What is PHONE means in monsoon sound system?

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I have no idea but...my battery recently died and now it says phone...i tryed putting in the security code but it just says PHONE....if u have figured it out PS email me wildcatz1000@hotmail.com
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How does a cell phone transmit sound?

Answer . A cell phone does not directly transmit sound. Instead it uses a microphone to convert what you are saying into electronic form. It then communicates with the cell station and sends it the electronic signals which represent your voice. The receiving person's cell phone then reassembles t (MORE)

In sound systems what does RF mean?

Answer . \nSpeakers and Sound systems must interconnect in some way to get the music to the speakers. Some systems use wires to do this others operate without wires.\n. \nTo operate without wires, these systems transmit the music over the Radio Frequency (RF) signal to the speakers which conve (MORE)

What is a monsoon?

Monsoons are seasonal winds that bring moist air from oceans andseas over land. The winds are in the reverse direction of flow fromthe non-monsoon season, and can generate copious precipitation aswell as changes in the surface currents in the sea. While farming depends upon monsoons for rainfall, di (MORE)

What is the meaning of sound?

Sound is a pressure wave in air or water at a frequency that can be captured and converted by the ear into a signal that can be perceived. Sound is anything that you can hear (if you have "normal" hearing). I may be seen as the same as noise.

How do sound systems work?

A sound system works by converting sound waves into electricalenergy. The electrical energy is then converted back into solidenergy that results in sound.

When is the monsoon?

The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June. The Monsoon comes around about the 1st June

I called my mom and instead of her phone ringing it sounded like a tape being rewound and then a breathing sound. Could someone hack into the system and play a weird joke on cell phone users?

I would not say that the system has been hacked but on mobile phones the 'Ringing' noise or tone is generated by the mobile that is being called. This can usually be changed to music or a "a tape being rewound and then a breathing sound". This is likely to have been your mothers choice but if not I (MORE)

How did sneaky sound system form?

Connie was playing the guitar to her friend at a park, when Daimon Downey and Angus McDonald came past. They asked if she wanted to be in their band, and she agreed.

How do you send sounds from your phone into your computer?

go to the sound and then send or go to the options menu and then send. then when it opens the pix message you type in your emai address and then when you get that email save the sound onto your computer. you can also save the sound from your phone onto a micro sd card and then put that into the com (MORE)

What do mean by PABX and phone systems?

PaBX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a type of phone system that connects extensions of internal telephone connections to the PSTN. This is small system that can be housed in the premises of the subscriber. Example: A small office has their own PABX that switches or transfers calls where they (MORE)

How can you fix the sound on your Verizon phone?

yeah i really don't think so... i think there just there to sell phones and that's it if your phone has a serious problem... well you either get a completely new one or move on.... i would go with getting a new one :D

Is 009 Sound System Christian?

No. Consider this verse from "With a Spirit": don't feel the thorny nights never ask for holy rites don't ya think that god has died this time Christians believe that Jesus was and is the messiah, the savior that was to come, fulfilling all prophecies against all mathematical odds, (MORE)

How do you get balanced sound on a surround sound system?

Ususally every receiver comes with a mic that you hook up to the receiver right after you hook up all the speakers and the sub. If your receiver doesnt already sense that the jack is in you may have to go to the menu manually. put the mic where you will usually be sitting the the area and at about h (MORE)

What do you mean by monsoon winds and clouds burst?

the sudden onset of rain is known as mansoon burst or break the mansoon may burst at the first week o June or even earlierin the kerala coast or it may be delayed in the first week of July in the rest of the countries

What is 2.1 sound system?

Its the most common type of sound system used in homes. It consists of a Sub-Woofer for bass effect and 2 speakers to produce a surround sound.

What does the song monsoon mean?

Bill said this in an interview "Monsoon.. we mean that you should fight for you're love and go through the monsoon, believe in what you do and fight for it!" thats what they meant with the song!

What is the meaning of the song ''With A Spirit'' by 009 Sound System?

it's open to the individual's interpretation and discernment. Listeners can tailor and twist the words and meaning to suit their lifestyle. Those who love the Lord and live by his Words interpret it completely different than someone who enjoys rolling a fattie and blazin up or any other substanc (MORE)

What are side-fills on a sound system?

In live sound systems, a side fill is a speaker located to the sideof the stage muscicians or performers. They are often used inconjunction with other monitors such as floor wedge monitors(speakers on the floor in front of the performer that point towardsthem).

How can sound travel through phones?

Sounds can travel by phones because,say if you lived in Scotland and wanted to phone someone that lived in germany (That would to travel through the atlantic ocean)the sound would have to travel through sound waves,which is why phoning abroad is so expensive these days but also what helps is lines (MORE)

What do you mean by sound tax system?

If something is "sound" it means that it is does not have any flaws or defects. Therefore a "sound" Tax system would be one that worked effectively.

How does a cell phone produce sound?

Cellular in cell-phones refers to the direct-current Battery power source-they use dry cells. Sound production on the receiving end is through small speakers and amplifiers are, of course, used, this is not too different from the sound-production angle of a transistor radio of the portative, (rectan (MORE)

How do you make sound on alchemic phone?

First, make sure the sound for your device is on. Then go into thealchemic phone app. At the bottom center of the screen is a gear ina circle. If you click on this, it will take you to a page whereyou can adjust the various sound settings for the Alchemic PhoneApp.

How do phones give off sound?

Most modern phones play a digital sound file through the speakersto produce sounds for ringtones, etc. Older telephones had anactual bell that rang using an electromagnet to pull a metalclapper to strike the bell.