How expensive are bikes?

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It depends on the quality of the bike. You can pay anything from $90 to $2,000. It also depends on what type of bike too. For example, mountain bikes and BMX bikes are generally more expensive than cruisers.
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If a buddy is riding your bike with no insurance and hurts himself who covers the medical expenses?

Technically, your buddy covers the medical expenses. He might be able to have his medical insurance cover it depending on the injuries AND as long as he DOES NOT mention that he got hurt while on the bike. Once he says that the doctors will not treat him for those injuries because they can't bill me (MORE)

Is a will expensive?

A will need not be expensive, unless it is complicated. The following words could be a perfectly valid will, if properly executed, witnessed and notarized: "I leave everything to my son, Harold." If the estate is expected to be of any size (say, over $200, 000), then an attorney should be cons (MORE)

What is the most expensive bmx bike?

The most expensive BMX bike varies by location. In the U.S., themost expensive BMX bike, costing $2,800, is the 2012 Redline FlightTeam Carbon Pro XL.

What is to expense?

In accounting an expense activity requiring someone to spend money.For instance, paying employees is considered an expense tobusinesses.

What does biking do for you?

Simply biking is riding a bicycle. But if you view it in a broaderterms, it is an adventure sport. Biking lets you go foradventuruous trips on amazing settings, off roads, rough terrainsand high hills.

Bike for extreme bike riders?

It all depends on what type of riding you do. If you do cross country, the best bike for that is probably some Cannondale, downhill/freeride would be a kona, orange or a giant. What is an "extreme bike rider" though?

How much is the most expensive dirt bike?

As far as pure production dirt bike I would say it would have to be the BMW HP2 Enduro coming in at $20,590. At 1170cc and putting out a whopping 105 hp, I think it is safe to say, you won't be seeing many (if any) of these bad boys in the US.

Nature of expenses and an function of expenses?

An expense is incurred when a business contract to purchase goods or accept services which will not constitute a resource for the future from which economic benefits can be expected to flow. In other words, an expense is a cost which is not classified as an asset to the business.

Where do you get bikes from?

Pretty much the same places you get anything else from. You can buythem in specialty shops, inexpensive, usually poor ones fromdepartment stores, used from yard sales, craigslist, ebay, thingslike that.

What are IT Expenses?

Information technology expenses including hardware (amortized), software, wages, salary, benefits and pro rata of overhead costs like rent, utilities and miscellaneous costs like going to conventions, training and so forth.

What is expenses?

Expenses is the plural of the word expense. Expenses are the coststhat are needed for something. They are the money that you spent onsomething. Expenses can also be an item of expenditure or offset asan expense for your taxable income.

Fixed expenses and variable expenses?

Fixed Expenses: These are those expenses which don't change with change of production rate and remain fixed up to certain measurement base criteria. For Example: if machine can produce 1000 units and have a operating cost of $1000 per month then it will remain $1000 from 0 - 1000 units range no ma (MORE)

Most expensive bike price?

On October 20 2005 at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala an anonymous buyer purchased a Madone 5.9 SL that was donated by Trek and jeweler Alan Friedman. The bicycle is covered with gold and man-made diamonds and sold for $75,000.00 USD making it the world's most expensive bicycle. . The world's m (MORE)

How do you make a bike a cute bike?

There are a lot of different things that you can do. Starting with the Frame. I repainted one. I took off all the parts and spray painted it with some cool designs that I taped off. Then you can custom pick your colors and designs. After that if you have a hybrid bike of some sort you can add lots o (MORE)

Why is prepaid expense not an expense?

prepaid expense is not an expense because we are not use the expense just the earlier payment for the future uses . Prepaid expenses are not expenses but current assets. why? this is because you had paid in advance for the itemu want to purhase. eg, if u renting a building which cost u $100 (MORE)

How To Attach A Bike Light To A Bike?

Well, usually they come with mounting brackets included, which for the huge majority of modern lights means something that goes onto the handle bar.

What is the most expensive mountain bike on the world?

\nI saw a bike in the mbuk magazine a couple of years ago and it was retailing at £20,000 new I think it was a Scott or cannondale but can't be sure. I also heard that the freeride nutter known as josh bender has a bike worth about £15,000 check him out on YouTube he's a living legend.

Is BMX biking an expensive sport?

Depends. There's a fair amount of stuff to be had used, whih keeps the price down. But if you insist on spanking new stuff that's race-ready, then there's no limit to how expensive it can be.

World's top 10 Most expensive bikes?

I'm completely oblivious regarding the bottom 7 following this top 3 list. So, here it goes. Top 1: Dodge Tomahawk . The most expensive motorcycle in the world is the Dodge Tomahawk. Production was limited to just ten models and they retailed at $550,000 each! The Dodge Tomahawk has the honor of (MORE)

Where does a bike ride if there is no bike lane?

If there is no bike lane, then the appropriate place to ride is on the roadway. As a slower vehicle you must abide by the rules of the roadway and allow any traffic you are holding up to pass.

How expensive is the most expensive penny?

The 1943 penny. Only 40 are known in existence. The price for these pennies can go over 5 million and probably more. Update and correction The above answer refers to a group of 1943 BRONZE American cents minted by accident. Over a billion STEEL cents were minted that year and these are only wo (MORE)

Is a Fit bike a good bike?

if your gonna get a fit, dont get a 2010 model, they are designed to make you buy more and more fit products and most other parts never fit. if you can get a fit flow, there amazing dude.

What kind of expense is rent expense?

Rent expense is a Revenue expense and not a capital expense. It is a revenue expense because it recurs from year to year and is not an expense in purchasing a fixed asset. It is classified as a revenue expense also because it features in the income statement of each year and following the principle (MORE)

Why are bikes called bikes?

Bike is an abbreviation of bicycle, with Bi as another word for two and cycle from cyclic, something that goes around. Two-wheeler basically. cause its a bike

What is the most expensive jump bike?

great brands for jump bikes are dunlop, repco, raleigh, huffy but mongoose are also pretty good, so are diamondback, if i were you i would stay away from specialized and giant as all their frames crack

Does bike doctor assemble bikes?

a bike doctor tunes and works to fix bikes, they can assemble bikes, but you should get a manufacture to do that. a bike doctor can put new pads on your brakes, they can, if you have hydraulic brakes they can put better oil and lubricants. They do not however assemble bikes.

Is legal expense an admin expense?

Legal expenses is not an admin expenses since legal expenses ararise due to legal issues of the organization. legal expenses are not recurring expenses by nature. Example of legal expenses are feees paid to the professional to represent the legal issues before the competent authority.

Why are bike hubs so expensive?

Not all of them are. Basic Shimano stuff is like 20-30 USD, which isn't much to cry about. The expensive stuff mainly sell on bling value, so for them being expensive is a major selling point.

How do you tell if a bike is a bmx bike?

Well, there is a look to them. 20" wheels, long, low frames. Handlebars look a certain way. Do a net search for bmx pics and you'll soon figure out what to look for.

How do you put a bike on a bike rack?

I would suggest placing it on the very end. Roll the bike wheel onto the space you choose. You may need a bike lock, if you want to keep your bike from being stolen on the rack. Wrap the lock around one of the poles. Then, wrap the lock through the frame of the bike, and then into the spokes of the (MORE)

How expensive are stationary bikes?

"Prices for stationary bikes can vary widely based on the brand and features. A new stationary bike will typically run $150-400, but prices can exceed $1500. You may be able to find a used stationary bike online, or in local athletic resale shops. You might even be able to find one in the $20-$50 ra (MORE)

Are contractual expenses fixed expenses?

A fixed cost is one that does not change irrespective of the volume of business that is experienced by the business. Contractual expenses may, at first thought, seem fixed but there is insufficient information in the question to be sure. The contract may involved a sliding scale of expense or may in (MORE)

Why are elliptical bikes so expensive?

Elliptical bikes are designed to give the user a low-impact workout in the privacy of their own home. The machine requires sturdy parts that are designed to transfer a lot of the stress and impact your joints would experience during a regular workout- and therefore have to be made to last. Since n (MORE)

Is rent expense an other expense?

If rent is paid for any activity which is directly related with theprimary business activity then rent is not other expense, but ifrent is paid for activity which is not directly related to primarybusiness activity then it is other expense.