How do you remove trunk lid trim in a beetle to replace the trunk lock?

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Very carefully. The ends closest to the opening come straight out, but the sides you need to pry out to the right and left, not down. I took mine off and the fasteners broke off because I tried to pry down on them. Just be careful!!!!
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How do you replace the trunk lid brake light on a 2002 cavalier?

I just changed mine. You have to go in thru the back and replace the entire bulb housing. Check out a junkyard, Cavaliers ae everywhere and the body style never changed after

How do you remove the tail light assembly from the trunk lid?

Sunfire trunk lid bulbs On the 2000 Sunfire and similar models it appears the entire red and black cover that is mounted on the trunk lid must be removed from inside of trunk

How do you remove a broken trunk key from the lock?

Make a tool to remove it: Take an old coping saw blade, grind it to a gradual point than stretches over a few inches. Wrap electrical tape around the thicker part to use for t

How do you remove the lock out of your car trunk?

On the inside of your trunk lid locate the lockcylinder. There is a thin metal retainer which holds the cylinder in place, it has a small tab sticking out. Pull the retainer o
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How do you replace 1989 caprice trunk lock?

The trunk lock on a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice is replaced by removing the retaining clip and unscrewing the bolts holding it in place. The lock can then be pulled through the ope