What does hold short of runway on take off mean?

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You might get receive an order to "Hold short of runway" before takeoff, but not during takeoff. That just means that the tower wants you to remain on the taxiway because another aircraft is taking off or landing and hasn't yet cleared the runway. Once you're "cleared for takeoff" you can taxi onto the runway and takeoff
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Will holding in your stomach take inches off?

Holding in your stomach is not an exercise. What this particular stance will do is to provide you with better posture and will realign your organs into their proper places. With better posture and the organs in their places, you will be taller (you can't slouch when you do hold your stomach in), you can breathe better, and you will probably define a waist (the tummy in makes a waist appear).. These advantages will encourage you to exercise, and holding the tummy in will eventually become a way of life. To take inches off, one must exercise and eat less. The appearance of less weight is what holding the tummy in does.

Why does an an aircraft require less runway length for take off during winter?

Answer . Airplanes fly by virtue of two basic ideas: kite effect and Bernoulli's principle. With the thrust of the engine pushing the craft forward, air moving over the upper curved surface of the wing has less pressure than the air moving along under the wing. Higher air pressure on the bottom of the wing and lower air pressure on the top creates lift. Thanks, Bernoulli.. When the wing is tilted up a little bit with the craft moving forward, air pushes against the bottom of a wing like air pushes against the bottom surface of a kite, and this forces the craft up. Kite effect. Now to the question of take offs in winter. The key is that the air is colder in winter and is more dense. This means that it provides more lift than air that is warmer and less dense. All other conditions being equal, winter air is better for takeoffs than summer air. There's more effect on the control surfaces, too! Sweet! Flying in summer when it's really hot is like flying at higher altitudes because as we all know, the air is thinner up there!. This is a question that speaks to the physical effect we call air density . Wikipedia has a nice article, and a link is provided.

What does 'taking it in the shorts' mean?

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Does doff mean to put on or take off?

"Doff" is the ellided form of "do off" or "take off". It is the opposite of "don" which is the ellided form of "do on" and means "put on" as in "Don we now our gay apparel" which means "Let us now put on the clothes which look gay."

What do the numbers and letters mean for runways?

The LARGE numbers at the end of the runway is the Heading of the runway but divided by 10.. So a Runway 36 means you would fly a heading of 360 degrees based on the compass directions. If you flew past the runway and turned around to land, the marking would read 18 for 180 degree heading. The opposite end is 180 degrees different.. Letters- For large airports, they will have two parallel runways so they can land 2 aircraft at same time. One will be marke 36L and one 36R . If they have three runways, they can have a 36C or simply rotate it 10 degrees and call it 35 .

Does the short circuit mean the electricity takes a shorter course?

Electricity is lazy by nature & it will always find the path of least resistance. Many times this path is also the shortest distance path from a positive charge to a negative charge, but not necessarily, it must also be the least resistive path. Typically, a short circuit is a case where a piece of metal connects two points of different voltage potential together, thus bypassing the rest of the circuit and creating a "short" in the circuit.

A debt collection agency has purchased my dept from a bank they have offered to take 25percent off then they offered to take 35percent off if i hold off do you think they will take off anymore?

Yes....a debt collector more than likely paid anywhere from .10 cents to .20 cents on the dollar for that debt from the bank. That means if they collect 25% less than what was originally owed they have made a substantial profit! You can negotiate with the third party collector anywhere from .30 cents on the dollar and up if you wish.

If you flip a coin just as the airplane takes off from thr runway the coin will land behind you yew or no?

Actually, you AND the coin are travelling at the same velocity as the plane. Therefore, when you flip it up it will come straight back to you and not into the guy behind you...as long as your throw is straight up in the air, of course. This is called relative velocity: the coin is traveling at a horizontal velocity of zero RELATIVE TO THE PLANE, but it is travelling at 400km/h (or whatever the plane is travelling at) RELATIVE TO THE GROUND.

Does water take a short time to cool off?

The amount of time it takes water to cool off would depend on thestarting temperature of the water and the temperature of theenvironment. If it's cold in the environment, more than likely thewater would take a short time to cool off.

What do the numbers mean at end of a airport runway?

They indicate the approximate compass alignment of the runway. The number should be multiplied by ten to get a rough idea of howit is aligned. For example, a runway with 09 on it is at close to 90 degrees - soit runs almost exactly East/West. A runway with 36 on it isnorth/south aligned for a heading of 360, and on the opposite endit will be 18 for 180 degrees. In addition they are makers for the take off and landing references- Pilots see routes on charts that direct them to the runwaydesignated by air traffic control. As well as taxiway signs indicating the runway in use and itscompass direct the pilot will see ground markers both on the groundand if they have to pass across the threshold area (start of therunway) When landing using "visual rules" this also helps the pilot knowthey are on the right runway, if not they announce a missedapproach and "going around"

How much runway length does a Cessna 172 aircraft need to take off?

This varies depending on many factors. The aircraft's weight being foremost, a heavily loaded 172 can require as much as 3 times the runway as a nearly empty one. Additionally outside air temperature makes a big difference. On a hot day, you may need 200 to 500 feet more runway, and may not be able to take off at all if youre heavy. Field elevation plays a big role as well, some airports may be more than 5000 feet above sea level, this means less lift from your wings, and more runway. Weather can help or hurt you. A good stiff headwind might save you 200 or 300 feet from your takeoff roll, but its just as likely youll get a crosswind which may cost you. Pavement makes a huge difference, taking off from grass ususally takes at least 100 feet more runway. Bearing all that in mind, on a nice summer day, with just me in the plane & about a half-tank of gas, i can easily get off the ground in under 800 feet of runway, and if im trying, as little as 500.

What does the phrase taking the gloves off mean?

The term 'taking the gloves off' stems from the sport of boxing whereby you put on gloves to fight someone else for the glory of overcoming your opponent. Taking the gloves off therefore shows the willingness of a person or persons to work out a difficult situation by communicating in a way that is far less confronting. It has been used in a non-physical form mainly to describe two combatants in a political situation that agree to communicate formally to find an amicable solution. The official origin of the term is unknown.

An airplane must reach a speed of 195 miles hour to take off if the the runway is 456 meter long what is the minimum value of the acceleration that will allow the airplane to take off successfully?

The change in velocity is the integral of acceleration with respect to time. Assuming a constant acceleration, then v = integral [a dt] = a t + v0 The change in distance is the integral of velocity with respect to time: s = integral (v dt) = integral [(at + v0) dt] = 1 /2 a t^2 + v0 t + s0 Since the airplane is taking off from standing still at the start of the runway, s0 = 0 and v0 = 0. s = 1/2 a t^2 We know that the at the end of the runway (456 m), the velocity must be 195 mph or 87.2 m/s, and this is v = at for constant acceleration. Plugging this in, we get: 456 m = 1/2 (87.2 m/s) t Solving for t we get t = 10.5 seconds Plugging this back into the equation for s, then 456 m = 1/2 a (10.5 s)^2 Solving for a: a = 8.27 m/s^2

What does taking a long walk on a short pier mean?

Think about that image and you'll figure it out. What would happen if you took a long walk, but the pier you were walking on was short? It is a sarcastic way to tell someone to go away and leave them alone.

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Up until the early 1950's when men wore hats it was etiquettewhen they met a woman or entered a building; especially a church,that they removed their hat. Most men do not wear hats and if theydo it may be a golf hat or a sports hat of some sort and there isno need to remove their hat. In some military schools taking one'shat off is customary on certain occasions. Removing one's hat has been a sign of respect since medieval times.It began by removing the hat in church to show respect for God. If you tell someone "I take my hat off to you," then you are saying"I acknowledge your superiority in that subject or event."

Why do planes take off with a runway?

Nit all need a runway as we know it. Some can take off on grass ofcompacted earth. when referring to hard runways its because of theweight of the aircraft using it, the requirement to have a flat,tripping surface to get to speed in a short time

What does it mean when a guy takes off your bra?

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What would be the length of an airport runway needed for an airplane that needs 30 meters per second to take off and will accellerate at 1.8 meters per second squared.?

Gaah! The doofus who posed this question to you is not a pilot. He has confused ground speed with air speed . A plane can achieve sufficient air speed to take off in 0 distance. Consider that you could be taking off into a 70 mph wind (usually not advisable--but possible) with this plane that needs 30 m/s (about 67 mph) to get off the ground...you could actually get that plane off the ground while rolling backwards. There was at least one enterprising pilot who was able to get his plane aloft by flying it around a post tethered by a rope to a remote-controlled hook on the plane. Another concept to consider in answering this question is "At what speed can the plane pop up into ground effect?" If a plane is in ground effect, it can clear the ground by a wing-span to a wing-span and a half at an air speed well below stall speed. Depending on a number of factors, the plane could get into ground effect at speeds considerably slower than take-off speed and stay in ground effect until it achieves roll-out air speed. That plane, with no wind, and using no short-field take-off tricks, will need about 250 meters to clear the runway. Check it out for yourself: t = (v f - v 0 ) / a, D = 1/2 a*t 2 Crack your textbook from time-to-time and look at your formulas. But, you'll need to add about 10 meters to each end for maneuvering and over-run. If you don't want to lose your airport to a law suit, you'd better double the length so the pilot can abort a take-off. If you have already paid the money to build the runway and gotten the zoning, you'll need to add enough length to the runway to accommodate planes that take off at stall speeds greater than 67 mph...at that speed, you are catering to Cessna 150's, on a good day. Might want to think about a 1000 m runway.

Are shorts runway casual?

Short runways are sometimes used in fashion shows but it does not necessarily mean it casual. Smaller markets and venues may use shorter runways due to budget and/or size limitations.

What does the song take it off mean?

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Do the F-35 JSF jet need runways to take off?

No but the F-35 JSF jet can use runways as it want it for taking off. Same thing with the landing, the F-35 does not need runways to land but F-35 can also use runways to land. The F-35 also uses better aiming with machine guns than any other aircraft but for each one of the F-35 cost 382 billion dollars. The F-35 can get off the ground very quickly than any other aircraft because it can hover to do a vertical take off.

What parts of an aeroplane help to control take off from a runway?

Any part of the aeroplane that is used to speed it up, slow it down, or manipulate it's shape in order to change it's velocity, altitude or direction is utilized in some fashion to allow the craft to leave the runway safely. So all the flaps and motors and shiny knobs and buttons and switches and levers must all be placed in their proper state. Or it will be bad.

Why must the aeroplane run on the runway before taking off?

Take a 75-300 ton plane, planes need to take off by running on a runway because to take off the plane needs preasure under it's wing so that the preasure can lift the plane up in the sky. The runway has to be atleast 2KM long so that the plane has time to reach it's appropriate speed to take off. people have tried and tried but always failed trying to make a 70-300 ton plane fly just by using a (underbody thruster engine), only one plane succeeded the the or project and that plane was the "harier."

What happens if you cross a runway hold line without approval?

You are committing an offence under the Air Navigation Act - Ifyou're in control of an aircraft - you can have your licencesuspended until an (often lengthy) investigation is completed. Ifyou're driving a vehicle on the tarmac, you can be arrested by theairport police and questioned on your behaviour - possibly leadingto prosecution under the previously mentioned Act.

What does kts mean on take off of an airplane?

It's a measure of speed. (Like miles per hour (mph), or kilometers per hour (kph)). The Cessna 172 has a takeoff speed of about 55 knots (kts). A Boeing 737 has a takeoff speed of about 135-140 knots. On takeoff, aircraft need to reach a certain speed to get into the air.

The meaning of take off?

Take off can mean two things. Taking off can mean leaving or it canmean that you are taking something off.

What does 'take' mean in the phrase 'take off'?

There are different usages for the phrase "take off." In thenon-idiomatic sense, as in "take off your hat, or "take a littleoff the top," "take" means to manipulate, to control. In the idiom"take (oneself) off " meaning to depart hastily, or of an airplane,to begin flight, it has no separate meaning - that is why idiomscannot be "figured out" simply by understanding the words in them.