Replaced power steering unit on 95 maxima It sill whines?

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Check the tension on the belt. A power steering pump will whine if there is too much belt tension, putting pressure on the side of the pulley.

How do you replace the power steering hose in a 2002 maxima?

Just unscrew both sides of the hose you are replacing. Compare it to your new hose, check if the new hose came with the proper O-rings if not reuse the old ones. Once you have

Why does power steering whine?

There are three reasons why you would hear a whine in powersteering. The first reason is when the steering wheel is turned tofar. The fluid flow to the pump is cut off forcing

Power steering pump replaced why is it still whining?

I am no expert, but how many miles are on the vehicle? I have found on the internet that there is a bulletin out for 2001 Dodges concerning power steering. If your p/s unit ha

How do you replace power steering belt 96 maxima?

Begin by loosening the tensioner pulley on the front of your 1996Nissan Maxima engine. Slide the tensioner pulley to the right. Theold power steering belt will become loose an

Replace power steering pump on 1998 maxima?

Disconnect the negative battery cable . Loosen the tensioner and remove the drivebelt . Using a large syringe or suction gun suck as much fluid out of the power steering flu

Why does Power steering pump whines and moans?

Check the fluid level; if ok is there any chance someone could have topped it off with brake fluid? (You can substitute Dexron transmission fluid but brake fluid is a WHOLE di