How often should you change the filter on your heating and AC unit?

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It all depends where you live -- what the air pollution levels are in your area, and what kinds of pollutants you have inside your house.

One should at least inspect the filter every 30 days and change it if necessary. If clean, check at least every 45 days. If a central air conditioning and heating system is used regularly, the filter should be changed at least once a year.

A filter change costs a couple of dollars, but it is the most important thing you can do to avoid problems later. if you let it go, the blower motor works harder, shortening its life or your evaporator coil could become your filter, blocking airflow and causing it to start icing up; this can cost hundreds of dollars to remedy.

If you smoke in your house, have inside pets, or a large amount of traffic in the house, check the filter once a week. The outside environment should be considered, since dust storms and high pollution areas do affect the filter as well.
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How often do you change the sand in the filter?

A sand filter will generally require a sand bed change once every 7 to 10 years. It may be less depending on various factors. Should the pressure gauge on the filter read 10lbs higher than original start-up pressure (when the filter was first installed), backwash the filter. Should the pressure gauge still read 8-10lbs higher (after backwashing) than the original start-up pressure, this is a good indication that the sand bed requires replacement.

How do you change an AC filter?

the filter is easy to change. it should be in one or two places, the return grill which will be in a hallway near the thermostat. this is the most common location if your furnace is located someplace not easily gotten to. the return grill should have a small latch(es) or screws/nuts keeping it closed, the grill is hinged to allow it to swing open for easy filter changes. simply remove old filter check the size that's written on it and replace with same size assuming it fit right. lil trick if it's high up turn on the fan this will hold the filter when you have your hands full balancing on a ladder/chair. replace it every 2 to 3 months depending how it looks. If your furnace is in the garage or a closet and you only have a flat return grill the filter will be in the bottom of the furnace, just open the bottom door and you will see it, pull it out and replace. the filter needs to have some kind of support in it, checkerboarded thread at least to keep it from being sucked into the blower motor when it starts collecting dust. they only cost a couple of bucks at walmart or a do it yourself store. pleated ones have more surface area and work great. hope i helped. viking40

How is a large amount of water getting in your return where you change your AC filter on a central unit?

Answer . \n2 things can cause this problem.\n. \nYou may have a clogged condensate drain. Simple fix is to cut the PVC and use compressed air to blow through the drain.\n. \nYour coil could be freezing up and when it thaws the water runs off the coil and lands in the return. If your coil is freezing you may be low on refrigerant or you have a dirty coil or filter.

How often should you change your fuel filter if the owners manual is not clear?

Answer . \nEvery time you change the oil, which should be at least every 5000 mi, and more often for many vehicles.

How often does the heat and AC filter on a minivan need to be changed?

Answer . It's called a cabin air filter. Not all vehicles have them but if yours does, the schedule for changing your filter will depend mainly on driving conditions. If you live in a dry, dusty area, change the filter often, every 5,000 miles or maybe even less if it's EXTREMELY dusty. If you're in an area that rains a lot and you don't often see much dust you could probably stretch it out to 30,000 miles with no problems.

How often should you change the water filter in a refrigerator?

Answer . Yes, at least every six months, that's at a minimum. However, if your water is less than perfect, you may have to change it more often. Most filters come with a warning light to indicate if it needs changing. Without that, you should check it about every three months to see if it's OK. It's not hard to see if there's a build-up on the filter, and if you see anything at all, change.. At least every 6 months.. Inside of most refrigerator water filters is a activated carbon block wrapped in a type of paper skin. Actived carbon is excellent at taking out water impurities and chlorine. The paper skin acts as a prefilter and will plug up with dirt and sediment. Pending on your incomming water quality you should change your filter per the manufactures spec's of every 6 months.

How often should you change the air filter on your car or truck?

Answer . You Need To Change Your Air Filter Every Ten Thousands Miles ( 10,000 ). Unless You Drive In A Dusty Area It Is Best To Change More Often.

How do you change the ac filter?

You have to pull the glove box door down. there are two catches one on each side of the of the door. the filter(s) are behind the door, visable and very easy to replace.

Change ac filter?

Yes it's the same filter that you change during the heating system. The filter is usually located on the side of the furnace; it is located where the air duct enters the furnace there may be a handle on it or it might look like a strip of metal defining between the duct and the unit. This filter strains out dust pet fur and any air born particulate that floats in your house. The filter may be replaced every couple on months or more often depending on the activity in your house. If you let the filter clog up, this will effect the efficiency of your system. Example sipping on a straw is easy; until you squeeze it then it is more difficult to sip, you have to apply more effort in sipping to get the same results. The filter works the same way.

How often do you change the fuel filter?

Every 30,000 miles. Better answer: It really depends on the car. Many newer cars' fuel filter is in the fuel tank, and changing it is a $100--$200 expense (and the fuel tank may have to be drained). In newer cars, the recommendation is 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, or more. Some cars do not include changing the filter as a matter of routine maintenance. Check the maintenance schedule for your specific car to get the best answer.

How often should you change the air filter in your home?

Answer . My husband worked for an air conditioning company and they recommended that you change your air filter once a month.

How often should the fuel filter of a kia sedona 2004 be changed?

Answer . Petrol 2.5Ltr every 60,000Kms or 48 months. Diesel 2.9Ltr every 30,000Kms or 24 months

Why ac unit fails to heat?

An AC unit isn't supposed to heat! If you mean a heat pump, then you may have a relay switch problem. Or maybe, your thermostat is in the cooling mode. Contact a repairman.

How often should you change the filter on your fish tank?

Your tank filter should be changed every month. If your filter becomes clogged, it should be changed right away.

How can you change the AC filter?

This may require removal of some dash parts ... best left to a dealership ... they made it, let them fix it.

How often should you change your air filter?

with an air filter iv always learned to just check it every once and a while because your just suposed to change it when its dirty there is no certain time your suposed to change it. how offen will depend if you live on dirt road or not

How often should you change an air filter on a 2001 Honda Accord?

Change it every time you change your oil, 3 months or 3000 miles.. Every 40,000km. More often under dusty conditions.

How often should you change the oil filter on your car?

Changing the oil is critical to a long lasting car. I change the oil every 3,000 miles. There are various thoughts about how often oil should be changed however, the cleaner the oil, the better it is for your vehicle. My last car had 365,000 miles on it and it was still running. I attribute a lot of that to changing the oil frequently. A car in many cases is an individuals major investment. For the cost of changing the oil, it's all worth it.

How often should you change a GE water filter?

GE recommends that you change your refrigerator water filter every 6 months, or if you are a heavy user, when you notice that the water quality has diminished.

How often should the fuel filter be changed on a 2007 Chevy Silvarado Z71 5.3?

You can't change the fuel filter. Since 2004, the fuel filter on all GM trucks is part of the fuel pump module and located in the fuel tank. You drive it until the pump fails, then replace the whole module. Bad design in my opinion, but Ford and others use the same method.

What way should the air filter face in the ac unit?

I live on a slab (no basement) my air filter is inserted at thevery top of the furnace almost close to the ceiling so should thearrow on my air filter be pointing up to the ceiling or down to theengine of the furnace?

How often should ac filters be changed?


How often should a 2003 Tahoe fuel filter be changed?

Every 6K miles Every so ofton a place one gets there gas at has surface water get into storage tank and it dont take very long to plug any gas filter that has been filled from one of them under ground tanks that has had that happen to it .

How often should you change your oil filter?

If you intend to keep your vehicle's engine clean, change it every time you change your oil. The filter holds the dirt your engine generates. Hence the dark color of your oil as it ages and is pumped through your engine. Dirt is dirt. Get it out.

How often should change fuel filter on 1998 forerunner?

It depends on how much you drive it. It could also depend on what type of fuel you use. You should change the fuel filter between 30,000 miles clear up to 100,000 miles. or if your car does not start and there is no fuel in the filter, then you can change it then.

How often should you remove and clean the filters of your air conditioning unit?

It depends on how much you use it, if your a regular user then every couple of 2-3 months or so.

How often should you change the water filter in your motorhome?

At the least every 6 months. It also depends on how much water your using. Its always best to check them every two months to make sure they are still good.

How often should I change your fuel filter in a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500?

Diesel, once a year or 15,000 miles. . Gas, no service required. (it is part of the pump in the tank)

How do you change the filter on central AC?

Every month or so. Depending on what type of filter it is. Some go as long as 3 months.

How often should you change a 2002 Chevy silverado fuel filter?

Should change the filter at least 2 times a year. Remeber the fuel is always being pasted thru the filter. But if you get to it once a year that is better then not doing it.

How often should you change an aquarium filter?

This will depend on your tank size, the fish you have, your stocking level, and whether you over-feed your fish or not. You should check it regularly to ensure that it is operating at full output, and remember to only rinse the filter media in a bucket of tank water (the bucket should be for fish use only!)

How often should you change the air filter on your 6.7 Cummings?

Its a Cummins not a Cummings when you figure that out, it might beeasier to get help for what you have.

How often should you change the air filter on the Toyota Tacoma?

Change your air filter every 30,000 miles or sooner if you drive in dusty conditions.

How often should you change the sand in a sand pool filter?

i too would like to know, some here say 5-6 years old but pool professional told me 1-2 years im confused. :/ As the Installation and Service Manager at, your sand in your sand filter is expected to last around 4 yrs. There are factors that can lessen the time frame and others that can lengthen the time frame. I recommend all to change out every 3-4 yrs as a rule of thumb. This will help make sure that your filter sand does not get overly filled with debris, causing your filtration system to not work at its peak performance. Remember to always backwash your filter after you have changed your sand, before placing it on filtration. In cases like this its better to be safe then to be sorry.

How often should you change the oil and filter on your 2009 Dodge Challenger SE?

Change your oil/filter every 5,000 miles if you use conventional oil and every 8,000 miles if you use synthetic and you drive under normal conditions. If your vehicle is equipped with an oil life monitor system then change it when the system tells you too and reset the oil life monitor. If it does not come on for one year change the oil anyway and reset the system even though the light is not on.

How often should you change the oil and filter in your 2009 Dodge Challenger SE?

The 3,000 mile oil change interval has been pounded into the head of consumers for decades. It had a scientific basis when engines used non detergent oil. It no longer has any scientific basis in fact. The oil change industry and some dealers are still promoting this even though it is not necessary. This is called the "Cheap Insurance Myth". The 3,000 mile oil change is a total waste of money and oil in 2010. Most manufactures recommend 5,000 to 7,500 mile oil change intervals and some even recommend 10,000 miles. With modern lubricants and oil filters it is not necessary to change your oil as you did decades ago. If you use conventional oil and drive normally then change your oil/filter every 5,000 miles. If you use synthetic change it every 7,500 miles. Your engine will be protected and you will save money and oil. There is one make and model car that I would recommend you change the oil every 3,000 miles. The Saturn S Series requires you use the 3,000 mile interval due to a manufacturing flaw. The timing chain tensioner on these vehicles uses oil pressure to control tension and is very sensitive to varnish buildup that can clog the oil port. So on a Saturn S Series change the oil/filter every 3,000 miles.

How often should you change a 3 gallon in-tank filter?

Filter media should never need changing. You can rinse of debris in the old tank water at each weekly water change, but throwing away sponges can actually ruin your water quality! You throw away the majority of the good bacteria that keeps your water quality healthy. I have healthy sponges over 7 years old in one of my tanks. You should only ever replace filter sponges if you're restarting the tank, or they've got tatty and need replacing. And you can only replace them in two stages, letting the new sponges run alongside the old for several weeks before throwing away the old. If you had a larger filter that had two or sponges in there, you can replace one at a time, but if it's only in a 3 gallon (which is a TINY tank) I doubt you have this!

How often should you change fuel filter for f350 6.0 diesel?

if the fuel filter is cheap then do it every other oil change. I do it to my diesel as well to my gas engines. You can never be to safe with fuel. anything in it can cause engine damage. Better safe than sorry. Although the manufacturer will not recommend changing it so often. I do, I have never had a fuel problem in any vehicle I have owned or helped fix throughout the years. Working on a vw 95 golf right now. Bought it for 500 bucks cause it didn't start, crank or nothing. I paid the guy and then installed a new fuel filter and pressure regulator. emptied tank and refilled. Put on some plugs and wires on vehicle. mans Jaw dropped after seeing me turn on the car and drive it away. Simple things make a car not work. you just have to simplify your thinking to understand it.

How often should the fuel filter be changed on a 2000 silverado?

AS dirty as todays gas is you should change it every other oil change and that will also make the electric fuel pump LAST LONGER. Another answer: I recommend you change it every 36,000 miles.

How often should you change the sand in an above ground pool filter?

It depends on many things: How big is the pool the usage, body oils and lotions, size of the filter.... the most often answer is every 5 years. This is for an average pool with an average size filter and use. If you wish you can be more specific to your pool and write down your new clean sand filter back pressure, when that increases after backwashings by 5 PSI, it time to change the sand.

How often should you change pool filter cartridges?

You should change it every 2 years because I just changed mine and when i went to Leslies pool store they said it was fresh an I changed it right on time and I had owned the house for 2 years and it was newly built which means we were the first owners.

How often should the fuel filter be changed on a Chevy suburban?

I personally change my fuel filter on all my vehicles every other oil change. But my fuel filters are about 5 to 10 bucks. Unless yours is outrageously expensive you should consult your owners manual. It will never hurt to change as often as you want but not to replace it often enough will result in poor gas mileage an maybe damage to the fuel pump itself. Plus you will have a lack of performance an a sluggish feeling when accelerating. Your owner's manual list the scheduled maintenance on the fuel filter. Fuel today is pretty clean so changing it every other oil change is overkill but will not hurt. It is just a waste of money. I would recommend every 50,000 miles unless the owners manual states more often.

How often should the pre filter be changed?

Pre-filter for what? You posted this question in the Fuel Filter category. So I must assume you mean the pre-filter on the fuel pump. That is changed when the fuel pump is replaced.

How often should filter in a car be changed?

Depends on which filter you are asking about. Oil Filter = Every 5,000 miles. Air/Cabin Filter = Every 30,000 miles. Fuel Filter = Every 50,000 miles.

How often should fuel filter be changed on 1998 dodge ram?

Diesel, 15,000 miles or once a year. Gasoline, no service interval. Change when the fuel pump fails. Diesel, 15,000 miles or once a year. Gasoline, no service interval. Change when the fuel pump fails.

How often should CPAP filters be changed?

Change recommendations vary depending on the kind of filter used. The time recommended to change a disposable CPAP filter is every two to three months. The non-disposable only needs to be replaced when the materials break down.

How often should the filter on an air purifier be changed?

An air purifier's filter should be changed every year, with the pre-filter cleaned or replaced every few months, depending on the conditions that the device operates in. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How often should someone change the oil filter on their car?

Usually the oil filter of the car is changed when the oil is changed. The oil change should be done on regular bases after like 3000-5000 miles or when the car is brought to the garage for a service.

How often should a water filter cartridge be changed?

It is difficult to provide a definitive answer as to how often one should change a water filter cartridge. This would depend on the water quality as well as water usage, but the average is usually every 2 to 4 months.

How often should one change there dust filter?

A dust filter should be changed as often as the manufacturer suggests. This is usually every three months or so for a Dyson vacuum cleaner although more often would be good if a very dusty environment is being cleaned.