Sales tax used cars in ohio?

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You add the selling price of the car and the dealer documentation fees if any then times that by the counties sales tax. Each tax will be different based on the county you are buying the car in.

How do you determine sales tax on used cars?

Answer . \nIt would be calculated from the actual selling price.. Answer . \nDepends on the regulations in your state. In my state, it is 6% of 90% of the sticker, not what you actually pay. Check with the license bureau and they will tell you.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used car?

I am a car salesman. In some states you do and some you dont it simply depends on what state you are located in. if you wish you can contact me via email and i will find out not only what the sales tax is or even if you have to pay it based on the state and county you are in.\n. \ndhibbsibo@yahoo (MORE)

Do you have to pay sales tax if someone gives you a used car?

Answer . you will pay more tax if someone gives you a can them if you make out a bill for 100.00 if you do not have a sale bill then you are going to pay taxes on the current value of that vehicle. so if the book says is wot=rth 3000.00 with no bill of sale you will pay taxes on 3000.00. so mak (MORE)

What is the used car sales tax in Tennessee?

According to Infiniti in Knoxville it is 7%.. As of July 15, 2002 the sales tax on automobiles new or used in Tennessee is as follows: 7% of the purchase price BEFORE the application of any rebates, plus whatever the local option sales tax is on the first $1600 of the purchase price, plus an additi (MORE)

What is sales tax in Louisiana on used cars?

Basically, the tax will be based on the notorized purchase price of the vehicle. State is 4% + parish tax where you live. Will give you the regulations for tax collections.

What is the used car sales tax in Georgia?

As of right now the sales tax in GA on an automobile is based on your county of residence. Whatever you pay for anything in your county will be the same rate of tax for a new car. Even if you buy your new car out of state, your sales tax will be paid to GA at your county of residence rate. So if you (MORE)

What is sales tax in Texas on used car?

Answer:. Sales Tax in the state of Texas is 6.25% of the purchase price. Title, licence, and registration will be extra. There is also a new $5.00 deputy fee that the state is collecting.

How much do car dealers charge on sales tax on a used cars?

Each state and many counties have their own sales tax rate. The tax on used cars is most often at the same rate as general merchandise. That rate is easy to find out -- it is posted in most store and is available online in most counties. Several states have no sales tax. These include New Hampshir (MORE)

What is the New Mexico sales tax on used car?

What is the sales tax in NM on a used car purchased in Texas It is collected by the Motor Vehicle Dept along with registration, title and other fees. it makes no difference where you purchase it.

What is the sales tax in Ohio?

Ohio counties apply sales tax in addition to the state rate (5.5% at the time of this post). The 'Sources and related links' below has the latest rates.

What is the sales tax on a used car purchase?

Sales tax for used cars varies in each state and city. Not only are you subject to state fees but many times depending on the city/county you registered your vehicle in you are subject to municipal fees as well hope this helps.

Used cars sales tax in New Jersey?

Yes, the purchase of a used vehicle is subject to NJ 7% sales tax, based on the purchase price of the car. The sales tax is paid when the vehicle is registered with NJMVC.

What is tax rate agt sale on used car in tamilnadu?

Sale of used commercial vehicles are taxable at the reduced rate of 5% under the Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act 2006 as per Notification No.II(1)/CTR/12(R-25)/2011 dated 12.7.2011. The reduction in rate of tax to 5% in respect of tax payable under Tamil Nadu Value Added Tax Act 2006 by any dealer ot (MORE)

What is the used car sales tax for Alabama?

The used sales tax for the state of Alabama on a used car is thesame as a new car. 2.0% is the state sales tax. There is also cityand county sales tax. This varies from each city and county.

In Illinois do you have to pay sales tax at the dealer for a used car?

If you live and register the car in Illinois then you will pay the Illinois car dealer for the sales tax. If you live in a different state than where you bought the car the dealer might collect the sales tax if the two states have a cooperative agreement. If the states do not have an agreement yo (MORE)

Do you pay sales tax purchasing a used car in Tennessee?

Yes, there is a sales tax on cars in TN. If you purchase your car from a licensed dealer, they will collect the sales tax but if you purchased your car from an individual you will be responsible for the tax when you register your car in your county.

What is the sol for Ohio sales tax?

VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE OF SALES AND USE TAX LIABILITIESDUTIES OF THE TAXPAYER To complete a disclosure, and when applicable, the taxpayer is required to register and begin complying with the Ohio sales and use tax statutes. Generally, the Division will not entertain a prospective only offer when nexu (MORE)

Does Nevada have sales tax on used cars?

If you buy a used car from a private party, there is no sales tax charged. If you buy from a dealer you will pay sales tax based on the county of registration. ans You pay sales tax on cars when you register the vehicle. The dealer collects it when you buy through them, otherwise the MVD does (MORE)

Is used car sales tax deductible?

If you file a Form 1040, and itemize deductions on Schedule A, you have the option of claiming either state and local income taxes or state and local sales taxes. (You can't claim both.) If you saved your receipts throughout the year, you can add up the total amount of sales taxes you ac (MORE)

Why do you pay sales tax on used cars?

In most states sales tax is based on the county you live in. When you buy a used car you must pay the sales tax because you are purchasing a non food item. Even though the person who originally bought it paid sales tax. If you go to a pawn shop and buy a used TV. you still have to pay sales tax. Als (MORE)

How much is sales tax on used cars in Chicago?

The City of Chicago Wheel Tax is the equivalent of the state vehicle registration tax and is due annually. There are different rates for different sizes and types of vehicles. The City of Chicago rates increased with the approval of the FY2012 City Budget, effective January 1, 2012. The annual rate (MORE)