Fix error code P1130 on 2001 Toyota Tacoma?

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I have an '01 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (105K miles) and the check engine light came on last week. I took my truck to AutoZone to use their free diagnostic reader (give them a driver's license to borrow it) and plugged it in. No instructions given to me about how to use the reader, but I figured it out (and it tells you what to do for the most part). The reader gave me the following codes: P0171, P1130, and P1135. I took my truck to a local Toyota dealership's service department and they charged me $107 to do the same diagnostic test, which is required even though I had a very good idea that the problem was a faulty O2 sensor. However, they do perform a full vehicle systems inspection, including checking brakes and belt condition. So, they determined the O2 sensor was the only thing wrong (same codes), replaced the sensor, cleared the codes, and checked emissions. Final cost: $482. The new sensor part cost $222, and the rest went towards labor ($214) and additional minor parts + tax + waste disposal fee. Truck is running well now with no "check engine" light. It seems that the O2 sensor tends to go out on Toyota trucks and SUVs in the >100K mileage category - may be fairly common. Other than that, the truck has been great.
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