What can you do about a 6 disc CD changer in an 03 Eddie Bauer Expedition that won't load shows full but doesn't eject?

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Pull the fuse or unplug power to the unit, wait a minute and put the fuse/plug back in. Sometimes that will reset it.
I have found that a lot of burnt cd's are a hair bigger in diameter and get jammed in the Ford 6 disc changer... Just remove the stereo take the cover off manually remove the disc on top then plug it back in and it should eject all the other ones unless there are more that are stuck...

Your 2002 Nissan altima 6 CD changer is displaying err3 and won't play or eject how do you fix this error?

I Have the same unit in my 2001 Frontier, When that err3 showed i decided to open the unit myself and try to fix it. When i got it open the first thing i did is to give it a g

Where can you find a CD changer cartridge for a 2000 Eddie Bauer expedition?

Answer . \nIt is probably a dealer thing. If you can find the actual maker of the unit then try going to there web site or calling them. Sometimes though you can get this

Remove a CD stuck in intercom 6 CD changer will not eject or play?

For starts, there are narrow trim pieces on each side of the radio that pop off. This reveals holes in which you can insert a DIN tool that can be purchased at Autozone for $5

Why won't my 1997 Ford Expedition CD changer not work?

there is no fuse on the CD changer of any for vehicle, they get the power from the factory radio If the radio displays NO DJ NO CD or BAD DISC that means the CD changer laser

Why does monsoon 6 disc CD changer display message changer parked?

Ok, there has been a discussion about this over on g6performance.com. Here is a copy of the service bulletin one of the guys there dug up: #PIC4509A: Radio Displays Chan