How do you take the pulley off the power steering pump?

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You have to use a pulley puller that you can find at many parts stores or order on-line. Do not hammer the pulley onto the new pump or you will damage it. Use an installer or the bolt, nut and washer that comes with many replacement P.S. pumps to press the pulley on the shaft, making sure it is pressed on as far as it was on the old one was so the belt will be properly aligned.
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How do you take the power steering pump off a 1989 Chevy Astro van?

Get a 5/8 flare wrench to take off the high pressure hose and a screwdriver to take off the low pressure hose. Drain out fluid. Then you'll have to get a pulley puller to pull off the pulley. Once off the mounting bolts are exposed for you to take off the pump. Be sure to check brackets for cracks a (MORE)

How do you pull off the pulley on a power steering pump on a 1993 f 150?

To the best of my knowledge on this truck you have to first remove the power steering pump then get a tool called a "power steering pully puller" and make sure you get one with the power steering pully installer with it. Your local auto parts store will have one and a few have ones they will loan yo (MORE)

How do you remove the pulley from the power steering pump on a 1999 Honda Passport if it does not have the bolt on pulley?

Answer . It must be pressed off. Any machine shop will be able to do this.. Answer . Although there is a relatively cheap tool on the market for pulling pullies from PS pumps (yes, the tool is that specific), most auto-parts places will lend you them for free if you leave a deposit, return it (MORE)

1996 Saturn SL2 How do you take off the power steering pump?

Answer . This has got to be one of the biggest pains in the rear end I have ever had the pleasure of doing with the engine installed.\n. \nThe alternator/serpentine belt will need to be removed. Right wheel, and inner plastic fenders behind the wheel.\n. \nPower steering lines will need to be (MORE)

How do you get the power steering pulley off to change the water pump on a 1991 mercury cougar 3.8 l?

You DONT !!!! have to remove the power steering pump pulley to remove the water pump. There are 2 Bolts & 1 Nut (15mm Deep Well) that holds the housing on, by removing those 3 items, the alternator & power steering pump will slide off towards the front of the car as a whole unit therefor allowing yo (MORE)

How do you remove power steering pump pulley on 1990 gmc jimmy?

The best way to remove a power steering pulley is to use a puller specifically made for the job. You should be able to purchase one from just about any parts store. If you don't think you will ever need such a tool again you can save yourself a few bucks by renting one. Again many parts stores have (MORE)

How do you remove the power steering pump pulley?

With a special tool called a power steering pulley remover. The same tool will also install the pulley without damage to the pump or pulley. Answer You need a special puller, depending on what make/brand/type.

How do you remove a power steering pump pulley?

Often, removing a pulley from it's shaft requires the use of a gear puller or pulley puller which is available at most any parts or tool shop. The tool looks like a bolt with claws on it and will have 2, 3, or 4 claws. A 3 or 4 claw puller is better for pulleys. To use it, make sure there are no key (MORE)

How do you get the pulley off of a power steering pump on a Ford F-150?

The pully is pressed on, so you will need to remove pump from vehicle and have the correct tools to remove the pully from the pump. . I just did this today. I have a 1994 F-150 300-6. I purchased a pulley puller from an auto parts store and pulled the pulley off before removing the pump (took 2 peo (MORE)

How to Install 1998 Ford Ranger power steering pump pulley?

I just changed mine. You need a small puller to get the pulley off. I still broke my pulley (plastic junk). The good news is the replacement pulley is readily available for around $15. The hoses are straight forward and easily replaced if necessary. Hope this helps.

How do you take the power steering pump off a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Do you have to take the pulley off?

First remove the coolant overflow container then unbolt fuse centre and push aside. Next remove the serpentine belt and put aside (note the routing). Put an oil pan under the pump. Remove the fluid line from the bottom of the pump with a stubby wrench. Remove the return hose by compressing the clip (MORE)

How do you install pulley on power steering pump?

Before you remove the old pulley, it's best to note its position on the pump shaft, and its relation to the other pulleys. The simplest way to install the new pulley (or reinstall the old pulley) is to rent or buy a power steering pump pulley installer tool. Auto parts stores like Autozone, Kragen/O (MORE)

How do you use a puller to install a power steering pump pulley?

The puller will not put it back on. It's made to remove it only. To reinstall the pulley requires a bolt about 3 inches long, a nut, and flat washer that fits the bolt. There are threads inside the hole on the end of the pump shaft where you insert this bolt. First place the pulley onto the shaft (MORE)

How do i Press on a pulley to power steering pump?

One easy method is to clean the pulley and pump shaft. Put the pulley in the kitchen oven at about 250 degrees long enough to come up to temperature. Depending on the pulley material, you can go to much higher temperatures. You couldn't get a steel pulley hot enough to hurt it in a kitchen oven. For (MORE)

Power steering pump pulley?

It takes a special tool to remove the pulley and install the pulley. The tool can be rented from your local auto parts store.

How do you take off power steering pulley on 1994 gmc?

To take the power steering pump pulley off of many later model GM products requires a special puller made for that purpose. It is available from Autozone on their loaner tool program. The same set includes another puller to put the pulley back on. Some water pumps also use the same style pulley.

How do you remove power steering pump pulley on a 1993 Saturn?

There is a puller designed just for removing and installing the pulley on the pump. Most of the major parts houses will loan it to you. You leave a deposit and get it back when you return it. I just did one yesterday, got it from O'reily's and it was only $15 which I got back when I returned it.

Take off power steering pump on a 97 Pontiac grand prix?

Preparatory procedures: These steps are not strictly necessary, but they easily pay for themselves by making the job go far more efficiently by making space for to work, rather than working in cramped quarters where it is difficult to work and see what you are doing. 1. Remove the body passenger s (MORE)