What is a steam turbine?

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It is an engine.
A steam turbine is a heat engine that uses the expansion of steam passing through stationary nozzles and blades on a shaft to turn the shaft. The steam can move through the turbine axially (one end of shaft to the other end), radially (shaft to outer casing), or tangentially (around the outer edges of the turbine wheel). In an impulse turbine, the steam is expanded in nozzles and pushes the blades. In a reaction turbine the steam is expanded in the nozzles AND in the blades, the reaction of the expansion of the steam pushes away from the blades spinning the wheel in the process. The expansion of the steam is necessary to increase its velocity through the turbine.
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What does steam do to a turbine?

Answer . Steam (under pressure) comes into contact with the blades of the turbine through which it is flowing and, by the direct application of force, causes the blades to

What is a steam turbine diaphragm?

Steam Turbine Diaphragm . Steam turbine is comprising of stages, number and size of the stages depands upon the break horse power of the turbine. The stage has set of mo

What causes steam cutting in steam turbines?

When steam contains liquid droplets while doing work at hightemperatures, the water droplets can etch metal. To combat this,steam can be superheated or the pressure of the sys

What is a steam turbine jacking oil system?

at the time of turbine start up, the shaft journals are in contact with the white metal of the bearings due to the weight of the rotor. The low pressure of the lubricating oil

What is gland steam in case of steam turbine?

Gland Steam is provided to prevent air from entering the steam chest. If air enters the chest and system it reduces the vacuum in the system thereby lowering the efficiency of

How steam turbine rotate by steam?

steam turbine have a lot of cavities at it sides in which when steam enters due to so many cavity so many force and it rotates turbine

Why is gland steam required in steam turbines?

The purpose of the gland steam system is to reduce steam leakage to a minimum and to prevent air ingress. Steam leakage leads to the requirement for increased make up; this i

Steam turbine gas turbine difference?

Steam turbines are used in all of our major coal fired power stations to drive the generators or alternators, which produce electricity. The turbines themselves are driven by

What is steam turbine overspeed tester?

Over speed test will be executed to ensure that the pump will tripped due to over speed. There is an electronic tripped set point by governor valve closing when the actual spe

What is steam turbine governor valve?

In large turbines, a valve controls steam flow to groups of nozzles. The number of open valves controls the number of nozzles in use according to the load. A bar-lift or cam a

How do you make steam driven turbines?

Most of the parts are created using a combination of casting techniques and precision machining. The tolerances are extremely precise given the very high speeds involved in th

How does a steam engine differ from a steam turbine?

Technically a steam turbine is a particular type of steam engine. A classic steam engine usually refers to a reciprocating steam engine, which uses a piston and crank arrange

What is steam turbine Turbine Stress Evaluator?

The Turbine Stress Evaluator (TSE) calculates and monitors the operational heat stresses of the turbine during every operational phase. The goal is to achieve continuous optim

Does a steam turbine use steam to work?

Yes, it does. Depending on the type of turbine it is used to move the turbine blades different ways. An impulse turbine expands steam in nozzles increasing the velocity, this