Truck starts hard after sitting long but starts fine only when sitting a short while?

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it could be several problems main 3 to start with are spark air fuel
most likely your fuel lines or filter could have build up or pressure loss
also a bad wire to starter or your air filter could need replaced so check air and battery and fuel
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After driving a while your truck won't start won't say nothing all the head lights and radio work but when you turn the key nothing After sitting a while it starts?

Answer . Have starter load tested.. Answer . it's your solinoid. Answer . Older Chevy's are known for this problem. it is because the starter and selonoid are so cl

93 Chevy blazer 4.3 v 6 very hard to start after sitting over night but after you get it started and warmed up it starts just fine please help?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYouve got a bad egr vavle or you got blowby in the intake.....since it is a tbi engine you might want to check the choke solenoid that warms up the

Your 1991 Buick lesabre hard to start after sitting all night must hold accelerator down while cranking then runs fine all day you checked the valve after sitting all night no fuel till cranking?

check your fuel pressure at the rail. the regulator may be going bad.. turn key to on but not running. check for pressure. fuel pressure should hold for about 1-2 min at the

Why would a 1999 dodge stratus start up fine but then sputter and die while driving or sitting at idle for a while?

There are any number of answers to this question and I know because I have a 1998 Stratus and it is currently happening to me. It could be the fuel pump is not working properl

Why does your car start up well when its hot outside but after it sits without running for a while its hard to start?

It is a combination of things that contribute to cars not starting well in in cold temperatures. A car is started by a combustion reaction. For this to occur we turn the key