Car makes clicking noises when trying to start and won't start?

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Well to start off there is many things this could be. Some of the most common ones are actually pretty simple to fix.

The first thing i would try is taking off your battery cables and refitting them on. Sometimes corrosion, a bad cable, or a broken adjuster cause it to not have a good connection.

The Second thing i would try is charging the battery. Most modern cars have a safety built in that when the car gets to a certain Voltage/Amperage, they make it click to let you know that it needs charged.

The third thing i would try, if all that fails, is tapping your starter solenoid with a hammer. the gears inside the solenoid usually tear down after a few years of starting and get stuck. If you don't know anything about cars this could be kind of hard to do. ts usually right on the front of the engine block next to your transmission cooler, that's attached to your radiator. You should see a big cylinder with a little cylinder attached to it. The little cylinder is your solenoid.

Good Luck
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Why would a car make a clicking noise when you try to start it?

dead battery..not enough charge Answer A loose connection can also cause the clicking, check the cables. If the battery is years or older, replace it. The alternater may not be charging the battery or there may be a parasitic draw draining the battery. Answer It could be anything electrical. M (MORE)

Your car won't start and it doesn't make any noise when you try to start it and all the accessories work what might be wrong with it?

Answer . \nit may be a neutral safety switch either mis-aligned or bad,among other things.\ntry putting your vehicle on neutral and see if it cranks sometimes when you put the vehicle on park the shift "stick" line up correctly all the way.\n. \nOther reasons may be a bad relay,a bad ground,bad (MORE)

Why is my Car clicking when trying to start?

Answer . The "clicking" is probably your solenoid trying to engage the starter. The problem is most likely a low battery which is strong enough to power the solenoid (hence the clicking), but not strong enough to turn the engine over. Your battery may have been run down (by leaving your lights (MORE)

Why would a car make clicking noises and not start?

Answer Sounds like the starter or battery. First try to jump start vehicle. the to test starter if you can locate it under hood , you can take a RUBBER hammer or mallot and hit lightly a few times and try starting vehichle. If it starts then you need to replace starter. DO NOT attempt this procedur (MORE)

Car won't start clicks?

Poor battery condition. Loose and/or dirty battery connections. Faulty starter relay. Faulty starter solenoid. Faulty starter.

My car will not start but it makes a clicking noice when i try to start it. what is wrong?

Battery is weak,battery post connectors need cleaning or tightening up are the first things I would check.Cable going to the starter from battery loose at starter and finally the starter itself or the solenoid or relay may be bad,hopefully it is loose or dirty connections.Maybe all you need is a jum (MORE)

Your Nissan Titan makes a clicking noise when you try to start it?

Start with the easy things first. I had this issue and it was a loose battery terminal. The terminal had corroded to the point that the battery made poor contact. I cleaned the battery connections, but could not get the connector tight enough to make a good connection. I eventually replaced the cabl (MORE)

When you try to start your car it makes a clicking noise?

the most common cause is the battery is not sufficiently charged (has been drained by something that stayed on in the vehicle or the car has just sat for too long). Jumper cables or a jumper box usually helps this, if the battery hasnt gone bad. another culprit is dirty or corroded connections betw (MORE)

Why won't BMW 330 start and makes clicking noise?

It Is Because Your Battery Is Nearly Dead. . It can deliver enough amperage to run the lights & radio, but not enough to turn over the engine. . Batteries degrade over time and those older than 5-8 years become too weak.. If jumping with a good battery you still get clicking & no start, then th (MORE)

Car won't start clicking noise?

This happened to me this morning, I tried to start my car and there was a single click whenever I turned the key. I have a new battery but noticed the charge had been lower than normal lately. I popped the hood and turned the battery cables slightly and the car started and the battery charge indicat (MORE)

Car won't start just makes a clicking noise?

If it's a Renault they're prone to bad earths. I've just had the same problem, trying to start my kangoo 1.5 dci and just hearing a clicking sound. I ran another earth cable from the existing one bolted to the wing near the battery terminals to the gearbox bell housing. And hey presto she's never st (MORE)

When I try to start me car it wont start and makes a clicking sound?

To that other answer; It's not always the Battery. It could be the Starter. or the Solenoid or even the Alternator. Trying jumping starting it ; If that fails to work, disconnect the battery cables and clean them off, as corrosion can make it difficult; then connect them again. (MORE)

What does it mean when you try to start your car and it makes a single click sound but wont start?

Most likely your starter has failed. Old school test: Make sure your battery is good and fully charged. Make sure cable connections to battery are clean and tight. Locate the starter and, depending on access, TAP on the main starter body with a hammer, pipe, long 3/8" extension, broom stick, etc. Wh (MORE)

Car makes clicking noise when starting?

A car that makes a clicking noise when you are trying to startusually has a bad alternator. If the car clicks just one time whenyou try to start it, it could be the starter.

When you try to start your 2001 impala it just makes this clicking noise?

typically a clicking noise indicated that you don't have enough power from the battery to turn the starting motor. try cleaning the battery terminals with baking soda and water, then charging the battery. dirty terminals or a dirty battery top will drain the battery causing starting problems.

What is wrong if my is car making humming noise and won't start?

hit the starter with a hammer as ur trying to startr it an if it starts than its ur starter lol dats what i do to my 92 dodge colt. i dont have a hammer but i do hav a tool to change spark plugs and when my car doesnt start i tap the starter then try to start it and it usually starts.

My car won't start and there's no clicking noise?

A couple of things to troubleshoot here first: 1. Do the car's lights work? Not the interior light, the headlights. If the headlights don't work or they go completely dim when you turn the key, your battery is dead.

Why is my 2004 Mercury Monterey make a clicking noise and won't start?

I would suspect the battery has been discharged, is defective, or you have loose or corroded battery terminals. Remove and clean the terminals and if that does not solve the problem charge the battery with a battery charger. If it will not take a charge then replace the battery.

Why do i hear a clicking noise when i start my car?

If you mean the car will not start or even turn over when you turnthe key, that 'clicking' is the starter solenoid making contactlike it's supposed to. But there is not enough power from batteryto start engine, only enough to make contacts in solenoid. Badbattery, or loose or corroded battery cable (MORE)