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Why would a 1987 Corvette 350 tune-port have no injector pulse on the left side but the right runs great if you put new ECM in it?

Answer . \nThere are two sets of fuses one for each bank of injectors.Since your getting the pulse signal from the distributor module, it sounds like that might be where to start.Check to make sure there is powere to the fuse as well. MY 86 didn't pulse either-it was the ecm.If there is no light (MORE)

How do you connect a speed pulse on a Dodge Magnum?

Answer . the easiest way that i have found is to buy a manual (Haynes or Chilton) and it has a full car wiring diagram towards the back. find the one that is labelled "speed pulse" and it will give you the color of the wire. locate it in or under the dash in the main harness and tap into it with (MORE)

Where is the ecm engine control module on a 1992 Chevy blazer?

Answer . i think on the passanger side on the right side, inside the front of where the passanger foot is under the dash. it fits into the body of the vehicle there may be some pannel blocking it.. good luck. I think this is wrong. At my 93 Blazer it is behind the passenger side glove box. You h (MORE)

Where is the engine computer ECM located in your 1995 Ford Crown Victoria?

Location of the ECM on 1995 crown vic To answer your question the ECM is located under the drivers side dashboard. When you look under the dash, look about 5 inchs to your left, you should see a silver in color box. To remove the ECM youll need a 10mm socket. First disconnect your battery. Look und (MORE)

Why does my Brake pedal pulse at low speeds?

Answer . This sort of thing is usually caused by brake rotor thickness variation or out-of plane condition. Other possible causes are ovaled brake drums, bent hubs, bent (solid) axles, improperly seated brake rotor or drum.

What does speed refer to?

Speed is equivalent to distance over time. It refers to the rate ofmovement of a person or a thing.

How does the Pulse jet engine work?

A pulse jet engine is one of the most simple and efficient propulsion devices ever designed. There are three types of pulse jet engines: The valved pulse jet, the valveless pulse jet, and the upright or "Jam jar jet". For complete details on pulse jet engines, go to and search "Pulse J (MORE)

Where is the speed pulse wire in a 2003 gmc envoy?

What exactly are you concerned about? There is one called the speed sensor which operates the speedometer and abs. There is also one for the cam and crank signals. Which ever you will need a multimeter with an amp probe to test them.

What is a reference dimension in an engineering drawing?

A reference dimension is a dimension that is not crucial for the effective use of the part. Reference dimensions are not inspected. A reference dimension may also be a dimension that is shown elsewhere in the drawing but is shown in the current view to help clarify the position of other featur (MORE)

What does liter refer to on a car engine?

piston displacement Additional answer Actually it means the volume in all cylinders when their pistons are at bottom dead centre. This is more than the piston displacement because there is a gap at the top when the pistons are at top dead centre.

Flash 1997 Chevrolet truck engine code ecm?


What are the Engine speeds of various engines?

You are going to have to clarify. If you are talking about RPMthere is a huge range of speeds some cars like an Indy can car revto over 15,000 RPM and two stroke dirt bikes get to over 10,000.Your normal comuter car like a Honda civic will readline around7,000 and a muscle car engine will get up to (MORE)

Where is the speed pulse wire on a 2007 Ford Fusion?

i don't know the answer but I would like to know the same thing for a 2009 ford fusion. I had read a post when I first got the car (for a 06 fusion) that said you could tap into one of the wheel sensors and it gave me a specific wire color w/stripe and gave me the location of the wiring harness unde (MORE)

Speed pulse on Skoda superb?

remove the stereo with two radio pullers in the side slits on stereo there is a blue and white wire that gives you a pulse

Where is the speed pulse wire on a ford tourneo 07?

There maybe a 3 way connector on the diff. Pulse wire is either blue/white or green/white. This connector can be found by going underneath the minibus and looking rear of diff/gearbox. If unable to find then a CANBUS interface can be used on the OBD2 socket. Pin 14 Can low and pin 6 High :)

How do you test the ecm for 1987 jeep wrangler 6-cylinder 5 speed?

First of all what is the problem you are having? The main thing the ECM on this vehicle is controling is the fuel richness. In other words if the ECM is not working then the jeep is either not running or not running well ie.. too rich (black smoke) or to lean. The stock carb is garbage and should b (MORE)

What does an ECM do?

i have a 2001 Chevy lumina and i am wondering if the ECM is going out, sometimes it will die when i am driving but starts right back up, sometimes it will die and not start up after several hours of sitting, then it starts up. Could this be the ECM?

Where is the ECM location on a 1992 Olds 88 3.8 engine?

Lol I have mine pulled right now and just indstalled a new one but now my car starts then turns right off! It is on the passenger side right above the floor and below the glove box, the plack piece hiding it has 3 bolts, just remove them and its the silver bov. Also to get the ECM out you need to re (MORE)

What does the term genetic engineering refer to?

Genetic Engineering is referring to things such as cloning, stem cell research, stuff that is genetically altered and "played with"... i guess. I'm currently in biology and that's the best thing i could come up with.

Is it possible to override the ecm on a cummins engine?

Depends on what you're trying to override. You can't simply just bypass the ECM, since the engine won't function without it, but some features can be overridden or bypassed. For example, speed governors... but I won't tell you how for that one. Idle shutdown can be programmed to be overridden a numb (MORE)

Why is chemical engineers referred to as a universal engineers?

Chemical engineers is professed in designing a production plants, the scope of knowledge must cover from mechanic, civil, electrical, environmental impacts to management. Chemical engineers, while may not know in depth of the above mentioned field, must be able to coordinate the work of various engi (MORE)

Is an electromagnetic pulse on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit real?

It is a reality. Solar flares are an electromagnetic pulse and are able to take out huge amounts of electronic device's. A simple magnetron from a microwave can be modified to do small area electronic disscombobulation. Care full! these devices can be and are viewed as weapons of mass destruction an (MORE)

Will the ecm keep the engine from starting?

it is possible, if you leave certain sensors unplugged it will not start, just turn over. first thing to check is battery fuel pump fuses if those dont work then get the car to autozone, they have a trouble code tester that might give you a clue to what is wrong, good luck.

How does a pulse jet engine work?

A Pulse Jet is a type of jet that uses a pulse jet engine for propulsion. The jet engine works by using pulse combinations of combustion. This is called "resonant combustion". The engine requires very little moving parts.

What does value engineering refer to?

Value engineering refers to a system to improve the value of products by examining the function. Value is defined by a ratio of cost to function and value engineering is specifically defined in a public law.