How do you remove compressor support to get to 97 gmc intake manifold bolt?

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Get the manual and read the part on what your working on and go from there
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Does the intake manifold have to be removed in order to replace the pressure regulator in a 1998 GMC jimmy?

Answer . Yes... If your trying to fix a starting problem you might want to wait on replacing it... I replaced mine and it didn't change a thing. Only attempt the installat

How do you remove intake manifold on 305?

take all the wiring and hoses loose from the top of the engine, and you might have to remove the valve covers. then just loosen the intake manifold bolts

How do you remove a intake manifold?

The exhaust intake manifold is held in place with 10 retainingbolts. Remove the retaining bolts and the intake manifold will comeoff.

How do you remove the intake manifold cover with a stripped bolt on a 1999 ford windstar 3.8?

I just ran in to the same problem with my 99 windstar, what i did was i used a deep scocket on the striped bolt, after removing all of the outher bolts lightly pryed up on the

Chevy bolt torque specs Intake manifold gmc 305?

Torque is 30 Lbs at he intake bolts. . torque bolt order is as follows: . the numbers below also represent the bolt position on the intake. . 1 and 2 being the bolts in the