What is the standard size crankshaft for a 2000 polaris trailboss 325?

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Connecting rod big end side clearance Std .0039-.0256″ (.1-.65 mm) Limit .0315″ (.80 mm) Connecting rod big end radial clearance Std .0004-.0015″ (.011-.038 mm) Limit .0020″ (.05 mm)
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How do you remove pull start from polaris trailboss?

Remove all the srews holding the recoil cover in place . You might have to remove the spring for the foot brake because the screw that is behind it is long and you can bring i
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How do you remove chain on 2000 polaris trail boss 325?

The chain on a 2000 Polaris Trail Boss 325 is removed by loosening the retaining bolts and applying tension away from the sprockets. The chain can them be slipped off the spro