Is 1995 Ford explorer same as 1999 Ford Explorer?

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Actually, that question is for any vehicle. They are not the same. But what are you talking about now. A 1992 and 1994 look the same, but there are minor differences in the engine and inside of the vehicles.

So be more specific


1995 ford explorer came with following trims Limited, Expedition, Eddie Bauer, Sport, XLT and XL. All the trims had 4.0 liter V6 engine

1999 ford explorer came with following trims XLS , Limited, Eddie bauer, Sport, XLT nad XL. out of these Eddie Bauer and XLT have 5.0 liter V8 engine.
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What is the accs for a 1995 Ford Explorer?

In the power distribution box, in the engine compartment of a 1997 Explorer,. (PD BOX IS LIVE - DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY CABLES ). in location # 2 there is a 30 amp maxi-fuse

Where is the ICC in the 1995 Ford Explorer?

ICC ?. There is an IAC - IDLE AIR CONTROL valve mounted on the upper "plastic". intake manifold on the driver's side of your 4.0 L OHV. There is an ICM - IGNITION CONTROL M

Can you tow with your 1995 Ford Explorer?

You can tow with a 1995 Ford Explorer but care must be taken tostay within its rating. It is capable of towing a trailer aweighing up to 3,500 pounds. . ========== . It reall

1995 Ford Explorer jack?

The jack is located behind the removable plastic panel in the drivers side rear of. the cargo area (Note: if this is a Limited model with air suspension , there is also a. r

Where is thermostat on 1995 Ford Explorer?

Follow the top radiator hose from the radiator , it connects to a metal pipe , the other. end of the metal pipe is permanently connected to the thermostat housing which is.

Where is the computer in the 1995 Ford Explorer?

You can see one end of the Powertrain Control Module from the engine compartment It passes through the firewall , most of the PCM is " hidden " behind the glove compartment
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Is a 1999 Ford Explorer a good?

If you're asking if it's a good vehicle, yes. I recommend every Ford Explorer model but 2004 and up. The '04 and up are JUNK! Before that, no problem. Greatest SUVs ever built