What is the difference in regulations for commercial and military aircraft parts?

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The biggest difference comes down to the prevention of failures in combat and high-performance situations. Commercial planes are required to use parts that are certified for use in mass transportation only. Military aircraft use parts that are Mil-Spec (Military Specification) since they can potentially see a lot more stress in combat and in multiple environments, and for fighters, they're exceeding g-forces and speeds that commercial planes never see during normal operation.

Military parts are also designed for longevity and environmental abuse, using tightly controlled design specs. Corrosion resistant coatings, high grade fasteners, strong alloy metals, and extreme testing, are all part of military designs.

As an example of what can happen when commercial grade hardware gets into a military vehicle, about 16 years ago there was a huge problem in the military when it was discovered that a contractor here in Maryland, Mil-Spec Fasteners, had been supplying commercial grade fasteners as Mil-Spec grade parts. Fasteners are used in everything from Helo's, Tanks, Submarines, you name it. There were multiple instances of helo rotors coming apart because of bad fasteners. One of the guys in my own group (I was working as a DoD QA Rep then) found out what they were doing and the FBI did a controlled buy. But finding them and replacing then was nightmare.
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Do US military registration numbers rch076y and rch077y indicate the same aircraft on different trips or two different aircraft thanks?

You may be confusing call signs with registration. Each aircraft has a unique number identifying it (usually based on sequence of production). Once assigned to a squadron, it can have another letter/number sequence assigned based on the command. When a military aircraft flies on an instrument flight (MORE)

When was the first military aircraft used?

I believe it was during WW1. Yes . Aeroplanes were used to observe the enemy in WW1. Then they started to try to shoot at each other and then be able to attack ground forces with machine guns & then bombs.

What is the Parts of Aircraft?

There are numerous parts on an aircraft. Each one has a specificpurpose. Turbine engines generate the thrust while the wingsgenerate lift. Other parts include the cockpit, fuselage, andslats.

How do they name military Jet aircraft?

Grumman used to have the "cat" family: The propeller driven Wildcat (WW2), Hellcat (WW2), Bearcat (WW2); Korean War Jet Panthers, Cougars; at the end of the Vietnam War came the "Tomcat.". British Bombers were named after cities. lancaster, Blenheim, Lincoln, Manchester, Stirling etc.

What military aircraft has 6 engines?

The Boeing B-47 Stratojet strategic bomber had six engines. It isno longer in service. Also, during WWII, the Germans made a poweredglider called the Me-323. In the '70s, the US made three prototypesof the XB-70 Valkrye. Besides, the Boeing B-52 also appears to have 6 engines. Actually, it has an e (MORE)

Do commercial aircraft have radar systems?

Yes. They have radars mounted in the nose that is used for viewing the weather conditions. Many of the newer "electronic cockpit" jets have CRT displays for their instrumentation and navigation. These can display weather conditions on the navigation screen. They can see their course that they have p (MORE)

What is the fastest military aircraft?

SR-71 Additional: That depends on what you class as an aircraft and being military and at what altitude. The fastest known piloted military aircraft is probably the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. If you count the Space Shuttle as a plioted aircraft and if NASA can be considered as military, then tha (MORE)

What was the first military aircraft?

The US Army bought their first aicraft from the Wright Brothers and it was called the Wright Flyer. The first aircraft casualty was an Army officer who was flying with one of the Wright brothers when he crashed.

What is a military aircraft?

Any aircraft that is used by the military; airplanes, helicopters, jets, or combinations there of. The military uses aircraft for transporting men and equipment; re-fuelling in mid-air (tankers), carrying and dropping ordnance (bombs and missiles), firing missiles and rockets, firing cannons and mac (MORE)

Does the FAA have jurisdiction over military aircraft or regulate them in any way?

The FAA regulates all aircraft when it comes to air traffic control within controlled airspace. Military aircraft always have the prerogative to declare "Due Regard" (operations will be conducted with due regard for the safety other aircraft) or "MARSA" (military assumes responsibility for separati (MORE)

How much does military aircraft cost?

It varies, and sometimes is a government secret. It depends on the aircraft. Some airplanes can fly faster than the speed of sound and fly for thousand of miles. Others can carry thousands of pounds of equipment. Planes that have to take off and land from carriers need special equipment for the miss (MORE)

What are commercial aircrafts?

Any commercialy owned aircraft by a buiseness, or airline, with a livery that is painted on all aircraft in that airlines fleet.

What is the Fastest non military aircraft?

X-43 is the fastest going Mach 9.5. However, it does not have a person inside, and it government funded (Don't know if that counts as military). The fastest plane made by a private builder is the Tupolev Tu-144 going Mach 2.35 (1,550 mph)

What are the different parts of an aircraft and how are they manufactured?

Fuselage, wings, engines, rudder, horizontal stabilizer. Aircraft are made basically the same way cars are. :D. Then again they are not. Some aircraft parts are made of high-strength steel and some parts such as landing gears are steel forgings. Some aircraft use titanium---both sheet metal and for (MORE)

Are commercial planes and military planes different?

Yes they are. Military planes are used for fighting against targets with bombs and missiles. Commercial planes are used for transporting passengers from airport to airport- continent to continent. Some commercial planes can be converted into military planes for military use and vice-versa.

Where are military aircraft made?

In some countries this is confidential but in some countries not. Military aircrafts are generally made in secret bases or airplane factories. Military transport aircraft like C-13 are made by Boeing, which is a leading manufacturer of passenger aircrafts in he world.

What happens to ex military aircrafts?

well there are a couple of things that can happen, one is they get sold and any one can buy them. the other is the get scrapped and you can see them in a junk yard

What are the military aircrafts currently in use?

There are thousands of different models but they are typically classified as: Fighter Attack Bomber Reconnaissance Passanger Trainer UAV There are variations to each. Currently, the most well-known are the F/A-18 Hornet, F-35 Lightning, Su-27 Flanker variants (like the Su-35), and (MORE)

Different of military aircraft and civil aircraft?

military aircraft are used for military purposes i.e combat, military cargo, extraction of troops and etc.. civil aircraft are ones use for commercial airlines for example. British airways and Qantas.

What is the difference between military aircraft and civil aircraft?

Military aircraft are designed to destroy the enemy's military aircraft and (sometimes) their civil aircraft. They also preform bombing tasks as well as a few non-combat tasks. Civil aircraft are mainly transports and crop sprayers that don't do much fighting. Military aircraft are designed to fulf (MORE)

How does aircraft benefit the military?

An aircraft can benefit a military by preforming reconaissance. After the enemy figured that they could do the same thing, there were two guys in the air. Later, the reconaissance planes started shooting at each other. Some guy later figured that having a plane dedicated to destroying reconaissance (MORE)

Who invented the military aircraft?

well the Wright brothers were employed by the government at one point and they helped construct aircraft designs for them. Planes weren't used very much in the military though until WW2. Prior to WW2 planes were used to observe the battle field and relay positions back to their commander. they also (MORE)

Who are the main users of military aircraft?

The Air Force of a nation usually has more aircraft than the other services combined. If the Navy has aircraft carriers, they need airplanes that can take off and land on those vessels. If the Navy does not have aircraft carriers, they usually have a few land based aircraft. Most Army's have helicop (MORE)

What are the civilian equivalents of military aircraft?

Books could be written to cover this subject. By far the best-known and most prolific example would have to be the Douglas DC-3, adopted by the USAAF as the C-47. More than 13,000 were built (total for both versions) and hundreds are still in service around the world.

What is Different of military aircraft and civil aircraft?

Military aircraft is an aircraft which has been adapted for the military uses like- Bombing, Air strikes, Combat missions, Soldiers ammunition and transportations, etc. Civil aircraft only provide transport for cargo and passengers.

Can commercial aircraft fly by remote?

No, that will probably never happen, it is unrealistic. the FAA would never allow it to happen for safety reasons. it is possible that the autopilot will once completely control the plane, but it is likely that someone will still be looking it over in the flight deck to make sure nothing goes wrong. (MORE)

What military aircraft had the most guns?

B-29 Superfortress. . Actually, the B-17G was equipped with a total of 13 .50 cal machineguns, vs the 10 .50 cal of the B-29. In addition, certain gunship modifications to the B-25, B-26, and A-26B carried up to 20 .50cal machineguns, including those in underwing pods.

What is the difference between stealth aircraft and commercial aircraft?

Stealth aircraft are made so they don't show up on radar very well, or at all. This is important if you're going out to blow something up and don't want to be seen. Commercial aircraft could not be stealth aircraft because you really need to be able to see one on radar. Air Traffic Control uses rad (MORE)

How to say military aircraft in Vietnamese?

Máy bay quấn su= Military aircraft Máy bay quấn đói= Military aircraft Máy bay chiến đấu= Fighter aircraft/fighter jets/fighter planes/combat planes/fighter airplanes.

Who has old military aircraft for sale?

You can find a wide variety of military aircraft and classicaircraft at www.aircraftdealer.com They also have many resourcesfor individuals to buy and sell aircraft. You can find any used ornew aircraft for sale at AircraftDealer. The direct link to warbirds and classic aircraft is the following: h (MORE)

How can military aircraft parts be purchased?

If you're looking for military aircraft parts, you can find them available for purchase on many different websites. Some sites that offer military aircraft parts are Military Aircraft Parts, DIMO Corporation, and Skylink.