How do you clean terrazzo floors?

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Cleaning terrazzo floors
Traditionally known as Strip, Seal and Wax. Terrazzo is two parts marble chips in one part portland cement, 5/8" thick and ground to an 80 grit finish. Wax and acrylic finishes have been used to seal and gloss terrazzo for the last 50 years. For the past ten years a new improved more environmental friendly process has been developed. No need for any type of sealent, polishing to the original stone finish looks feels and cleans better then the traditional strip seal and wax method. To get more information on this process and service visit we eliminate all the steps to come.
Removing the old finish is the first step. Floor strippers (strong detergents) are available in hardware stores, janitorial supplys and tool rental outlets where you may rent floor scrubing machines along with all the accessories. Once the floor has been stripped, you will find stains that require more attention. A strong hydrogen peroxide will bleach organic and mineral stains. The most available source is your local salon or beauty supply. Purchase 40 volume cream developer used for bleaching hair. The peroxide must sit on the stain 8 hours for best results. Try a few test spots. Peroxide will not remove the oil based stains from petrolium products; carpets, pads and adhesives. If you are removing carpets, do not pull the tackstrip nails or drive them into the floor. In most cases, the nails are aluminum and will sheer off with a hammer and sharp chisle. Steal nails must be cut off using a grinder with a thin blade. Resealing and waxing by mopping on four thin coats of acrylic finish will give you a good foundation. Now you will be cleaning the finish not the floor. Use cleaners sparingly. Periodicly, remove the top coat and reapply another thin coat.
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Why you clean Terrazzo floor?

I used to put a layer of paper towels down on the stain, then drip bleach straight from the bottle on the towels until the towels were soaked all the way through. Let them sit