How can you tell if a fuse is good or bad?

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there are several ways you can use meter to see if you get a reading from side to side or turn on the ignition switch to on motor not running take a test ligt and touch the top of the prongs if the light, lights up on both sides the fuse is good . if you pull the fuse out you can look throught it to see if the element is in tack if it looks broken it is bad.

i was replacing a fuse one day it looked good scratched my head and looked at it. turned out the inside fillament where it makes contact on the ends under the silver cap was broke i had it in my hand for 2 or 3 hours, never gave it a second thought, i was looking at it real close and hell just decided to twist it for some ironic reason ( it came apart) the fuse looked new felt new looked good. until it came apart. put a new one in problem solved. the ole saying is: ( nothing is ever what it seems).
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How do you tell if an automobile fuse is good?

Answer: telling if fuse is blown . You pull it out and look to see if the metal strip is solid and intact or burned/melted/broken/severed. They are designed to burn out whe

How do you tell if the fuse is bad?

Answer . you check the middle of it and if it is black or the little wire is broken it is bad or just use a fuse checker and if the light doesn't turn on it is bad. Answe

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How Can you tell if a car fuse is bad by looking at it?

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