What is the fix for engine codes 181 186?

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CODE 181, from service manual: DTC -- HO2S Orientation -- Fault Definition 181 -- Right or Rear -- Rich limit reached. Possible Causes: -- Fuel pressure -- Fuel injector -- Air intake -- MAP sensor -- Fuel injector electrical circuit -- Fuel filter -- Vacuum -- Air filter CODE 186, from service manual: G6 VISUALLY INSPECT MAF SENSOR Continuous Memory DTC 184 indicates MAF value is higher than expected. Continuous Memory DTC 185 indicates MAF value is lower than expected. NOTE: If further description is required for the In-Range Test, refer to Quick Test Appendix, $Section 5A$. l Key off. l Check for air leaks between IAC solenoid and MAF sensor. l Inspect MAF sensor for oil contamination. -- Excessive blow-by -- PCV malfunction (refer to $Section 14A$). l Are the above checks OK? Yes GO to $G9$. No SERVICE as necessary. CLEAR Continuous Memory (REFER to Quick Test Appendix, $Section 5A$). RERUN $Quick Test$.
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