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How much is a Porsche cayenee?

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A Porsche Cayenne starts at about $53,000. The diesel version starts at about $57,000.
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How much does a Porsche Cayman cost?

A brand new one where I live (Norway) is 135,000 USD but in Germanyit is about half of that. In America I would guess somewherebetween. Try checking out your local Porsche we

How much do Porsche cars cost?

Current Porsches cost between about US$45,000 and US$190,000.. The Cayenne (SUV) comes at a base price of just under US$45,000.. The 911 GT2 (sports car) has a base price of

How much is a 911 Porsche Turbo?

The current 911 (997) Turbo has a base price of just overUS$120,000. With all optional features added, it costs aboutUS$150,000. In 2015 cost has gone up.

How much is a Porsche?

It depends on the Porsche you are looking to buy. a Porsche collector myself, i prefer the Porsche Carrera 4 s. its a 4 wheel drive widebody. i manually installed the turbo so

How much is a Porsche cayenne?

a cayenne turbo is 450 standard but can be modified to 600+ ACTUALLY, you can find used Porsche cayennes for as low as 17,000!

How much is a Porsche boxter?

Low end: 1997, non-S, in fair / poor condition can now be had for as little as $6-7k. High end: Brand new... $50k. Beware: If you are asking this question of
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How much does a Porsche 928 weigh?

With this model being around for 18 years, you need to boil it down to what year and model. I believe the last German production 928 was in 1995 - these 928's had a variety of

How much room in a Porsche 996?

It was produced as either a 2 passenger or 4 passenger vehicle witharound 4.5 cubic feet of storage in the front. There is very littleroom in this car. After all it is a true