What are the specs of a 1993 wr500 Yamaha motorcycle?

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The bike was made only two years and is referd to as a WR500ZE Specificationws: Model code:4AA2 VIN:JYA4AAAWO*PA006101 Engine No. 4AA-006101 Length:86.8in. Width:33.3in. Height:50.0in. Seat Height:38.8in. Wheelbase:59.3in. Ground Clearance:14.6in. Wet Weight:268.5lb. Engine.......Type:Air cooled 2-stroke,gasoline Cylinder Arrangement: Single,forward inclined Bore x Stroke: 87 x 82mm (3.43 x 3.23in) Compression Ratio:6.94 :1 Displacement:487cm (17.14 lmp oz, 16.47 US oz) Tank Capacity:3.43 US gal
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How do you find the year of your Yamaha motorcycle?

Really you can tell it just by looking at the bike. The design changes significantly every year. Find samples of bikes on google image search and compare. I guess there are more elaborate ways of doing it, but this is quite accurate and most importantly, simple.

What Yamaha motorcycles came out in 1986?

Some of the Yamaha motorcycles that came out in 1986 are: FJ1200,FZ600, FZ750, XJ600, XJ700, XS400 and YX600. The YX600, also knowsas the Radian, was the most affordable at that time.

What is the Ignition timing for 650 Yamaha motorcycle?

in order to get ignition timing right take cover of. And observed the stator the t.and the f. markes the f.line will line up on the pointer when the points are juststarting.to separte .. To get both cylinders dune rotate the motor 360 one rfvolution and then do the other cyinder.. if its out to fare (MORE)

Spec sheet Yamaha seca 650 1982?

Seca 650 Specs and Info . Seca 650 Specifications from the November 1981 issue of "Cycle" . Model Yamaha XJ650RJ Price:(as of 8/25/81) $3099 Standing start 1/4 mile 12.78 @ 105.38 mph Engine rpm @ 60 mph, top gear 4480 rpm Average fuel consumption rate 47 mpg Cruise range (main/reserve) 185/52 m (MORE)

Where do you find the vin on a Yamaha motocross motorcycle?

The vin Number can be located in 2 places.\n. \n1) At the side of the frame where the forks clamp into the yokes. (Turn the handle bars to the right & then look at the frame between the gas tank & the forks on the left).\n. \n2) On the left hand side of the engine.

What year is a D10C Yamaha motorcycle motor?

D10C started with Serial nummber 1000- went to 16000 they began produntion in 1965 and is specific to the Big bear scrambler yds3c, (high pipes) this had closer gear rations than its Catalina counterpart (low pipes)

What is the Yamaha snowmobile clutch torque specs?

99 600cc Vmax,. 120nm, 85 ft lbs for primary sheave. 200 nm for spider and sliding sheave. secondary sheave 64nm. 6nm for bolt on weights and 3 nm for nuts on weights. Yamaha suggests nuts and bolts be tightened in 2 stages.

Specs on Yamaha raptor 660?

Engine Type Liquid cooled, SOHC, 5-valve, 660cc, four-stroke single Bore x Stroke 100mm x 84mm Compression Ratio 9.2:1 Carburetion Dual Mikuni 33mm BSR Ignition CDI Starting System Electric Transmission 5-speed manual clutch with reverse Drive Train 2WD, chain Chassis Front Suspe (MORE)

In Yamaha motorcycle what does fjr stand for?

In bike model names most letters have a meaning, but some are simply the designation given to a particular model, rather than giving it a full name.. F (usually at the beginning) means Four Cylinder. This was a letter adopted only by Yamaha, so an F as the first letter straight away means the bike (MORE)

How are Yamaha raider motorcycles?

I bought a 2009 raider. I have owned 5 cycles and swore my next bike was to be a Harley custom, compared them and tried out the Yamaha raider and it is the greatest bike I own now (Harley does not come close) 1900 cc will kick ass. Comfort is great, making turns are smooth, power is great ( careful (MORE)

How do you shift on Yamaha motorcycle?

Three different controls, working under your direction, direct the bike through it's various gears. The primary gears shifter is the lever at your left toe. All the way down is first gear, the next notch upwards (halfway between first and second gear) is neutral, then comes second gear and next com (MORE)

Specs for a Yamaha rt 100?

Specifications for a Yamaha RT 100 can be found at most Yamahadealerships. The specifications can be found at many auto-partsstores.

How do you replace a Yamaha motorcycle key?

When you purchased your Yamaha Motorcycle, you should have received a tag attached to the key with a key code on it. Providing that key code and your vin number to a dealer will allow them to order a replacement key based on those values. If you don't have a key code, you'll have to order key blanks (MORE)

How do you install ignition switch on a Yamaha motorcycle?

The ignition switch is riveted in place on many older motorcycles.If you don't own a riveting tool then you can fasten it with twosmall bolts and nuts. The wiring is easily reconnected as theproper connectors come with the new switch. If not, you have tofigure out how to connect the wires to the swi (MORE)

What kind of gas to use in a Yamaha motorcycle?

In all mtorcycles I would recommend using the top of the line. We tried to use regular unleaded and it sounded like crap and ran like crap. So when we switched to super unleaded it ran like a champ. So from experience do the super it costs more but works way better. If it still runs like crap I reco (MORE)

Average price of a motorcycle in 1993?

This question is a little crazy because of the variables. Even if you narrowed this down to only brand new 1993 bikes and discount all used ones there would be literally thousands of entries to enter into the equasion. If You were to say - the average of 1993 Yamaha bikes in 1993 you would have sens (MORE)

How do you remove the seat of a Yamaha sr250 motorcycle?

There are two 10mm bolts on either side of the bike that hold theside panels and the rear of the seat to the frame. Remove those twobolts, and then slide your seat rearward, because there is aplastic tab that holds the seat to the gas tank. Installation isreverse. Slide fwd, install bolts. It must (MORE)

Is the Yamaha Rhino a style of motorcycle?

No the Yamaha Rhino is not a style of motorcycle. It is a versatile, off-road capable side by side vehicle. Yamaha has the option to build your custom Rhino. You can choose the body style, color, and utility options.

What is the average price of a Yamaha motorcycle?

The average price of a Yamaha motorcycle varies according to the age, model mileage and condition of the motorcycle. The Motorcycles website estimates that a new model Yamaha would average at around $10,000.

Where can Yamaha motorcycle parts be purchased?

Yamaha motorcycle parts can be purchased in a variety of locations. One important location would be a Yamaha dealership or an automotive store is that is authorized to sell parts and products from Yamaha for motorcycles.

Where can one purchase Yamaha R1 motorcycles?

Yamaha R1 motorcycles can be purchased from many online retailers. Cycle Trader directly sells motorcycles for sales while sites like Motorcycle News directs people to locations where a requested motorcycle is being sold.

Where can one buy a Yamaha XS650 motorcycle?

One can purchase a Yamaha XS650 motorcycle direct from Yamaha dealerships. Local dealers tend to be located on the outskirts of towns and advertise in the car pages of local newspapers. Alternatively, one could look on eBay Motors or Bike Sales websites.