How do you find out if your car is 2wd of 4wd?

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First off, check your manual, usually it will list the models of your car i.e. AWD, 4WD, 2WD. If that doesn't work, check your vehicle for badges. A car with 4WD will usually say 4x4 or AWD. A car that doesn't have this badge, USUALLY doesn't have 2WD. A quick and easy way to find out, is if you live in an area where you are not disturbing neighbors, attempt to do a burnout on your driveway or somewhere where you aren't breaking any laws. If you press on your brake slightly, and press the gas, your tires should begin to spin.... In my case, the rear ones only spin, and they spin very easily. I can look outside my door and i see my front wheels don't spin, but the rear ones do. This indicates 2WD (Rear Wheel Drive). If my front spun, but not the back, 2WD (Front wheel drive) and if it was TERRIBLY hard, and i couldn't spin out at all, that indicates ALL WHEEL DRIVE. Because its almost impossible.
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