Can you play Saturn games on your Dreamcast?

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Can you play Sega CD games on the Sega Dreamcast?

The Dreamcast is not backwards compatible with earlier Sega game consoles, so it is not possible to play Sega CD games on a Dreamcast system. However, the Dreamcast's built in

Can a Dreamcast play Saturn games?

No, it can't natively, although you can use an Saturn emulator to play it on your Dreamcast. The issue is that the game play is immensely bad. It is probably due to their diff

How do you play Dreamcast games on a laptop?

First off everyone who is reading this.. YOUR WELCOME! :) Well first go to "". Then you go to the emulators link/download the Chankast emulator. After you have don

Can you play Sega dreamcast game on a Sega genesis?

The Genesis is a toploading cartridge console. There's no way you could even get the disc inside the game, let alone play it. And no, the Sega CD won't run the disk either. Th

Will dreamcast games play on Wii?

no it cant the reason is wii is stronger and sega dreamcast is from sega and wii is for nintendo. gamecube games could be played on wii but never dreamcast.