Truck not starting just making clicking sounds. the starter has been changed but it still wont start what could the problem be?

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Dead or weak battery?
Loose or corroded battery cables?
Defective starter solenoid?
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Why wont your car start- Starter is less that a year old but it makes a whirring grinding noise not just a click but wont spin the engine?

From most to least likely: 1. Starter solenoid is not getting power 2. Starter solenoid is bad 3. Starter gear is stripped 4. Flywheel ring gear is stripped Age of starter is not really relevant. It is possible to get a defective one. Check electrical connections. Some cars have a sep (MORE)

Whats wrong with an 88 ford aerostar when you replace the starter battery alternator and starter solenoid and it still wont start just clicks?

Whenever a starter motor in any vehicle clicks it is telling you that it is not getting enough current.At this point I would probably replace the cables and make sure that the ground cable is attached to clean metal and grounded to the engine and a secondary cable is grounded from engine to the fram (MORE)

We changed the starter battery alt voltage regulator and starter relay the car is a 1984 mercury cougar and it will run for a day and then wont start and all you get is a clicking sound?

Answer . \ni would suggest checking the starter to see if the teeth are spinnig properly even though you replace sometimes the starter parts are faulty to check use a charge pack positive on and neg on neg the if that works you could always do what i had to just to get home is take a wrench and (MORE)

What could be the problem with a 1999 Plymouth Breeze if when turn the key the engine doesn't start it just makes a clicking sound like the sound a gas grill makes when trying to light?

sounds very much like a dead/weak battery, if the dash lights/dome light/radio/etc dim out when you try the key that's likely it. My lights turn on fine, put in a good battery and still have the same problem, any idea what the problem could be? Answer Starter (solenoid) You should check your batte (MORE)

My 94 Chevrolet S10 will not start it makes a clicking sound when the key is turned from inside the cockpit. Is there a relay or fuse that could be the problem and not the starter or solenoid?

Bad connections . If the starter is clicking when you turn the key then the relay is not the problem, more likely is the battery and starter wire connections. Take them off and clean them before putting them back on ( have the battery checked ) corrosion will cause the symptom you described, howe (MORE)

I have a 1992 Chevy S10 truck and i just replaced the starter and it still wont start lights get dim and will not turn over to start?

Answer . Probably the battery or alternator. It could also be the starter malfunctioning but it is easier to check the cheapest and most accessible components first. Bring your battery to an NAPA Autoparts or similar and they will check it for free or even charge it up again. If it keep dying (MORE)

Your 2002 jeep gc will not start it makes a click sound when key is turned but no crank the battery is good and the car has been running great to this point could it be the map sensor or the starter?

Answer . It can be a bad starter, but it can be a corroded battery cable. If you know the battery and cables are good, remove the starter and have it tested at most auto parts stores. . Answer . It can be a bad starter, but it can be a corroded battery cable. If you know the battery and cabl (MORE)

Replaced the battery and starter but car still doesnt start just makes one click then nothing?

I have been having the same problem and the first time I also replaced the starter (battery was already OK). Seemed fine for a while then it happened again. And by the way, when I first replaced the starter, the old one checked out fine but since I had the car all torn apart, I replaced the old star (MORE)

Did just replaced the starter in your 1988 Jeep Cherokee but it still wont start just makes faint clicking sound Please help thanks?

if this is a differant problem than why you changed the starter in the first place then recheck to make sure all wires are connected. if symptoms are the same then:-. if the starter is OK (dont assume because its new) and the battery is OK (should read about 12.6 volts)then you must assume that yo (MORE)

My 1999 Subaru Legacy wont start thought the battery was shot so i relplaced it but it still just makes a click sound when i turn the key the radio still works but car wont start can you help?

The biggest nistake a would-be mechanic can do is to start buying and replacing parts hoping to eventually solve whatever is wrong with the vehicle. It is much wiser to invest $11-$14 on a repair manual (Chilton or Haynes) for your vehicle and use the trouble-shooting guides to help find the cause(s (MORE)

1996 Toyota 4Runner that wont start recently changed battery and starter and it still wont start There are lights and everything it just won't turn over?

If we assume that something was wrong prior to you having to change both of those then I would guess the relay is bad. Up until 95 the relay was in the right side of the dash behind the glove box. Sit in the car when its quiet and try to switch it into start several times. You should be able to hear (MORE)

When I try to start me car it wont start and makes a clicking sound?

To that other answer; It's not always the Battery. It could be the Starter. or the Solenoid or even the Alternator. Trying jumping starting it ; If that fails to work, disconnect the battery cables and clean them off, as corrosion can make it difficult; then connect them again. (MORE)

When trying to start 1999 Chrysler Concorde it will not turn over it only has a clicking sound lights and radio still work what could the problem be?

There are many possible causes. With my sons LXi this problem seems to have been related to the factory security system and a faulty tamper detection switch at the trunk key-lock. Another symptom is the alarm (horn and lights) would sound off on its own randomly. You can tell if you have this pro (MORE)

What does it mean when you try to start your car and it makes a single click sound but wont start?

Most likely your starter has failed. Old school test: Make sure your battery is good and fully charged. Make sure cable connections to battery are clean and tight. Locate the starter and, depending on access, TAP on the main starter body with a hammer, pipe, long 3/8" extension, broom stick, etc. Wh (MORE)

1999 Dodge Neon and it won't start just clicks when you turn the key already replaced the starter what do you think could be the problem?

If you have already replaced the battery, then you have a few other things to look at. . It could be the starter itself . it could be the starter solenoid which might be integrated with the starter or mounted somewhere in the engine compartment. You can find it by tracing the thick positive wire ( (MORE)

Car wont start but starter clicks?

The battery could be (almost) dead, or a battery cable could be lose. I would start by verying these. Also could be: Seized engine Bad starter Bad starter solenoid

Your car wont start but it makes a clicking sound?

In my experience if the car will not start and it is a rapid clicking sound when turning the ignition it indicates a dead battery. You'll need to get a jump and wait a few minutes before trying to turn the car on again. If the battery is really dead it will take up to 10 minutes to recharge. Each ti (MORE)

What if your starter just clicks does not start is it the starter?

First check both connections at the battery and if connections are good then it would be a faulty starter solenoid. ANS 2 - If it clicks that's usually a sign the solenoid IS working , but voltage is not getting to the starter. This can be a loose or oily connection at the starter, a worn or (MORE)

What happens when car wont start and makes clicking sound?

Check and see if any lights have been left on. If they have then you ran down the battery! You know it is the battery. Has the alternator light been on? If so, you should have taken it in before this! Usually it is the battery. That is the first thing to check. If you have jumper cables, it is u (MORE)