Is there any one who has a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 Toyota pickup 22Re 4x4?

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Try They have a good "Emissions" section, that breaks down into componets. They don't have everything ever invented, but they have the biggest slection of vacuum diagrams, all on one site, that I have ever found.
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Where do each of the vacuum hoses go on a Toyota 22RE engine?

22RE Vaccum Hoses . The best thing would be to get a vacuum schematic. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM.. You might also try to obtain an original Toyota workshop manual for the 22RE engine.. Take a look under the hood of your vehicle....there should be a sticker (unless you have replaced the hood for some reason), that will show you a diagram of the vaccuum lines and where they are correctly connected. If you cannot find this sticker, try asking your local Toyota dealership for a copy of the sticker, diagrams from their repair manuals, or look into purchasing a Chilton's Repair Manual at your local auto parts store (about $20.00).

Three vacuum lines have come loose on a 1990 Toyota standard pickup any diagrams out there?

i don't have a scanner to get the diagrams to you, but i do have a shop manual w/ all the diagrams you could need. maybe i can help you anyway, so where on the motor are these 3 vacuum lines? Answer Share this, as they are a rare find on the Internet. Believe it or not, and I have surfed this for years, has excellent wiring diagrams, and excellent vacuum hose routing diagrams. They also "walk you through it" in the articles produced on their site. Yours is easy, mine was for a complete vacuum diagram for a 1984 22R RN, and they had it. Something I could not find in any manual I ever looked in.

How is vacuum hose diagram?

Answer . \nthe hose that fits on the air filter on my 88 dodge dynasty was taken loose from the motor, I know it fits on to the manifold but I can't find where it hook up. help

Where can you find an on-line source to see a diagram of how to reconnect the vacuum hoses of a 1985 Toyota 22re rn60 vin 4x4 reg cab pick-up?

Answer . \nYou can try It is affiliated with autozone There are a lot of diagrams in the diy section Just read through it and answer the questions It will show you spec and info on how to do it yourself. Answer . I have visited that web site and unfortunately you have to pay to access their information. Is there another choice?. Answer . \

Does a 1985 Toyota pickup 4x4 22R carb non-California have a oxygen sensor If it does what is the wiring diagram for one?

Some did, some didn't. Look your exhaust manifold over, and see if yours did, or did not, come with a factory installed O2 sensor. There's not much of a wiring diagram, because there's only one wire. If you need to replace the O2 sensor, you must cut the wire, to free up the sensor, solder (no crimp connectors, period) the new sensor wire, into your existing harness, where you cut the old one, and use shrink tubing, to weather proof the splice. If your truck does not have an O2 sensor, disregard the above. Answer I know how to replace one, the previous owner put on a new exhaust (without any mount for an 02 sensor) and doesnt recall if it had one or not. If it did, i need to know the wiring route so I can istall a whole new wire (there is none now, previous owner may have cut it thinking that he didnt need one). Actually starfuel, the o2 sensor on the 1985 Toyota pickup 4x4 are not on the mainfold, they are on the pipe just before the cat converter.

Chevy truck vacuum hose diagram?

Answer . go to your public library. Ask person in the tech section for auto manuals. They cannot leave the library but you can make copies. Some Motor brand auto repair manuals also have the diagrams. Read the classified ads in newspapers for used cars/trucks matching yours. when you find a match to yours go look at it with pen and paper. sketch the layout and write notes. Take pictures. hope this helps. Ken

Where is the fuel pump on a 88 TOYOTA pickup 4x4 22re?

It's inside the fuel tank, you need to drop the tank in order to gain access to it. You can also pull the bed off. This is actually the easier option because you will easily have access to the top of the tank and all the fuel lines. TO remove the bed, you must remove the 8 bolts (nut side down) the hold the bed on the frame, the 3 screws that hold the gas cap fill tube to the bed side, and the 6 clips under the tail gate that hold the wiring harness on, also disconnect the 4 wire connectors (1 to each turn signal and 2 to the liscense plate lights. All in all with air tools this can be done in 1/2 hour and 2 to 3 people to lift the bed off. It is not heavy relatively, but it is a little awkward. to remove the fuel pump you will see a round black piece (likely badly rusted) on top of the tank, it will have 3 metal lines comming out of it and some wires as well. You will need to disconnect the 3 metal fuel lines, the wire connector, and remove the 7 Phillips head screws. the fuel pump bracket will lift right out (It may actually stick a little if the rubber gasket is corodded just pry around it to loosen and then pupp it off). The fuel pump will be near the bottom, and looks like a small electric motor. It would be adviseable to replace the entire pump and bracket assembly as well as all 7 screws and the gasket if at all feaseable. the brackest and fuel lines are known to go bad. Unless you find one uese these are a Toyota only item and wont be avaiable at an autoparts store. If you shop around some dealers offer substancial discounts Toyota of Dallas ( the whole kit will cost between $130 and $180. Good luck, now go do it don't be scared. SOme forums for additional help:,, there will be several people on these forums to give you extra tips and encouragement. Pirate is for a little more advanced users so tread lightly there.

Where can I find vacuum hose diagram's for an 88 Toyota pickup fuel injected?

Answer . Your best place is to find a manual, either chilton or hayne or one from Toyota. They will show several different diagrams for the different years the books cover. I have had no luck locating one online myself. The other option is visit the local library and check out their manuals. Then you can see which is best before buying one.

1994 Toyota pickup with a 22re that don't idle good?

The Injectors are clogged mine did it at 125k siting at a red light or whatever it would rev up and then down to almost 0 rpms for about half a second and then back up try runing some fuel injector cleaner threw it perhaps two tanks worth.

Were is a Vacuum line diagram 1988 Toyota 3.0?

Because of the variations they will usually put the correct diagram on the inside of the hood of the vehicle. If yours is gone then the best thing is to take the VIN number to a dealer and get them to get a copy for ya in their manuals. Or go get a chilton repair manual and they have variations in their manual. Lastly if you get a chance and find a vehicle like yours at a junk yard they might have a label there to get.

How do you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 jeep limited?

For the answer to this and hundreds of other Jeep related questions, you might want to join an online Forum like JeepsUnlimited Forums or JeepForum (Google it!). They have huge data bases and hundreds of people there who drive the same vehicle, encountered the same issues and are qualified to help. Also, you don't need to join, you can use their search feature for the answers to many questions; but in order to ask a question you must be a member (join for Free!). Good Luck.

Hose diagram 1990 Toyota?

A hose diagram of a 1990 Toyota can be found on the underside ofthe hood. It is also available at a website called AutoZone.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1988 Toyota 22RE Pickup engine?

My experience is with an 87 pickup with 22RE, should be the same..... Facing the engine from the front of the truck, the fuel filter is "conveniently" located on the left (passenger) side, UNDER the intake manifold.. The fuel injected models like the 22RE deliver fuel to the filter under considerable pressure, so replacement must be done carefully to avoid leaks (fittings tight & clean).. Getting to the filter is the trick, I cannot do it from the top but I know guys that are dexterous and determined enough do, as it saves some time. Else go at it from the bottom after removing skid plate (4WD). From the top avoids the joy of dripping gas in your face!. This is from memory, so can't say wrench sizes needed etc.. Can add that if one NEVER buys gas while a tanker truck is dumping fuel at a gas station (under any circumstances despite what anyone says), you will go alot further on a filter than the manuals say. Station attendants will say nowdays they don't have crud & water at the bottom of their tanks, but why chance getting a load of crap when it's temporarily mixed-up ?

Why would you not be able to set the timing correctly on a 1988 Toyota pickup 22RE engine?

Worn timing chain. Incorrect oil pump (timing tab). The harmonic balancer has broken free on its rubber mount (twisted). The throttle positioner is out of adjustment. refer to tech manual for proper adjustment. The terminals t to e1 have not been connected in the data link connector located beside fuse box by battery. The distributor has not been installed correctly

What hoses can you do with out on a Toyota 22re fuel injection?

Since it is fuel injected, you will trip the engine light if you start ditching hoses. Now if you are running a smog exempt engine, you can lose just about every smog component you are running and ignore the light. But I'm not sure why else you would want to unplug hoses?

How do you change the thermostat on a Toyota 22re pickup truck?

The first thing you need to do is find your upper radiator hose. follow it back to the motor and you will find the thermostat housing. remove the bolts that attach it to the engine. just pop out the old thermostat and put new one in. Make sure that you get a new gasket kit with the new thermostat.(comes separate) clean off old gasket material from both housing and block. Use blue silicone(high heat). attach housing back with bolts. Can't remember the torque specs. Make sure not to over-tighten though. just snug it up and you should be fine.

What is the coolant capacity of a 1994 Toyota pickup with a 22RE engine?

Capacites: Engine, with Mann Oil Filter (ML1003)...4.5 quarts [1] Cooling System, 2WD Initial Fill..........9 quarts Cooling System, 4WD Initial Fill..........9.5 quarts Automatic Transmission, A340H Initial Fill..........4.8 quarts Automatic Transmission, A340E Initial Fill..........1.7 quarts Automatic Transmission, Total Fill 4 speed A340E..........7.6 quarts 4 speed A340H..........10.9 quarts Manual Transmission, W55 (5-SPD)..........5.1 pints [2] Manual Transmission, W55 (5-SPD)..........6.3 pints [3] Differential, With ADRD Front..........4 pints Differential, Without ADRD Front..........3.4 pints Differential, 7.5 RingGear 2WD Rear..........3 pints Differential, 2WD: 8.0 RingGear 2-P Rear..........3.8 pints Differential, 2WD: 8.0 RingGear 4-P Rear..........4.6 pints Differential, 4WD Rear..........4.6 pints Transfer Case, MT W/W56..........3.4 pints Transfer Case, W/ AT..........1.7 pints [1] After refill check oil level. [2] 2WD [3] 4WD Torques: Oil Drain Plug.....26-32 ft/lbs Manual Transmission Fill Plug 27 ft/lbs Drain Plug 27 ft/lbs Air Filter = Wix 46162