Can you keep buying insurance for a repossessed car and drive legally?

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IF you mean a car that is being searched for by the lender, YES. You sure can RISK spending the money one day for ins. and watching it be towed away the next. Its your gamble. If you just want insurance to drive any car, I once read that you can get insurance without a car. Ask an insurance agent.
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How long should you keep insurance on a car that was repossessed?

IF you plan on getting it back, dont drop it. If you're NOT getting it back, drop ASAP. The lender has coverage. Good answer. If you can't afford to get the car back, drop th

If your friend has no insurance for his car can you drive it legally on your insurance?

No. The only way you could possibly be covered under your own insurance is if you purchase the car and have a bill of sale in your name and your State has provisions for newly

Does buying a repossessed vehicle raise your car insurance?

In this state buying a repossessed vehicle is no different from buying any other vehicle as far as insurance is concerned. The insurance agent checks over the car, takes pictu

Is it legal to drive a car that is not insured on your insurance?

It is illegal to drive a car that is not insured for at least third party cover (i.e. if you hit someone then they - but not you - will get paid out). Therefore if the car is

Is it legal to drive a car that is supposed to be repossessed?

No. Just know that you may stop somewhere to go shopping and find that you are walking home. Also, you should know that if you were to surrender it, there would be less in rep

Is it legal to have a car insured in a different state than where you are driving it?

There are exceptions! If you are traveling, this is allowed within most adjoining states and countries. A good example exception is Mexico and USA If you are operating a comm
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Where can you buy car insurance for a Driving Instructor?

Although most driving schools provide additional insurance for their instructors, you can find car insurance for instruction at most places where you would buy car insurance.
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Can you legally drive a car after buying it before you get it registered or insured?

It depends on your local law, but generally speaking you get a temporary registration from the dealer. You will probably have to show proof of insurance to get your permanent