work and cost. Putting back on by loosely attaching upper bracket bolts then drooping hose in position, lining up lower banjo bolt and screwing in(hard), then loosening upper bracket bolts, folding back top part of hose then connecting center bracket screw(I used tie wraps), then reconnecting upper bracket bolts, flange nut and sensor plug. Fill reservoir to cold max, turn car on and turn wheel from stop to stop slowly several times and check reservoir. B sure to fill to cold max. Be sure to check for leaks esp. at banjo before replacing tire and lowering car. Heard some noise(air in system) Local master mechanic sez takes about 500 miles to work out whenever change pump or hose. Good Luck and try to repair if you can. U'll save bucks..

How do you Replace a starter motor on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Answer . Remove the hose to the air filter and air filter assembly, you will be able to see the starter. Two bolts hold in place.. Answer . Remove the hose to the air filter and air filter assembly, you will be able to see the starter. Two bolts hold in place.

How to replace a radio in a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Fallow the steps: 1. Buy a headunit and make sure you have a compatible wiring harness. 2. Remove the center stack 2.a just pull up gently on the plastic around the shift boot and it will come off, this will grant you access to the lower bolts. Look forward and you will see 2 bolts (one on each side of the center stack) these are the bottom mounting bolts for the whole center stack. 2.b the top bolts are a lot harder to reach. The air vent on top of the center stack pops out to reveal the top bolts. The clips are plastic and very stiff. This part sucks a lot. You just have to wedge in something made of thin sturdy plastic and pop the top grate out. 3. After that simply unbolt the top screws remove the panel, 4. remove the head unit, put in the new head unit 5. reverse your steps and that's that.

How do you replace the power antenna on a Mitsubishi Diamante?

(1997-2003 models) If you pull back the carpet on the drivers side of the trunk you will see a bracket. The bracket mounts the emergency fuel pump cut off and a fuel pump relay (i believe). Upon removal of the bracket (2 Phillips screws and a 11mm bolt) the Power Antenna assembly is exposed. After unscrewing the mast nut (on the exterior of the car) and removing two 11mm nuts you can unplug and disconnect the Power Antenna assembly. Installation is reverse of removal.

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000gt?

To access the power antenna you have to remove the storage container next the spare tire. then remove the screws holding the plastic piece in place. Pry back the plastic trim and you will see the antenna behind it. On the outside there is a cross shaped piece holding the antenna in place. find something such as pliers to unscrew it (counter-clockwise). the antenna will fall out as a complete unit.

How do you replace the power antenna on a 1999 subaru legacy sedan?

Hi fellow Legacy owner. I'm in the midst of replacing that antenna. Found lots of replacement ones for sale on eBay. I probably only need the mast as my motor still works, but I've not yet found mast only for sale (found your query instead). yikes, what a lot of stuff I've had to take apart to get to the old motor. I could almost access it from the car jack panel, but the foolish retaining screws are behind the trim panel, and taking that out means taking lots of parts out of the back area. (popping those cheesy retaining screws. Anyway, I got the old one out, and hope I can reassemble. Not much of an answer, I know. Just fair warning, it's a nuisance. best

How to replace the mast of 2001 Mitsubishi montero power antenna?

i broke mine 3 times remove the little ring around the mast should have 4 slots then turn on the radio and it will pop out. to put back have some one help you take new mast with plastic gear and insert then turn radio off it will pull right back into place.. should take no longer than 3 min good luck dealer told me it was a 3 hour deal the local dealer charges 97.00 HR

How do you replace an egr valve on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?

Remove the air intake duct from the throttle body and air filter housing . Detach the vacuum line from the EGR valve.Disconnect the EGR pipe nut . Remove the EGR valve mounting fasteners . Remove the EGR valve and gasket from the manifold.Discard the gasket . With a wire wheel buff the exhaust deposits from the EGR valve mounting surface on the manifold

Replace power steering pump on 1998 maxima?

Disconnect the negative battery cable . Loosen the tensioner and remove the drivebelt . Using a large syringe or suction gun suck as much fluid out of the power steering fluid reservoir as possible.Place a drain pan under the vehicle to catch any fluid that spills out when the hoses are disconnected . Loosen the right front wheel lug nuts,raise the front of the car and support it securely on jackstands and remove the wheel . Working under the car remove the pressure line to pump banjo bolt then detach the line from the pump.Remove and discard the copper sealing washers.They must be replaced when installing the pump.Wrap a plastic bag around the end of the hose to prevent fluid spillage . Loosen the clamp and disconnect the fluid return hose from the pump and plug the hose . Detach the right tie-rod end from the steering knuckle arm and swing the tie-rod to the rear out of the way . Remove the pump mounting bolts then guide the pump out through the fenderwell

How do you replace an antenna in a 1998 Honda civic?

Remove the lower dash panel under the steering wheel. Open the glove box, push in on the sides to release the stops, and let it open all the way to the floor. Remove the four screws holding on the center lower dash panel, unhook the 12v socket and remove the panel. Look up into the bottom of the radio assembly, there are four 8mm screws holding the radio assembly into the dash. They are gold in color. Remove these screws and slide the entire assembly forward out of the dash. Disconnect all plugs from the stereo, climate control, and hazard light switch. The large black wire you disconnected from stereo is the antenna lead. Tie a long string around this wire. On the drivers A pillar, remove the two torx screws holding the antenna to the body. Pull the antenna until all the wiring comes out, including your string. Tie the lead of the new antenna to the string. Pull the string from inside the car to fish the new lead tho the proper place in the dash. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Replace the power antenna on your 1994 sable wagon?

the power antenna is located on right front. I jacked my car, and removed the right front wheel. Then there are some small screws which are keep the inner fender plastic. unscrew them. You can reach with your hand the power antenna. Unplug the power wire, and the antenna wire, and unscrew those small (8mm) screws which are holding the antenna in its bracket.