How do you Sell your Junk Cars for Cash with Free Towing?

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usually you can sell to scrap/car junk yards $100 or more and they tow free
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What is the maximum time a nonconsensually towed car can remain in storage before the towing company can sell it in Calfornia?

Tow compies can sell your car 30-90 days. But they have to notify the state to get info on you and lien holder? run a paper ad and notify you of charges and how long it will be till sale. -They have to send you a certified letter telling you that you have 90 days to get your vehicle, and if you dont (MORE)

How do you junk a car without the title?

depends on state law. but call your scrapper and see if he will he will probly tell you if you can or not. hope it helps That's easy, some junk car removal service company are knowledgeable and their staff will guide you through the junk car removal process specific to your needs. You just to let (MORE)

How can you get a junk car removed for free?

Phone a local salvage yard. Be sure to mention that you will GIVE them the car if they will tow it away. I know a Junk Car Removal Service that is totally free, To get a free, no obligation quote for your junk car removal, visit their Online Junk Car Removal Application or call toll free (866) 516 (MORE)

How can you get rid of your car if you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and the creditor is refusing to pick up your car due to low value and the junk yard won't take it and you can't sell it?

Answer . Drive it to the creditor, park in their lot, walk in with the keys and say "here it is", it's all yours. Drop the keys and registration on the desk of a loan officer and walk out. Don't wait for anyone to say anything. Just give them their car and leave. Don't keep it, don't buy it back (MORE)

How do i sell my car to junk a yard?

If it drives, you can drive it round the junkyards and see whatthey will offer. If it doesn't start or move you can usually call alocal junk yard and they will come and tow it away and pay you thefair market value. Depending on what model year it is, the junk yard may require aclean title.

How to sell a salvaged vehicle to a junk yard?

The best way is to go online and look whether anyone is interested in buying salvaged vehicles. You can checkout which is one of the largest online junkyard. You can check in there if anyone is interested in buying salvaged vehicles. You can also post a sell offer fo (MORE)

How much can you get for your junk car?

If it runs and drives its worth at least a 1,000dollars but if its sitting then its no more than 500dollars.. You can't really put a price to a junk car. there are a lot of variables in play. A car that is street legal would be a min of $1,000, but junk cars can be worth next to nothing. The best t (MORE)

Where can you find junk cars?

That depends exactly what you are looking for and the area you arein. Try junk yards and auto repair shops. You can also find some atcar auctions.

How do you junk a car that has a lien?

Depends on the State. Best idea would be to call your DMV. Or you can do an online scouting, there's a lot of websites online that can really help you a lot with. One of them is junkyarddirect. Here's their phone number -call toll free (866) 516-8222 .

Should canteens sell junk food?

My mum owns a canteen. They are only aloud to sell sausage rolls and pies and pizza one day of each week. Ice creams they sell every day, same with slushies, muffins, cakes hot choc and more. If the government banned junk food at school canteens it wouldn't stop children buying them, they could stil (MORE)

How do you Tow a car with another car?

you need to get a car dolly or something of that sort also you have to have a full size vehical to tow it ex i cant have a chavy s10 towed by another Chevy s10

Why schools should not sell junk food?

Junk food and other unhealthy foods are bad for the children's health. Since many children eat everyday in school, it is essential to have healthy choices for them.

How much is a junk car worth?

Depends on its condition. Previous Answer: If it still runs and drives a wrecker may give $100 or $200 depending on desirability etc If it does not run it may cost you to get a scrap yard to take it. Central Florida Auto, Inc. - Answer Junk Vehicles are priced by weight. The vehicle c (MORE)

Tow driver asked me 130 dollars in cash just for unloading my car at tow away zone My car was not towed yet but laoded on tow truck where I parked IS asking money for just unloading LEGAL?

To re-cap the question: Your car was parked in a tow-away zone and had already been loaded up prior to removal from the scene, but the tow truck had not yet left with it - - and the tow-truck driver is demanding $130. to unload the car. If that is the correct scenario - my comment follows: The $13 (MORE)

What can you sell at a junk yard?

Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Cans, Appliances, Batteries, Engine Blocks, Transmissions, Tin, Steel, Cast Iron, and cars/trucks

Your car was impounded can you sell it to the tow company?

Well, in a sense, they sell you your car back. See, from the time your car is towed, you are assessed daily fees. In order to regain possession of your car you must pay those fees in full. If you do not reclaim your car within a certain time frame, the tow company will file for a lien on your car (MORE)

How to Get Rid of Junk or Used Cars?

We Luv Junk Cars proudly have been in the Cash for Junk Car Removal Business Industry to provide a prompt, Professional Service to their customers! We specialize in buying Junk Cars, Trucks, Vans, Suvs.. All Years, Makes and Models in any condition. Providing the Highest CASH paid on the spot. We of (MORE)

Why does GM make Junk cars?

They make some good ones too! Your question is loaded. You make the assumption that the statement is true, which I reject as false. Every manufacture at one time or another has built cars that were not very good and had problems. That does not mean that all their cars are junk or that they still bu (MORE)

Where can one sell their junk car for cash?

There are a few options available if you want to sell your junk car for cash. You can leave a note behind your front window stating that it is for sale, including your telephone number or e-mail and the desired price. You can also sell it to a vendor specialized in buying up junk cars. Try contactin (MORE)

Which companies offer the most cash for junk or scrap cars?

Junk Cars for Cash is a company that will offer top dollar for your vehicle. They make the process easy for you by comming out to pick up your old scrap cars, and giving you your money.The Clunker Junker will give you a cash offer on your junk and scrap car. They ensure a smooth process for you, and (MORE)

Where can one sell cars for cash in Germany?

There are many places you can sell cars for cash in Germany. There is a website where you just look up where it is on a website called Cars, and it has numerous listed places where you can sell your car.

Where can one sell their car for free?

One could sell their car for free at a couple places. Some websites where one could sell their car for free include: CarDaddy, CarsOnlineFree, and AutoTrader.

How could you sell your car for free in the UK?

There are a range of online websites and companies whereby you cansell your car for free in the UK. These companies include"WeBuyAnyCar" and "AutoTrader". You can also put 'for sale' signs in your car and park it safely ona street with lots of through traffic .