What is the back of an SUV called?

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What is an SUV?

SUV is the widely used and known acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle. SUVs are considered light trucks and often share the same platforms of pickups. SUV is a safer vehicle beca

Can you convert a truck into an SUV by cutting the back of the cab and putting on a shell?

There's going to be more to it than that, truck frames are intended to have some flex between the cab and the bed, so you would have to add some more reinforcement there. And

Can a SUV be called a truck?

technically yes an SUV can be considered a truck because for one SUV's and trucks use the same frames such as a ford expedition and an F-150 use the same frame as does a 1500

Is it legal to add a seat belt in back of SUV?

That probably depends a bit on what country you are in, and what state or province, but in general, yes it is legal to add a seat belt in back of an SUV, as long as the proces

Why Prado 2016 is called a premium SUV?

The SUV segment in Saudi Arabia is inundated with several SUVs.However, if you have to chose a premium SUV, it is indeed ToyotaPrado 2016 car. This premium SUV is the pinnacle