What did people use for light before light bulbs?

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Typically the first to be used for light was the fire or campfire. After that candles or wax. After the candles, a Kerosene lamp was usually used. Some cities or villages used gas lighting before electricity was established. By gas I mean natural gas or propane burning inside a "mantle" in a lamp specifically made for this. This method was actually quite bright in the amount of light it produced. Much like the Coleman brand camping lamps you see people use in campgrounds.
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When did people in the US start to use the light bulb?

a short time after Edison invented them and power lines were run about 1921. one of the first light bulbs ever made is still working in a firehouse in Chicago i think and has
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What was the problem before people had light-bulbs?

People used gas and candles before the light bulb was invented. The problem with that is that gas was very strong, poisonous, and effective. Also they're were many fires becau