Car won't start loud fast clicking noise?

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A loud fast clicking noise is usually indicative of a low battery or a loose cable.
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What does it mean when your car is making a loud fast clicking noise and the engine doesn't turn over?

Answer . Starter solenoid defective.. Answer . if you have replaced your siloniode and you still have the same problem just trun the key on ON then take a screwdriver and touch the two terminals togather quikly and it should work great after.. Starter solenoid hooked up reversed or poor grou (MORE)

What could be your problem if you installed a new starter on your 88 Oldsmobile Delta 88 and when you attempt to start the car you hear a click noise and the engine won't turn over?

Answer . 1. Could be a bad ground from battery negative to engine block. High resistance at the ground connection can allow the solenoid enough current to click, but not enough to turn over the starter. Suggest checking all grounds.\n2. If starter is not shimmed properly for pinion engagement wit (MORE)

Why would a car make a clicking noise when you try to start it?

dead battery..not enough charge Answer A loose connection can also cause the clicking, check the cables. If the battery is years or older, replace it. The alternater may not be charging the battery or there may be a parasitic draw draining the battery. Answer It could be anything electrical. M (MORE)

1999 Volkswagon Jetta you tried to start the car the headlights radio dash lights work like normal but when you turn the key to start there is a clicking noise and it won't start please help repetitiv?

Answer . \nclicking noise is the international sound of a discharge battery. just because the lights and radio works it don't mean that the battery has the amps to turn(crank) engine. a faulty "holding winding" on the starter solenoid may also show as that symptom.also check the neutral safety s (MORE)

Why would a car make clicking noises and not start?

Answer Sounds like the starter or battery. First try to jump start vehicle. the to test starter if you can locate it under hood , you can take a RUBBER hammer or mallot and hit lightly a few times and try starting vehichle. If it starts then you need to replace starter. DO NOT attempt this procedur (MORE)

1988 Lincoln Mark 7 LSC when you accelerate hard the car does not take off fast and it starts clicking you have to gradually accelerate it so there won't be any clicking What could it be?

Acceleration Problem! . I would check the timing (sounds like the car is pinging) first put some premium gas in it if that doesn't work then check the timing! What I did on my car was power time it, while someone is holding the brake real tight rev up the eng to about 2000 RPM then slowly turn th (MORE)

I have a 02 volks wagon passat when I start the car it makes a loud clicking noise however when I start to accelerate the clicking stops but when I decelerate the clicking louder than ever.?

I have a VW Jetta 2001 I have had so many thing done to this car this summer $ 3,000 dollar worth when I turn my car on it goes blank let it set for a day it starts back up got a cable jump that's last for a week could it ce my battery also took it to auto zone they said my battery was low but I afr (MORE)

Car won't start not even a click but when you play with the clutch it starts?

ANSWER: Im not sure of the manufacturer of the car, but some newer models have a safety switch that will not allow the ignition to work unless the clutch is fully pressed in. The switch can be worn down or the contact point may be loose. Check with the dealership and talk to the survive manager and (MORE)

Car won't start clicks?

Poor battery condition. Loose and/or dirty battery connections. Faulty starter relay. Faulty starter solenoid. Faulty starter.

I turn the key and there is a loud clicking noise. The lights work but the engine is not turning over. Why won't my 1998 4Runner start?

Chances are that the battery does not have enough power to start the vehicle. The battery can be next to dead and the interior lights and some dash lights may come on, but a fully charged battery is necessary to start the vehicle. Have someone use a DC voltmeter to determine if you have the necessar (MORE)

When you try to start your car it makes a clicking noise?

the most common cause is the battery is not sufficiently charged (has been drained by something that stayed on in the vehicle or the car has just sat for too long). Jumper cables or a jumper box usually helps this, if the battery hasnt gone bad. another culprit is dirty or corroded connections betw (MORE)

Why won't BMW 330 start and makes clicking noise?

It Is Because Your Battery Is Nearly Dead. . It can deliver enough amperage to run the lights & radio, but not enough to turn over the engine. . Batteries degrade over time and those older than 5-8 years become too weak.. If jumping with a good battery you still get clicking & no start, then th (MORE)

2004 Honda has a Fast clicking noise when trying to start Honda accord?

Clicking Noise while Trying to Start a Vehicle Engine . There could be more than one cause, but the symptom suggests that the battery voltage is too low to hold the solenoid closed. If the battery voltage is high enough, then the cause may be inadequate grounding anywhere in the starting elec (MORE)

Car won't start clicking noise?

This happened to me this morning, I tried to start my car and there was a single click whenever I turned the key. I have a new battery but noticed the charge had been lower than normal lately. I popped the hood and turned the battery cables slightly and the car started and the battery charge indicat (MORE)

Car won't start just makes a clicking noise?

If it's a Renault they're prone to bad earths. I've just had the same problem, trying to start my kangoo 1.5 dci and just hearing a clicking sound. I ran another earth cable from the existing one bolted to the wing near the battery terminals to the gearbox bell housing. And hey presto she's never st (MORE)

Car makes clicking noises when trying to start and won't start?

Well to start off there is many things this could be. Some of the most common ones are actually pretty simple to fix. The first thing i would try is taking off your battery cables and refitting them on. Sometimes corrosion, a bad cable, or a broken adjuster cause it to not have a good connection. (MORE)

When you start the car it makes a loud noise?

You have not given us enough information. What make, year and model vehicle is it? What engine size and type ( 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, diesel, gas, V8, V6, I4, I6, I5, I3)? Does the noise come and go? Only immediately after starting? Out of the exhaust? Under the hood only? The entire time it is running? (MORE)

Car makes clicking noise when starting?

A car that makes a clicking noise when you are trying to startusually has a bad alternator. If the car clicks just one time whenyou try to start it, it could be the starter.

Car won't start only clicking sound but will start after repeated tries?

looks like the starter motor. the clicking sound appears to be the solenoid on the starter motor. when you turn the ignition, the solenoid click and its supposed to make contact to the motor. if the contacts are dirty, then the car won't start. repeated clicking will eventually make a little contact (MORE)

Car won't start hear noise?

Do the lights come on? Do you have correct operating voltage? What type of car is it? Does the car crank but not start? Do the error lights come on and dim while in the start position? Please answer 1 or some of the questions and I will be able to answer with a more accurate answer or possible solut (MORE)

What is wrong if my is car making humming noise and won't start?

hit the starter with a hammer as ur trying to startr it an if it starts than its ur starter lol dats what i do to my 92 dodge colt. i dont have a hammer but i do hav a tool to change spark plugs and when my car doesnt start i tap the starter then try to start it and it usually starts.

My car won't start and there's no clicking noise?

A couple of things to troubleshoot here first: 1. Do the car's lights work? Not the interior light, the headlights. If the headlights don't work or they go completely dim when you turn the key, your battery is dead.

When you turn your key you hear a clicking noise and my van won't start its a 2002 caravan?

If it won't crank it could be a bad connection, make sure the battery terminals and cables are clean and tight. If it kind of clicks and turns over, or maybe stops turning and clicks again, you may just have to jump it. A single hard click with each turn of the key, could be a failed starter. Repe (MORE)

What is the loud clicking noise in your printer?

My printer doesn't make a clicking noise; it does make a sound like the Orange Blossom Special while warming up, though (seriously, you'd think a train was coming through). If it's an inkjet, it's probably the toothed band that moves the print head from side to side slipping over the notches as the (MORE)

Why is my 2004 Mercury Monterey make a clicking noise and won't start?

I would suspect the battery has been discharged, is defective, or you have loose or corroded battery terminals. Remove and clean the terminals and if that does not solve the problem charge the battery with a battery charger. If it will not take a charge then replace the battery.

Why do i hear a clicking noise when i start my car?

If you mean the car will not start or even turn over when you turnthe key, that 'clicking' is the starter solenoid making contactlike it's supposed to. But there is not enough power from batteryto start engine, only enough to make contacts in solenoid. Badbattery, or loose or corroded battery cable (MORE)