How much was Vinny DiMartino paid on American chopper?

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Vinnie DiMartino likely made about $2000 per episode of American Chopper. He currently has a net worth of about $2 million.
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What is the value of an American chopper?

To me an American Chopper.. It is about showing who you are and what you are about. It shows pride in your beliefs and what you have built. There is no value of a chopper. There is always a price tag on everything. But the value is in the rider, the one who is proud to show off his bike. The bike t (MORE)

Why did Vinnie leave American Chopper?

Vinnie and Cody started their own business: V Force Customs. The shop is less than 10 miles from Orange County Choppers and it appears that the Discovery Channel will be giving Vinnie and Cody their own show. Quote from Vinnie related to his departure: . The split was on good terms and might a (MORE)

What happened to American chopper?

American Chopper was a reality TV show about motorcycles. Itoriginally aired on the Discovery Channel then in 2007 it moved toTLC. It was canceled in April 2009.

How much do American Idol contestants get paid?

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Why has vinny left orange county choppers?

It's obvious to me: Vinny left because he was sick of being one of the only working people on the OCC shop crew. Pauly Jr. takes credit for all of the company's successs, yet he is always missing in action. Paul Sr. shows up only to bash some skulls and create psychological unrest within the shop. A (MORE)

How much do American Idol finalists get paid on tour?

The attached USA Today article states that the top 10 idols get to go on the summer tour and they make a 6 figure salary for doing so. For just doing the show, I have not found any reference that gives that information. They may do the competition for free.

What happened to vinny from American chopper?

Vinnie and Cody from American Choppers have opened their own shopcalled V-Force. In 2013 Vinnie opened DiMartino Motorsports a auto repair, customwork shop. He has left motorcycles and returned to his trueinterest cars. Cody stayed on with Paul Jr. Designs.

Will Paul Jr return to American Chopper?

In order for him to return He would first have to leave and he has never left for any real amount of time . He has had the "crybaby fit throwing storm out" from time to time but he has always returned shortly there after.Vinnie DiMartino and Cody Connelly both left the show to open there own shop V- (MORE)

Is Mikey from American Chopper Gay?

no he has a girl friend and kids I don't believe he has children, it was mentioned on the show he was engaged, his girlfriend appeared on one show of American Chopper. It was also mentioned on the show the relationship/engagement had ended. They never went into any detail on the show about his gir (MORE)

What happened to Keith from American Chopper?

According to these two message boards, and on the first one there is reference to more postings like it, Keith Quill quit and started working at a truck car wash as Director of Operations. (MORE)

Why did Cody leave American chopper?

There are several rumors about why Cody left American Chopper. Hesued the owners of the company for using his likeness withoutpermission, fraud, and breach of contract.

Is American Chopper cancelled?

Yes, the final show will be aired this week (Feb 11, 2010). Right from Paul Jr's mouth to confirm:

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How much did Vinnie Dimartino get paid from American Choppers?

he was paid machinist wages. not sure but actors have a union and require producers to at least pay a minimum of about 800 an episode. everything else is negotiated by how popular the show and person is. After 2005 season, I believe he negotiated a contract for himself so I'm sure after that poi (MORE)

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What happeded to American chopper?

It was cancelled in Feb 2010. They brought it back in August 2010(filming started in April 2010) as Sr versus Jr. since Jr. hadopened a motorcycle shop of his own. The show was finally cancelledin December 2012 for good. Including pilots the show ran from 2002to 2012.

Why is American Chopper not as popular anymore?

For me, it was the constant yelling, arguing, demeaning one each other that became very frustrating to me. As far as the bike remods.... I do like that and am not sure why it's not as popular maybe because the market is inindated with countless shows just like it

Is American choppers fake?

Fake or not, If you google the Supreme Court in Goshen NY, you can look up the lawsuit filing Sr. has against Jr.. Would seem to me it would be against the law to file a real lawsuit for the sake of a show. The lawsuit is very real and with that you would have to assume the feud is real.

What does paul sr and paul jr get paid per episode of American chopper?

Alot like 55k Per. Episode even moré if he blows the producer like 20k for everything nut Well that sounds like information that came from someone in the know. Probably early 20's and burned out from the high paying job at McDonalds Early 20's? that's giving alot of credit. My guess, lives (MORE)

What happened to Justin Barnes on American Chopper?

Disagreement about a paint job. OCC basically fired him. Later, Justin sued OCC for using his likeness and images without permission. He did relay his version of things on a forum, basically he had a hard time getting paid for his work. OCC thought by letting him on TV they didn't need to pay him or (MORE)

How much is Jennifer Lopez being paid on American idol?

I'm not sure exactly how much she has been paid for the current 2 seasons she has been a judge on, but she was allegedly offered $22Million for her to come back for her second year for 2012 because Simon Fuller wanted her to stay as a judge instead of going on a world tour.

Who won the American chopper build off?

So far nobody won. I know if you go on they show you the stats. I'm pretty sure that the new season will start soon and the winner will be declared then. As far as I know according to Paul Jr. is in the lead. He has a much higher bid and many, many more fa (MORE)

Eragon bike on American chopper?

Is there a question here? If you are asking did American Choppers do an eragon chopper the anwser is yes, Paul Jr designed it OCC built it.

How much money do the American idol judges get paid?

enough for them to be considered well paid They are not the only ones who make money from the show and many individuals not on camera are also well paid. They do not tell how much and they do not even know how much as show will make for this season

Will American chopper return for 2013 season?

I would love to see either American Chopper or Paul Jr. Designs return in 2013. I would not watch Jessie James if he gets a series but hopefully he will partake in some time-management training.

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